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Ch. 1-3 SOC101 Notes

by: Jourdin Bailey
Jourdin Bailey
GPA 3.93

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About this Document

Loconto's lectures from the last couple of days.
Introduction to Sociology
Dr. LoConto
Class Notes
Introduction to Sociology, intro sociology, sociological perspective
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jourdin Bailey on Thursday September 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101G at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Dr. LoConto in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 84 views.


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Date Created: 09/01/16
Herbert Spencer coined the term "social Darwinism", although Darwin didn’t like it. Social Darwinist would not help the poor! They believe in genetics. Helping would upset the natural order. The poor is the genetical inferior. MULTIPHRENIA:  Conflicting points of view  Changes of activities, events, and placement at an accelerated pace  PHILOSOPHY OF SOCIOLOGY All early sociologists felt the discipline could be used to make the world a better place. A utopia. They simply had different ways of getting there. SOCIAL DARWINISM & LAISSEZ FAIRE Didn’t not want the gov't to interfere. When the gov't helps they create more problems Who is the more genetically superior people? HOW DID THEY DETERMINE WHO WAS SUPERIOR? They used statistics and demography (demographics are groups of people AKA races and genders) to determine superiority. Wealth, income, and I.Q. was measured between the groups. ( I.Q. is culturally biased) People from western and northern Europe were genetically superior. EVOLUTION & MORALS? If physical body evolved, so did morals. Repercussions?  The disease of pauperism ( fancy way of saying you're poor (real disease 100 years ago))  Facial features and Cesare Lombroso (Ch-cer-ray) Your physical structure can depict what kind of crime you'd commit.  The Reed-Johnson Act of 1924..... o The most racist act in the history of the US o They were concerned of the safety of the US o 2% rule based on the population of the census of 1890 o Cut of immigration for southern and eastern Europe  The Jewish Question in the US? o Cruise ship carrying all Jews, the St. Louis, that was turned around and set back because the quota of Jews was met already for the year. Several were murdered.  The Chicago School, 2 ndsociology school in the US. 1. The president believed that all disciplines should strive to make a difference in the world. 2. They stressed genetic equality. 3. Equal opportunity, Chicago was their laboratory. Eventually they learned that people do not have equal opportunity. 4. Demonstrated how people learned. 2. o John Dewey started questioning the validity of the stimulus response in classical conditioning. He stated that for humans its different. stimulus->RESPONSE->KNOWLEDGE->stimulus- >perception->respond accordingly->more knowledge  Sociology as Reform o Education... every single American should have an education.. That will level the playing field o Economic opportunities... lost of discrimination in hiring practice o The U of Chicago also fought for Civil Rights in the early 20 century o Facilitating Infrastructure.. Stronger foundation=more success o William Ogburn... studied at Columbia, (Columbia believe sociologist shouldn’t dip into much) 1929 becomes president of A.S.S (A)… Basically Ogburn didn’t do much, he didn’t advocate for anything, he just collected data and gave it to political figures. o The old time sociologists are lowkey dying off. o Ogburn's biggest problem was timing. In 1929 the Great Depression hit. o Talcott Parsons from Harvard, in the late 1930s... he took over for about 30 years. o Parson's rewrote the history of the discipline. He wrote out all the early sociologists, and added who he liked... o Death blow by C. Wright Mills  Emile Durkheim – French Sociologist late 1880s-early 1900s  Very pessimistic about the direction of the world  Sociology could help make a utopia!!!!  He believed this so much when he realized his work failed, he died... people thought it was because of a broken heart.  If he would have done his job correctly.. There would have been no war.  His son joined the French army, and died.  Durkheim's Study on Suicide o This work was designed to demonstrate that sociology was necessary for the benefit of society o More suicides these days o He argued against: psychology and insanity, and imitation. o More women were called insane. But more men committed suicide. (EVEN TODAY) o IF people are copying others suicide, then there is something wrong with our culture. o TYPES OF SUICIDE 1. Egoistic: they feel separated from the whole, they are alienated or alone 3. Single people, intellectuals, protestants 4. Anomic: feeling of normlessness, having certain expectations 5. After economic collapse, people who give up and believe the system has failed them. 2 6. Altruistic: selflessness, you are less than the whole, jumping in front of a gunman. 7. Essence of being a good parent. Jesus's crucifixion is the "ultimate" altruistic suicide.  3


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