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Math 1050 Notes, Week 2, Chapter 1, section 1.4-6 and Chapter 2, section 2.1

by: Camille Muir

Math 1050 Notes, Week 2, Chapter 1, section 1.4-6 and Chapter 2, section 2.1 MATH 1050

Marketplace > Southern Utah University > MATH 1050 > Math 1050 Notes Week 2 Chapter 1 section 1 4 6 and Chapter 2 section 2 1
Camille Muir
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Notes on solving radical equations and the substitution method, solving inequalities, solving absolute value equations and inequalities, graphing, distance, triangles, and the midpoint formula. Not...
Math 1050-01
Dr. Bhuvaneswari (BUNA) Sambandham
Class Notes
inequalities, graphing, distance, triangles, midpoint, absolute value, Substitution, Math, radical, equations
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camille Muir on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1050 at Southern Utah University taught by Dr. Bhuvaneswari (BUNA) Sambandham in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views.


Reviews for Math 1050 Notes, Week 2, Chapter 1, section 1.4-6 and Chapter 2, section 2.1


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Date Created: 09/02/16
a. rdrdicdn"fim 'lxt TL-l 'l <-1. - -l),l' | = l't, 1", Lt-l -I s- 3.h +ner'adrcalobufhs\da8 L L a- l- ZX-11 'Z =Q &\= -.rfl'22- -- b4x"= Lx-\ = 8 X(v-("ul = S,3l$rtors Conl. t,-(x'tlr)'" -,S = 5"' ((^'n;yf =k:')' x'Ltltp5"' X' rlu:L5 x'-=1 fx;rj] ,.-=:_.r-.------*-'-=# {}+:- tr[lT =l *4s*Ftrm*\o'(*rbJ' rF \GG * 4;; )' ' l' -7 =t+z(,\lEr* qb (1ffi )' r 6f,-.4' r L{J(rr ''fil.=I L Sxrl .rxf z-*t^wi fiE =I tJxrlr'L-\E;A Jx*''-- = I '14:gx+1 xr- = l-4x-1 ^t 'L- 7_ {3xr1 -t'G- = -'>>-4 (1f3\.1 )'(^l = (-z^-'{)' ("t! =(-rx)'-'i)-- Gxm) t\tP 3X'Lrbx rlx elt='Llx' rt\.px 3Xt tl3X+l4 \r'+lLrxr\lp X-t3x rL-'o (xrl)(xr1 = D Xrl =Q AfL--c a-.lx'= z=o 3.-x- -4lz= C) + la - _-Ls'rbih[Sa]L-4utr- lE]f J-:-q-3!.^usl[$!}-0hg t-ql!v-5]--Pl1--u) =-[J*L----- Jhr-ansrryr;ri-tsd- h&n--tnu-lurrlg StuhUr's. WqvrlqLUSiM& lil 5i.pl2-=- rr : '-- r-lXg 6. X5 I So_l V_e,r--C.___- - _ _1i So\u\ 'Op".t ]nk+rVcLS -el.rrlsorhtS no"t '1",a.ded 'rn o\nts ciutdrc[ Lq, bf ,\\+tI ftinfrnrfu("") ar.