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Knowledge and Reality: "A Rose for Ecclesiastes"

by: Harrison Notetaker

Knowledge and Reality: "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" PHIL 1204

Harrison Notetaker
Virginia Tech

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About this Document

Summary of the reading with key points discussed post-reading
Knowledge and Reality
Professor Joseph Pitt
Class Notes
philosophy, knowledge, reality, Ecclesiastes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harrison Notetaker on Wednesday August 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1204 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by Professor Joseph Pitt in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Knowledge and Reality in Political Science, Philosophy, & Religion at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Date Created: 08/31/16
Reading 1- “A Rose for Ecclesiastes” Main Character- Galinger  “genious”  Comment for everything  Know it all  Poet  Not well liked Summary  Mocked for not doing work; allowed to go on trip and warned to not treat the others like he treats his current coworkers  Goes to Mars and visits ancient temples to learn from them  Begins to learn High Tongue- ancient language of the Martians  Practices 2 hours every day with M’Cwyie (leader of the Martians) and extra 14 hours on his own  Flashback: o his father was a minister and saw the same for Galinger o Galinger wanted to explore the different languages of the world and plans to be the first to introduce High Tongue to the people of Earth  M’Cwyie invites Galinger to see one of their sacred dances performed by an alien named Braxa  He is amazed by the dance and its elegance  The Human expedition team of Mars was poking fun at Galinger (shows his trouble with relating with humans)  Eventually he was invited to live in the sacred Temple where he would allowed to photograph and film the ancient scripts  Galinger realizes a connection between the worshiped work of Locar of Mars and the biblical book of Ecclesiastes  Galinger and M’Cwyie speak of a rose and Galinger arranges a rose to be grown for the Martians to see  Creates poem inspired by Braxa’s dance  Braxa comes to Galinger’s room late at night and they develop what seems to be a connection and Braxa informs Galinger of the prophecy: o Martians are doomed because of the Rain that was prophesized by Locar meant that the male Martians were sterile and the population could not reproduce  Then some things lead to another and Braxa and Galinger end up having sex  Galinger and Braxa seem to be developing a loving and intense bond  A while later Galinger realizes he hasn’t seen Braxa for an abnormal period of time and learns she had run away  He then spends days and hours looking for Braxa  He eventually finds her and she is pregnant that is why she ran away  At this point Galinger feels he must convince the leaders (referred to as the mothers) to not follow through on the prophecy in order to preserve and save the Martian population and mostly to save his unborn child  When they arrive at the Temple Galinger and Braxa are greeted by this large Martian man who is guarding the entrance his is one of the first children of Malaan (their God)  He then runs into the Malaan Ceremony and talks for hours open hours attempting to convince the Mothers to not follow through with the prophecy  Once he is done speaking Galinger senses defeat but….. EVERYTHING CHANGES RIGHT HERE! MOST IMPORTANT PART!  Galinger was played by the Martians the entire time. The prophecy was that Galinger would do all the things that he actually did! Braxa never loved him, she was merely the ‘chosen one’. Essentially Galinger did save the Martians, but he was tricked in the process and the human expedition team had to return to Earth. So his child he set out to save; he would never see again. Class Notes  Ecclesiastes of Earth is the same as Locar of Mars  Tale of Galinger failing: o Shipmates o Martian culture o Cycle of dacnes o Tricked by Braxa


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