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ENWC 201 Week 1

by: Sophie Menos

ENWC 201 Week 1 ENWC 201

Sophie Menos
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About this Document

08/30/16 09/1/16
Wildlife conservation & Ecology
Dr. McCarthy
Class Notes
wildlife, Ecology, orders




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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sophie Menos on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENWC 201 at University of Delaware taught by Dr. McCarthy in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 158 views. For similar materials see Wildlife conservation & Ecology in WIlldlife Conservation and Ecology at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/02/16
Introduction 9/2/16 10:11 AM Definitions • wildlife o (game animals) o birds o mammals o amphibians/reptiles o all non-domesticated plants, animals, and other organism o living things – esp mammals, birds, and fishes that are neither human no domesticated o hard term to define but birds and mammals receive the most attention • conservation o use something keeping in mind future generations need it o 1907 – Gifford Pinchot coined word conservation because he didn’t like “preservation” or “protection” o an ethnic of resource use allocation and protection, primary focus is upon maintaining the health of the natural world o planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation • ecology o Ernst Haeckel o eco – oikos = home o logy – logos = study o ecology = home study o a branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environments o the study of interactions between organisms and their environment • Wildlife and the World 9/2/16 10:11 AM Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species (King Philip Came Over For Good Soup) Kingdom • Animalia Phylum • Chordata Class • Mammalia o mammal class o 5500 species in the world o classified by § produce milk § mammary glands § fur § 3 inner ear bones o Orders a. Monotromes • platypuses • echidnas • only mammals that lay eggs b. Rodentia • rodents • almost half of class mammalia • capybara – largest rodent • pygmy jerboa – smallest rodent c. Lagomorphs • pika • rabbits/hairs d. primates • tarsier • ring-tailed lemur • humans • macaque • monkeys e. hermoptera • can glide by not fly • flying lemurs • tree shrews f. Cetartiodactyla • even number of toes • giraffe • pronghorn • hippo • whales g. Preissodactyla • odd number of toes • black rhino • horses • tapirs h. Carnivora • classified by prominent canines and sharp claws • panda bears • arctic fox • bobcat • bears • fisher • hyenas i. Chiroptera • flying mammals • next biggest after rodentia • spotted bat • flying fox j. Eulipotyphla • star nosed mole k. Xenartha • armadillos • ant eaters • sloths l. Pholidota • pangolins m. Diprotodontia • wallaby • wombat • possum • koala • kangaroo • Aves o birds o 9900 species of birds in the world o classified by crop o Orders a. Pelicaniformes ú pelicans ú anhinga ú cormorant ú frigate bird b. Ciconiformes ú storks c. Procellariiformes ú albatross ú petrel d. Sphenisciformes ú penguins e. Gaviformes ú loons f. Musophagiformes ú turaco g. Gruiformes ú finfoot h. Cuculiformes ú cukoo i. Otididae ú bustard • biggest flying bird in the world j. Apodiformes ú hummingbirds k. Caprimulgiformes ú nightjar ú frogmouth l. Columbiformes ú doves m. Galliformes ú pheasant ú turkey ú quail ú other game birds n. Anseriformes ú ducks ú geese o. Struthioniformes (Ratities) ú big birds that don’t fly ú ostrich ú emu ú kiwi p. Tinamiformes ú tinamous q. Passeriforems ú “Perching bird” ú rodents of the bird world ú cedar waxwings ú finches ú blackbirds ú crows r. Psittaciformes ú parrots/cockatoos s. Falconidae ú falcons t. Coraciiformes ú hornbills ú kingfishers ú rollers u. Piciformes ú woodpeckers ú toucans v. Trogoniformes ú trogon ú quetzal w. Strigiformes ú owls x. Accipitriformes ú hawks ú eagle ú vultures y. Charadriiforems ú gulls ú auk ú plover • Reptilia o reptiles o live on land only o only 4 orders o Orders a. Testudine ú turtles b. Squamata ú scaled reptiles ú lizards ú snakes c. Sphenodontia ú lizard-like ú only 2 species d. Crocodilia ú crocodiles ú alligators • Amphibia o both land and water o “slimy” texture o Orders a. Anura ú frogs b. Caudata ú salamanders c. Gymnophiona ú caecilians ú worm like * EXAM essay question: pick one species in a specific order* Ecology Basics 9/2/16 10:11 AM Food and Cover 9/2/16 10:11 AM Habitat types 9/2/16 10:11 AM Population Dynamics 9/2/16 10:11 AM Animal Behavior 9/2/16 10:11 AM Biodiversity 9/2/16 10:11 AM


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