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Week 1: Greetings/Intros

by: Sam Harvey

Week 1: Greetings/Intros JAPN 111F

Sam Harvey
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About this Document

These notes cover everything we learned this week.
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sam Harvey on Thursday September 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JAPN 111F at Old Dominion University taught by MINORI MARKEN in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see BEGINNING JAPANESE in JAPANESE (JPN) at Old Dominion University.


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Date Created: 09/01/16
JAPN 111F MARKEN Genki: CH.1 (New Friends) Japanese Writing Systems: 1. HIRAGANA a i u e o あ a あ i あ u あ e あ o あ ka あ ki あ ku あ ke あ ko k s あ sa あ shi あ su あ se あ so t あ ta あ chi あ tsu あ te あ to あ na あ ni あ nu あ ne あ no n h あ ha あ hi あ fu あ he あ ho m あ ma あ mi あ mu あ me あ mo y あ ya あ yu あ yo r あ ra あ ri あ ru あ re あ ro w あ wa あ wo あ n n Basic Stroke Directions: 1. Left to Right 2. Top to Bottom Basic Stroke Order: 1. Horizontal strokes →( go before)→ intersecting Vertical strokes 2. Center strokes → Smaller Side strokes Greetings:  Ohayoo – Good Morning  Ohayoo gozaimasu – Good Morning (polite version)  Konnichiwa – Good Afternoon; Hello  Konbanwa – Good Evening  Oyasumi(nasai) – Good Night Ways to say Goodbye:  Jaa, mata – (said between friends; you’ll see each other soon)  Shitsureeshimasu – (ex. said when taking leave from a professor’s office)  Sayoonara – Goodbye (said when you don’t expect to see the other anytime soon) Common Phrases:  Hai. – Yes; or Here when replying to one’s name  Arigatoo – Thank you  Arigatoo gozaimasu – Thank you (polite version)  Sumimasen – Excuse me; I’m sorry; & sometimes thank you  Iie – Usually means No as a negative reply; also used to represent “Don’t mention it,” “That’s ok,” “You’re welcome”  Hajimemashite – How do you do?  Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. – Nice to meet you. Class Expressions:  Yukkuri – slowly  Itte kudasai. – Please say it. / Yukkuri itte kudasai. – Please say it slowly.  Kaite kudasai. – Please write it.  Yonde kudasai. – Please read it.  Moo ichido (onegaishimazu). – Once again, please. Introductions: 1.) Q: Hajimemashite (How do you do?) → A: {Your name} desu. → Doozo Yoroshiku. (Nice to meet you.) 2.) [State] shuu no [city] kara kimasita. (I’m from [city], [state]. 3.) Senkoo wa [your own major] desu. (My major is [_____]. Ways of Confirming/Good communication: - Repeat the new information to confirm with dropping intonation - → san desuka ← follows someone else’s name, NOT YOURS; also shows politeness ↓ 1. Hajimemashite, [someone else’s name] desu. 2. [same name] san desuka. (to confirm) 3. Hai, [repeats their name] desu. Doozo Yoroshiku. (to confirm you got their name) Or Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu. – (more polite way to end)


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