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Week one lecture notes

by: Annika Verburg

Week one lecture notes Psych 232

Annika Verburg

GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Lecture notes
Developmental Psychology
Jessice Nguyen
Class Notes
developmental, Psychology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annika Verburg on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 232 at Abilene Christian University taught by Jessice Nguyen in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psychology in Psychology (PSYC) at Abilene Christian University.


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Date Created: 08/31/16
Psychology 232- Jessica Nguyen Day 1-notes Theory: o Scientific, applied, interdisciplinary o Organized observations > test & apply o Scientific Method Developmental Theory: o Continuous: gradual augmenting of existing skills over time o Discontinuous: emerges overtime. One before the other… o Stage theories: enter and exit specific moments of development at specific/ pre-ordained times One Course or Many: o Context: history. Surroundings. Application of self. Three Axes of Development o Biological development of human o Cognitive development of human o Psychological development of human o Emotional, social, psychological o Sigmund Freud o Jean Piaget o Eric Erickson Lifespan perspective: o Lifelong, multi-dimensional, plastic (always changing), multi-interacting Day 2-notes In the beginning o Darwin: father of scientific child study o Certain species survive/thrive better under a set of certain circumstances  Ability to adapt= ability to survive o Normative approach: Hall & Gisell o Norming human adaptive experience o Mental Testing: Simon & Binet o French school kids -> Normed -> 1 intelligence battery  Standford Binet: WWII o Psychoanalytical: o Stage: confront bio drives &social expectation  Resolution of this conflict determines one’s ability to learn, cope, & deal with others  Freud and Erickson o Freud: Psychosexual theory o Parents -> sexual & aggressive drives. Critical to personality development  Id (biological need), ego, superego(parent)  Oral, anal, phallic, latent, genital  ‘fixation’ o Erickson: Psychosocial theory  8 stages all throughout one’s lifespan _______vs.__________ goal bad news o Behavioral theories: o We develop based on how we are reinforced o Social behavior -> social expectation o Cognitive development theory: Piaget (stages) o Children development by actively exploring their worlds Day 3 notes Nature: Genes Vocab: o Phenotype: directly observable (on the outside) o Genotype: genetic makeup of cells ->individual (inside’s out) o Genes: DNA, genetic building blocks, the code o Gametes: sex cells o Meiosis: reproduction of sex cells o Zygote: 2 gametes join o Fraternal twin: two individual eggs that were fertilized at the same time o Identical twins: one egg that is fertilized and then splits o Dominant and Recessive genes: dominant genes end up showing and the recessive you carry o Linked inheritance: when the harmful allele is carried by the X gene o More likely to affect men o Genomic imprinting: parental chromosomes anomaly is activated regardless of other genes present o Mutation: rapid adaptation o Most chromosomal abnormalities occur during meiosis Nurture o Diathesis Stress Model o We are born with a certain set of traits that become predispositions depending on environment o Different predispositions are triggered throughout our lives Prenatal o Conception: o Female: 1 egg/ 28days o Male: 3 million sperm/daily  Egg: blastocyst -> zygote & waits in uteral lining  Sperm: tail to help it swim past cervix 300/500 make it o 38 weeks from conception (pregnancy is 40 weeks because it takes 2 weeks to implant) o amnion: thin membrane, regulates temperature, cushion  yoke sack o chorion: extra membrane around yoke sack o The umbilical cord houses stem cells for child and mother st o 1 trimester: 0-12 weeks o zygotic:1-2 weeks o embryo: 3-4 weeks primitive brain develops, spine &ribs, heart muscles, gills  5-8 weeks: face, external structure, internal organs, sense of touch, begins to move (twitching) o fetus  9-12 weeks :rapid increase in size, muscles begin to develop, external genitals are formed (no more than 3 inches long)


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