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Master Key of verbs

by: Holly Notetaker

Master Key of verbs 101

Holly Notetaker

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About this Document

This is a master list of spanish verbs with translation
Elementary Spanish I
Maria Vargas
Class Notes
spanish, 101
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Holly Notetaker on Thursday September 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101 at Southeastern Louisiana University taught by Maria Vargas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish I in Foreign Language at Southeastern Louisiana University.


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Date Created: 09/01/16
SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY SPANISH 101 MASTER LIST OF VERBS -ar verbs -ar verbs -ar verbs andar en to ride a pasar un rato to hang out pasar la to pass/ run bicicleta bicycle practicar to practice aspiradora the vaccume bailar to dance un deporte to deport planchar la to iron buscar (algo) to search for regresar a to return ropa the clothes caminar to walk sacar buenas/ to take care quitar la mesa to clear the table cenar to eat dinner malas notas bad grades sacar la basura to take out the trash charlar to chat sacar un DVD to get a dvd secar la ropa to dry the clothes comprar to buy terminar to finish trabajar en el to work in the contestar to answer tocar to play (instrument) jardín garden desayunar to eat breakfast tomar apuntes take notes trapear el piso to mop the floor descansar to rest tomar una to take one levantar pesas to lift weights (un rato) (a while) clase class pasarlo bien/ to be good escuchar to listen trabajar to work mal bad (música) to music necesitar + inf. to need tomar una to take a hablar to talk desear + inf. to wish siesta to nap (por teléfono) on the phone nadar en la to swim in tomar una to take a lavar to wear piscina pool sauna steamroom (la ropa) clothes pasear to take a walk llamar to call patinar en línea to inline skate (por teléfono) on the phone sacar fotos to take a picture llegar to arrive tomar el sol to sun bathe llevar to carry arreglar to fix/mend mirar la to look at el cuarto the room televisión television cocinar to cook navegar en to surf cortar el césped to mow Internet the internet doblar la ropa to fold clothes pagar por to pay for lavar los platos/ wash the dishes pasar to happen la ropa the clothes tiempo con time is limpiar la casa to clean the house -ir verbs Verbos irregulares e----------ie abrir to open ser to be tender la ropa to hang the clothes escribir to write estar to be cerrar to close/ shut down describir to describe ir to go empezar to start/ begin recibir to receive hacer to do entender to understand asistir to assist oír to hear pensar en to think about vivir to live salir to leave pensar + inf. to think sacudir los to shake traer to bring perder to lose muebles furniture ver to see preferir to prefer/ favor poner to put querer to want quedar to stay hacer la cama to make the bed poner la mesa to set the table tener to have hacer ejercicio to excersize hacer yoga to do yoga conocer to know/ recognize saber to know/ realize conseguir to get/ obtain seguir to follow e----------i pedir to ask seguir to follow servir to serve


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