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SCOM 1000 Chp. 3

by: Hagar Notetaker

SCOM 1000 Chp. 3 SCom 1000

Hagar Notetaker
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Notes from 9/1/16
Human Communication
Class Notes
SCOM, scom1000, Human, communication
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hagar Notetaker on Thursday September 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SCom 1000 at Georgia State University taught by Athanasios in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views.


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Date Created: 09/01/16
SCOM 1000 9/1/16 Chp. 3 Functions 1. Integrating verbal & non-verbal message a. Accents i. Emphasize part of message (raise/lower voice) b. Compliment i. Adding nuances of meaning (frown/smile) c. Contradiction i. Intentional & non-intentional (winking) d. Regulate i. Desire to control another person’s speaking (gesture to cue need to speak) e. Repeat i. Non-verbal message that mirrors message f. Substitute i. Thumbs up sign 2. Serving varied communication functions a. Manage self-impression i. Credibility, likability, status all determined within 30 seconds b. To define relationships i. Holding hands c. To structure interactions i. Conversation turn taking cues indicate when to stop and listen or continue d. To influence i. Positive gestures highlighting your words, deception, etc. e. To communicate emotion i. Facial expression & body language Channels 1. Body a. Emblems i. Gesture translates to word b. Regulators i. Behaviors that control other person speaking c. Affect displays i. Facial or body indicating emotion d. Adaptors i. Satisfy personal need 2. Facial communication a. Facial management: culturally taught to help folks get what they want i. Intensity SCOM 1000 9/1/16 1. Exaggerated surprise ii. De-intensify 1. Minimize joy iii. Neutralize 1. Cover up sadness iv. Mask 1. Cover up emotion v. Simulate 1. Pretend to show feeling b. Encoding-decoding accuracy i. Ability to communicate emotions verbally & being able to clearly identify what was sent (sensitivity vs insensitivity) 3. Eye Communication a. Eye contact feedback & functions as indicator to who’s turn it is to speak b. Signals the nature of relationship i. Attentive glance is positive relationship, non-attentive is negative relationship c. Visual dominance i. High eye level when speaking but low when listening d. Civil inattentive i. Avoid eye contact to respect others privacy 4. Space communication a. Intimate distance i. Ranges from touch to 18 in b. Personal distance i. “protective bubble” 18 in- 4 ft c. Social distance i. 4 ft to 12 ft d. Public distance i. >12 ft 5. Touch Communication a. Intention to play b. Level of intimacy c. Control behaviors & ritualistic d. Touch avoidance 6. Paralanguage a. Not what you say but how b. Pitch, rate, volume c. Facial expressions SCOM 1000 9/1/16 7. Silence a. Weapons to hurt others b. Response to personal anxiety c. Prevent communication in conflict d. Communicate emotional responses e. When there’s nothing to say 8. Time communication a. Temporal or chronemic b. Psychological time i. How much person emphasize past, present, & future c. Cultural time i. Taught different time orientations


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