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Chemistry 105: Elements of Chemistry, Week 1 Notes

by: Mylan Siscar

Chemistry 105: Elements of Chemistry, Week 1 Notes CHM 105

Marketplace > Oakton Community College > Chemistry > CHM 105 > Chemistry 105 Elements of Chemistry Week 1 Notes
Mylan Siscar

GPA 4.0
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About this Document

The book used in this class is Introductory Chemistry, 5th Edition written by Nivaldo J. Tro. The first week of notes covers the basics of chemistry involving the elements and mathematics of the su...
Elements of Chemistry
Dr. Kaylani Banerjee
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mylan Siscar on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 105 at Oakton Community College taught by Dr. Kaylani Banerjee in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Elements of Chemistry in Chemistry at Oakton Community College.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
August 23, 2016 Basic Chemistry  Key Terms o Cation- A positively charged particle. o Anion- A negatively charged particle. o Ion- A charged particle. o Atom- The smallest particle that exists. o Molecule- the smallest particle that exists in free state. o Homogeneous Mixture- a mixture that becomes one solution. (Sugar and Water) o Heterogeneous Mixture- a mixture that has two separate components. (Sand and Water) o Solute- The minority component of a solution. o Solvent- The majority component of a solution.  Periodic Table of Elements o Each column in the table is a Group. o Each row in the table is a Period. o There are three types of elements when it comes to a metal status.  Metal  Non-Metal  Metalloid (some properties of metal and non-metal) o Elements with red element symbols are a gas at room temperature (25°C). o Elements with blue element symbols are a liquid at room temperature. o Elements with black element symbols are a solid at room temperature. 1 Atomic H Element Hydrogen Element 1.00794 Atomic  Elements That Exist as Diatomic Molecules (They cannot stay by themselves as a single atom) Molecular Element Symbol Formula Normal State Hydrogen H H2 Colorless Gas Nitrogen N N2 Colorless Gas Oxygen O O Colorless Gas 2 Fluorine F F2 Pale-Yellow Gas Chlorine Cl C2 Reddish-Brown Bromine Br Br2 Liquid Iodine I I2 Bluish-Black Solid 1 o Farah’s Brother Is Cleaning Out His Nissan  Common Acids (Water or aqueous solution) Anionic Group Formula Acetic Acid Formula- Acetate HC 2 3 2 Nitric Acid C2H3O 2 Nitrate HNO 3 Chloric Acid NO 3- Chlorate HClO Carbonic Acid ClO - Carbonate 3 2- H 2O 3 Sulfuric Acid CO 3 Sulfate H 2O 4 Phosphoric Acid SO 4- Phosphate H PO Hydrochloric PO 3- Chloride 3 4 - HCl* Acid Cl Name Name** *When Hydrogen breaks off of a compound, it becomes cationic (H ) + *Binary Acid (Does not contain any oxygen in it) a non-oxy acid. **When thinking of anionic groups that contain oxygen, think oxygenate. o The number of hydrogen atoms in the compound directly correlates with the anionic charge. o The total charge in a compound is zero. o pH measures the hydrogen ions in a solution. o How do you know if a compound is an acid?  The first element is hydrogen (H)  It is dissolved in water (aq)  Common Bases + Formula Name Ammonium NH 4is a Hydroxide polyatomic cation NaOH Sodium Hydroxide NH 4H - OH Hydroxide August 25, 2016 Chapter 2: Measurement and Problem Solving Coountabll Numbers ending Numb Number Measura Unit Significant Figures: any # between 1 and  Significant Figures o How to handle “zero” in the number system:  Trapped zero (i.e.: 303) 2  Trailing zero (i.e.: 1.000 [so any number, decimal point, then any zeros])  Leading zeros are not considered significant figures (i.e.: 0.15—only two sig. figs.) o Calculations:  Addition and Subtraction- Round off to the least number of sig. figs. after the decimal point  Multiplication and Division- Round off to the least number of total sig. figs. Addition/Subtraction Multiplication/Division 3.35 2 sig. figs. 5.75 3 sig. figs. 15.0 1 sig. fig. x 3.2 2 sig. figs. + 123.525 3 sig. figs. 18.40 (rounded to 18) 141.875 (rounded to 141.9) 3   Scientific Notation o Used for either really large numbers or really small numbers. o When adjusting a number into scientific notation, you want to turn it into a number between 1 and 9.  65,397  6.5397 x 10 -3  0.00782  7.82 x 10  Units of Measurement  English versus Metric  Weight/Ma  Pounds (lbs.), Ounces  Grams (g) ss (oz.)  Length  Feet (ft.), Inches (in.)  Meters (m)  Volume  Ounces (oz.)  Liters (L) (liquids)  Temperatur  Fahrenheit ( F)  Celsius ( C) e  **Kelvin (K) is the Absolute Temperature Scale; does not use degree signs   Conversion Factor  (unit given)*(conversion factor)=unit needed  i.e.: 5.70 ft.  cm  1 ft.=12 in.; 1 in.=2.54 cm 12∈. 2.54cm  (5.70 ft.)*1 ft) *( 1∈. )=173.736 cm 174 cm 4


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