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Ethics for Business week 1 notes

by: Kalli Wyatt

Ethics for Business week 1 notes BUSM 390

Marketplace > Brigham Young University > BUSM 390 > Ethics for Business week 1 notes
Kalli Wyatt
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About this Document

We talked about the themes for the semester, the prisoners dilemma, and why should we be ethical all the time.
Ethics for Management
Aaron Miller
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kalli Wyatt on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUSM 390 at Brigham Young University taught by Aaron Miller in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.

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Date Created: 09/02/16
Themes for the Semester: • Ethics, especially personal ethics precisely understood ◦ your boss is cheating on his wife and has asked you to cover up for him while he spends an hour with his mistress at a nearby hotel. soon after, his wife arrives and asks you where her husband is ◦ is it ethical to lie? ◦ what is your role in this situation? • clearly communicating your ethics ◦ how do you justify your choice to your boss of his wife? • the fragmented self ◦ integrity: “a state or quality of being complete, undivided, or unbroken.” — spencer w. kimball ◦ bridges have integrity because they are structurally sound, so if we want to have integrity we need to be completely sound, unified, and one with in our selves. ◦ Honesty: I believe that one of the most important indicators of how honest we are in the seriousness with which we keep agreements that we have made — Rex Lee • Ethical choice vs. virtuous choice ◦ virtuous choice is always better ◦ “knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is the right thing to do” Potter Stewart should I always be ethical? • Ethical behavior as intuition: ◦ we don’t often go into an ethical dilemma methodically ◦ when people are faced with an ethical dilemma your limbic system fires first —> meaning you have an emotional answer Why do I want to be ethical? • I want to feel good— often is an unreliable measure of ethical behavior. — i.e. the people that did the paper work that sent Jews to concentration camp in Nazi Germany. God lets us screw up so we can make better decisions • weighing the consequences— unreliable — utilitarian/consequential perspective— we can never weigh all the consequences because we can’t see what is going to happen in the future • I want a good reputation— Joe Paterno story, it can’t always be a good measure of if someone is going to make good choices, people can’t always be perfect • Ethical behavior as Human Nature ◦ we have a neurological preference against unfairness and deception— spindle cells (housed primarily in the limbic system) start lighting up when we are treated unfairly. Wired into every human brain ◦ concern/care for others is a survival trait of a species — sacrifice personal value to benefit someone else. 2% of species are social but by volume they are 50 times more. Caring works for other species. ◦ the existence of ethics goes to show that it is natural for humans to know right vs. wrong Why does it matter if ethics comes naturally to human beings? If ethics comes naturally, why is there so much unethical behavior? The Prisoner’s Dilemma • not all transactions are zero sum —> when you win and someone else looses. ▪ there are going to be bigger stakes depending on each situation ▪ i.e. vacation days with your employer 1 vacation day is worth more to you than to your employer but if you have 20 vacation days it would be worth more to your employer to give you 1 more vacation day • not all transactions involve perfect knowledge —> you don’t know what your opponent is doing • not all transactions occur in a vacuum —> we always have to build up reputation and you don’t know how that will affect you in the future • Nash equal librium —> when in a game it wouldn’t change the outcome for better to change your strategy. worst social outcome.


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