{aIuJazlsa,,a,-tyr-lar\ fl 1or> &rt # o( Z Arc ct'osed = -interval hofatron, @" (a CX4nylpie-S J ' X> (q, aa !,I (n rhftrrrncfrutrr^t $)rlf<- ( l) l.x< 5 1,3) "t)-'{axX: 5 (:q, -5J 3)b< xS b (0, bl 't)- t=) X 7 ftl ,1 5\x -lc (-tc,*) chrcle-vr,r,Y\ hn* :H(cptrfrc$,, t- -NcnnrSahW ?rog<,rg' &'a D - l\ddltiLrn lrope"f+"6 -+ acbi tlrtn(rtL( b'e fP{ A'>b, then $YL > br<- -5tS L LX rc x<-5,rheh xt5< Bz irprccr Frop.rry\ fP 6>0 +hen *'O "IP alo fhen *.O *SeE&' 3-Zy <--'1 I SotVe a\ Vrl/irrl,:u'ttoi -3 5 -Lx< 7 Lbn\\fiv\\\iln(ticioflrtrl *z -'L S (\n.l (rnv&\ole 1\ ttlrvrt/uu,t E L. Sutvt Fr K, fF tv\ULrpry oll Dtv re BY A NICTAI 1Vr, -^t/1 > -,EY--l VOH .MUSI f L\P r\6 iN €-cu lqL irul & =- fi L,L -\q x)'-5 *5<3x-L< +'v- fL +-LfL 3, 0onnbivrei -3< g3? 8 -t< -l< q- \dc[\, r/ildott Iro\t, *5< \* 2.€vcomo*. -5x<l-q iE /> x>-s 3 &nwr bo-Ihnro{e( 4.&) tht,variabttnl'o ividtdhu . .\ -l)'> u l tlxI n L+x-l>o t-l> N otati \r t--sO, -5 { oa ' -b<K < G*,Q0 _a<+-+ i_i --]f5 G,e-)-) L xl=fX, x2d =17 lzx+3 l-: = -zl -$= lu x-7=-\2- lzrral = ll-l-21+rr= t. I-.t_>l = $ VA\\A"go\sne. I*Lz * z l-z= = --l + 2. tlsepyooe,r/ui{ul*A -ZZ-*"1- -Lz.:-rj [,{-A ,Ut=-q{Setitl\.,ueawcdt + So\vr on bo*h 3 sideqf,or th<- ansvN'e/r. lvl t) '- = Ul=O, \r,tSt\uq {nequalron unrltho''tt AbSu\uYtVAt\A,es -1<x'< lts{t-- -3 <x<3 {Q luI >a___t\e11_115;-4--otrL- -ex4ro$-el- ___'al 3x+al2 * *l 3x"r5_< l4_ and 3;r5>- lx€__rq rnvrrjfix>3-- X=-7*tq and X>- -x >-J * X_< _t =--_2,.--Iet--t^?to --SolW 2- rrrterat3 ten"rHir..rSffu/l,rnf1r.Lr^6\.x4 +bl-- L L4 {= _3b = 3xtr-l c-(ytSepL 3- lKtrl .* 4 - lxrrl ''1 (.,L s x= 1_2,) g =(-zB) c= ( s,l) : 6t'rl the {gtttnga AB = 14- r'z- -{To ri BL- { l'r"* = -r{7 Ir Lh = ,-[G =S Frncl i( lnre lrra\i< is a Aghf tYtanq& a 4B' =lfi cA-= ABttBL' ! ,:r(t,b, v -n) VG=5 )-fr=U r5 .f CA *2-5 '75, ./ ( 75 thi6 rrvv\lte-s riyr ftrtttngl+- F:jnotnr Arr,\ ol-rht iriang\<, '{1fr rAst*tcttlafo-r =5 S'ti,uartffs oy,rl3li = Gs,z), B=(rr,o), )A Cfu _ n6=ffi-_Ji6={8. = = {?1_ |- -cn ^{ii , ftB'=l?o t3o= t04fzb BL> ; U.a"=r3o / Ck'' le4 A Q"iartr k=LiL* tr+ =@ q S<pY -> t-\N fuDvie. (rrStgt-? 'VL'. o (tt,a) bG,A $lIctei hbu (u,o) ke ,fr?,D ryftctieinsr Mrdptmt6rmu\ur DrS\tlnrftrronda' P = AO , -lLo-ol'r{^>-a)' W,r#) - i'Ge- - D= (i,c B?= :- F = ha)'+4-r)- *_( Vy,etA CD 4Trrc = =(s,i C= (3J: ,.-lc\ t'> 'L/ 0,1 (Y, tb a) rnr(,\qt,nt=(l, \q, N\r$prnt rP) ") 1-r , Tr = C3iu), P',= 9 -l = -Jix r ) -*trr\, L-z -a: ((, .1?., -'L -3tX) 7 -'- rt{z I. \,L L= I*x ?-=,J,


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