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German 3252, Lecture 1 Notes

by: Grace Campbell

German 3252, Lecture 1 Notes German 3252

Marketplace > Ohio State University > German > German 3252 > German 3252 Lecture 1 Notes
Grace Campbell
GPA 3.687
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About this Document

These notes cover lecture on the film, "Night and Fog"
The Holocaust in German Literature and Film
Paul Reitter
Class Notes
German, Literature, Film




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Grace Campbell on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to German 3252 at Ohio State University taught by Paul Reitter in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 98 views. For similar materials see The Holocaust in German Literature and Film in German at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 09/02/16
Lecture-­‐  Night  and  Fog   8/25/16     A.   Night  and  Fog  as  a  documentary     •   Mixture  of  an  art  film  and  a  political  pamphlet   •   Artistic  touches:     •   cutting  back  and  forth  between  color  and  black  and  white  shots   •   scoring   •   poetic  narration     •   Political  pamphlet:     •   tries  to  be  very  hard  hitting  and  get  the  word  out  about  how  terrible  the   holocaust  was   •   keeps  things  short  and  to  the  point           B.   Film’s  form  and  explicit  content       •   The  Holocaust  wasn’t  widely  discussed  in  Europe  when  the  film  came  out  in  1955.  The   director  was  trying  to  shake  his  fellow  Europeans  into  waking  up  and  seeing  the  Holocaust   for  how  truly  awful  it  was  and  how  it  needed  attention.     •   The  film  explicitly  expresses  'this  happened,  it  was  terrible,  and  if  we  turn  away  from  it  it’s   very  likely  to  happen  again;  we  will  be  doomed  to  repeat  it'   •   Film  shows  some  of  the  most  gruesome  footage  that  there  is  about  the  Holocaust   •   Uses  artistic  means  to  be  more  lifelike   •   People  (directors)  feel  pressure  to  create  the  reality  of  the  situation  while  also  only  using   facts                   C.   Context  of  the  film  in  respect  to  Holocaust  awareness       •   Some  say  that  Americans  almost  feel  too  connected  to  the  Holocaust   •   That  they  identify  too  closely  with  it  and  have  a  more  extreme  reaction   •   It  may  not  be  good  for  todays  Jews  to  be  so  closely  identified  with  the  Holocaust   •   Director  felt  people  in  Europe  were  not  paying  enough  attention  to  the  Holocaust   •   That  lack  of  attention  would  have  very  dire  consequences   •   Context  of  representation   •   Extremely  graphic  and  gruesome  images  to  evoke  feeling         D.   Timeline  of  Holocaust  awareness  (not  chronological)       •   Eichmann  Trial   •   Jerusalem  1961   •   The  Cold  War   •   The  U.S.  accepted  Germany's  relative  silence  on  the  Holocaust  because  the  U.S.   wanted  Germany  as  a  strong  ally   •   The  60s   •   Younger  generation  of  Germans  trying  to  reckon  with  the  past  of  their  parents   and  grandparents   •   The  coming  down  of  the  Berlin  wall   •   The  coming  of  age  of  second  generation  survivors   •   Books  and  literature  created  by  the  children  of  Holocaust  survivors   •     Survivors  finally  being  ready  to  talk  about  the  Holocaust  themselves •   The  aging  of  Holocaust  survivors     •   creates  an  urgency  to  write  and  document  the  Holocaust  before  everyone  who   was  involved  in  it  is  gone   E.    Film’s  implicit  message  about  the  Holocaust-­‐  most  striking  features  and  omissions         •   Omits:   o     To  say  how  the  Holocaust  majorly  took  place  outside  of  the  death  camps o   The  word  Jewish  was  only  used  once  in  the  film   •   If  people  get  caught  up  thinking  that  the  Jews  were  the  reason  the   Holocaust  happened,  people  will  be  distracted  from  seeing  a  deeper   reasoning  for  why  the  Holocaust  happened   •   The  Jews  were  the  most  vulnerable  to  it   •    If  the  Jews  weren't  the  ones  to  be  exploited,  someone  else  would   have  been   •   Film  heavily  focused  on  the  camps;  the  camps  are  fairly  unique  to  the  Holocaust   •   Film  focuses  on  use  of  human  bodies  to  make  products   o   Falls  in  line  with  the  socialist  perspective  on  the  Holocaust   o   Bodies  no  longer  exploited  for  their  labor  but  for  their  material   o   Implicitly  suggests  the  Holocaust  is  capitalism  pushed  to  its  extreme-­‐  turning   people  into  raw  material  and  products.     •   Problematic  because  nothing  is  a  complete  work   o   Literature,  film…  tends  to  be  one  sided   o   No  work  will  ever  completely  tell  the  whole  story                                        


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