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Lindstorm Article

by: marina.lopez Notetaker

Lindstorm Article ENG 0802 - 081

marina.lopez Notetaker
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Review Notes Summary and Analysis
Analytical Reading and Writing
Thomas Leslie Robinson
Class Notes
english, 802
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by marina.lopez Notetaker on Thursday September 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 0802 - 081 at Temple University taught by Thomas Leslie Robinson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Analytical Reading and Writing in ENGLISH (ENG) at Temple University.

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Date Created: 09/01/16
Thursday, September 1, 2016 Lindstorm - Various comercials and advertisment tactics - Basic but repeats (Baseball why alter stance or swing) - Integrating Advertisements - American Idol • Coke - Chairs (coke shape) - Cup (on each desk) - Bright Red Walls • Cingular Wireless - Image to text in - No voting fee • Ford - Classic consistent 30 second commercial reels - Taylor Hicks “Possibilities” promoting drive on us. - Shift from Programer to Consumer controlling programming Tivo (commercial skip) • • no interupptions - Integrated “Wallpaper” Ads - Other Examples: • Lumiere Bros (1st filmakers) feat. Lever sunlight soap • Scarface feat. White Owl Cigars • Warner Bros feat. General Electric Refrig. • Rings by DeBeers Co. • ET 1st wanted M&M but insead sponsored by Hersheys Reeses Pieces 1 Thursday, September 1, 2016 • Tom Cruise rocks RayBans in 1983’s Risky Buisness & 1986’s Top Gun • Ray Bans again Men in Black 2 with Will Smith • 23 brands in 123 minutes Die Another Day 2002 with James Bond • 103 brands in 117 minutes Driven 2001 with Sylvester Stallone - Scientific experiment • Electroloids positioned over certain regions of paitients brain • SST measures emotional engagement (longterm memory) - Professor Silberstein describes this as how diff. parts of brain talk to one another Process Done 3x’s - 20 Porduct logos each for a single seconds • Some Placement Branded Logos & some with no affliations - 20 min. special addition American Idol & additional random show (benchmark) - Results: • Branded Logos recalled more than unbranded • Products frequency did not effect memory • Ranked memorability (Coke, Cingular, Ford) - Watching American Idol saturated in coke advertisment suppressed subjects memories of Ford • Ford plays no roles same amount (2nd prize winner, tie coffe mug) • Coke was Sly and sophisticated (fundamental part to story line or fits in show) - The article leaves us in search of why our brain retains certain advertisments over others (Leaves us in Parma, Italy with mokeys known as macaque) 2 Thursday, September 1, 2016 Marina Lopez Lindstorm - Buy-ology Article Summary and OPINION In this article Martin Lindstorm disscusses forms of advertisment such as product integration and classical consumer adds. His returning example is through American Idol and a brief scientific testing of the brain. Lindstorm discusses how basic television adds have seemingly not evolved for example car advertisments and thier curvy road through a desert or mountain plane. These advertisments all look the same despite the car brand or model. He compares this tactic to a succesful baseball player stating why would he change his stance or swing if it has worked thus far. However, these typical adds are slowly disappearing as programs like Tivo evolve allowing viewers to skip commercials or interuption free adds begin on music programs. NBC’s universal television president Jeff Gaspin says “the market is beginning to shift from programer to consumer controlling programming.” All of this evolution leads buisnesses to develop stronger advertisement tactics and this is when we begin to see integrated wallpaper ads develop. Lindstorm discusses various examples of advertsment integration. Linstorm mentions the first filmakers the Lumiere Bros who featured Lever sunlight soap as well as Scarface featuring White Owl Cigars. He recalls Warner Bros relation to the General Electric Refrigerator and the various love stories ending in a ring by DeBeers Co.. Tom Cruise rocks RayBans in Risky Buisness and Top Gun as well as Will Smith in Men in Black 2. Lastly ET was sponsored by Hersheys Reeses Pieces if you can recall the scene in the woods where the young boy and ET first meet. This constant integration can become to overwhelming. This tactic can be questioned when Lindstorm mentions that 103 brands were featured in the movie Driven with Sylvester Stallone. Considering it is only a span of 117 minutes the viewer may only retain products integrated in a fundamental part of the story. Leslie Moonves the chairman of CBS says “This has all begun to muddy the fragile line between advertising and creative contents profoundly as to alter the meaning of entertainment.” Lindstorm shows how Coca-Cola, Ford and Cingular Wireless use different advertisment tactics through American Idol. He views how Coca-Cola’s sly and sophisticated tactics are most memerbale such as thier placement of drinks infront of judges or thier chair shaped as coke bottles and lastly the bright red walls where the performers enter and exit. Lindstorm includes a scientific experiment in his article which 3 Thursday, September 1, 2016 consisted of electroloids being positioned over certain regions of paitients brain and SST to measure emotional engagement and the advertisements roll in longterm memory. Professor Silberstein describes this as how different parts of brain communicate with each other. The process consisted of 20 logos a second each followed by a 20 min. American Idol Reel and an additional show with various placement branded logos and some unaffiliated logos. The testing showed branded logos were recalled more than unbranded and products frequency did not effect memory. Lindstorm says watching American Idol saturated in coke advertisment suppressed subjects memories of Fords short commercial reel at the start of each commercial break. I strongly agree with Lindstorms arguement and think Ford could take other actions especially considering the proof that thier advertisment is no longer as effective considering the evolution of advertisement. Two other examples of product integration may be through social media such as famous celebrities using the item and sharing it or athletes sporting endorsers items during a big game. Disney world infact doesnt sell Pepsi within a 5 mile radius because they are endorsed by Coca-Cola. That is by far the strongest advertising tactic I have heard of. 4 Thursday, September 1, 2016 Class Notes - Advertisment Types • Logos- Image (StateFarm: Jake, Apple: Mac) • Ethos- Human relations (celebrities, athletes) • Pathos- Emotional Relation (Olympics to Coca-Cola, Gingles positive product relation) - Interesting points mentioned • Vermont state law no billboards • Spotify / Pandora (no interruption if subscribed) Facebook / Google product relation (side adds) • 5


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