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by: Kimberly Huggins

Week_2_Class_Notes.pdf Hist 2030

Marketplace > University of Memphis > History > Hist 2030 > Week_2_Class_Notes pdf
Kimberly Huggins
University of Memphis
GPA 3.57
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About this Document

These notes are the first notes from in class. We did not cover any material during week 1, but instead we wrote an essay about what we wanted to learn in the class. This week, we discussed respons...
Tennessee History
Charles W. Crawford
Class Notes
history, Tennessee




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kimberly Huggins on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 2030 at University of Memphis taught by Charles W. Crawford in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Tennessee History in History at University of Memphis.

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Date Created: 09/02/16
Week 2 Class Notes (no notes for week 1) Part 1: Responses to First Essays  Tennessee has various natural features which change as you travel throughout the state, unlike states such as Kansas.  Tennessee has not had a female governor yet, but that will change soon most likely. Not much written on female history, but it is important.  The unofficial nickname is the Volunteer State because so many people volunteer for the military from Tennessee. o Wars: 1775 (Revolutionary War), 1812 (War of 1812), 1846 (Mexican War), 1861 (Civil War), 1898 (Spanish-American War), 1914 (WW1), 1941 (WW2), 1964 (Vietnam War), 1990 (Persian Gulf War), 2003 (Iraqi War).  Based on census, in 1796, African Americans made up ~10% of TN population; 1860: ~25%, and 2010: ~17%. o West TN: ~40%, Middle TN: ~25%, East TN: ~7%, based mainly on agricultural areas because that is where slavery was most prominent.  On the quarter, there is the fiddle representing east TN, trumpet representing west TN, and guitar representing middle TN, and 3 stars (1 for each region). Music is very important in TN, especially because of the money it brings in-it is a big business (recording, performing, etc).  In the Civil War, TN first voted to stay in the union, but when actual fighting began, switched to the Confederacy. TN was the last to join the Confederacy and first to join back into the Union after the war.  TN had second greatest amount of Civil War battles because it was on the border of the Union-Confederacy division (second to Virginia). TN’s economy never really recovered from the Civil War, like many Confederate states; although, it has never hit rock bottom. Part 2: Features of TN  Climate o Location: between 30.5 degrees and 35 degrees latitude. Less than 200 mi top to bottom. There is about one week of a difference between highest and lowest climate changes. o Elevation: Highest point is Clingman’s Dome (6,643 ft), and lowest is southernmost point by Mississippi River (~200 ft). More than a mile difference in highest and lowest points. o Average Annual Temperature: 58 degrees Fahrenheit.  Growing Time: Last frost of spring (~March 21) to first frost of autumn (~November 20). Affects agriculture, which is large part of economy. o Precipitation: (10 in of snow is about 1 in of rainfall)  Not much snow except in higher elevations; Memphis does not even see snow in some winters. This makes rainfall more important.  Average rainfall is about 50 in annually for the entire state. This is higher in Memphis; therefore, west TN is most fertile and has the most agriculture. o Power:  Coal is a finite resource, so wind power is growing to be more important. Windmills create electricity, and is not a finite resource.  Too much wind creates tornadoes. TN does not get many, but west TN sees a few. They almost always move northeast, though, so Memphis rarely sees them.  Solar power is also growing. The previous mayor is now in this business, so there is big money to be made.  Geology o TN has a high quality water supply.


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