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Africam Week 2

by: Brianna Alleyne

Africam Week 2 Africam 139

Brianna Alleyne
GPA 2.24

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About this Document

These notes cover the scenarios and the constitutional violations, Professor Boyles, and the criminal justice system.
Selected Topics of African American Social Organization and Institutions
Nikki Jones
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brianna Alleyne on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Africam 139 at University of California Berkeley taught by Nikki Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Selected Topics of African American Social Organization and Institutions in African American Studies at University of California Berkeley.

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Date Created: 09/02/16
August 30, 2016 ● Mass incarceration is due to policing of blacks in urban cities ● What happens in California­influences the rest of country ● Provisional status ○ Burden on you that have to prove that you belong somewhere, law abiding, and can be trusting ● Object of suspicion ● Procedural justice ○ What are we holding our cops to ● Key stages in CJ system Entry Pretrial/ Adjudication Sentencing Corrections Reentry Prosecution Key Actors police Attorneys Prosecutors Prosecutor Officers  probation/ PDD judges judge (Probation,  parole  Prosecutor parole,  and  judges corrections Communit ) y workers Key Settings Public Jail court court Jail communit Community Court Prison y Police stations Community corrections ● Adult ○ Objective: determine guilty or innocent and then  punish ● Juvenile ○ Objective: preserve and promote welfare of the  “minor” ○ Supposed to be about the child/progressive  movement ○ Beginning black was excluded because they didn't  think they could change ● Constitutional Criminal Procedure ○ Developed due to British rule not treating  Americans as citizens ○ Rights deemed only to people who are citizens ● Scenario 1 ○ 4th amendment: degree of Intro ○ PC ○ Reasonable suspicion ○ Search warrant September 1, 2016 ● Professor Boyles ○ Inner city low income community ○ Kevin Johnson and Cookie Thornton shooting (20 minutes from  where she was raised) ○ Lived in neighborhoods where bad police interaction happened ○ Meacham Park: suburban St. Louis City, had DOJ already ○ Realized was urban look so she wanted to examine suburban city ■ black , disadvantaged, dependent on government  assistance ■ 1 way in, 1 way out and closed­in community ■ You have to literally point out that neighborhood ○ Crime ■ Mala en se: wrong because we all know it is wrong ● Ex. murder ■ Mala prohibita: some one told it is wrong ● Ex. smoking marijuana before and  now it isn’t wrong ○ Scenarios ■ 1 ● Kentucky vs. King ○ Warrantless searches and seizures within a home are presumptively  unreasonable but ■ Exigen t circumstances ■ Warra ntless entrance to prevent the destruction of  evidence is allowed ■ 2 ● Florence vs. Board of Chosen  Freeholders of County of Burlington et al ○ Balance: privacy vs.  needs of the institutions ■ Needs  of institutions won in this case ■ 3 and 4 ● Held: need warrant to search cell  phone ● Search incident to arrest limited ● Balance: privacy vs. gov. Interest ● Exceptions ○ Exigent  circumstances


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