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hdfs week 1

by: Ty-Rinetta Notetaker

hdfs week 1 Hdfs 1300

Ty-Rinetta Notetaker

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About this Document

Dev of Contemporary Families
Erica F Jordan
Class Notes
Human Development and Families, marriage
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ty-Rinetta Notetaker on Friday September 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hdfs 1300 at University of Houston taught by Erica F Jordan in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.

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Date Created: 09/02/16
American and Texas Government Constitutions and Politics Govt 1336 University of Houston Instructor: Sharon Davis (I will only respond to this email) Include your section in email communication! Office TBA, PGH (by appointment) THIS SYLLABUS AND CALENDAR ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY POINT IN TIME DURING THE SEMESTER!!!! COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course is an introductory survey of the United States and Texas political systems. Topics include a theoretical study of the discipline of political science, democratic and authoritarian systems, historical and environmental factors, the United States and Texas Constitutions, federalism and local units of government, public opinion, voting behavior, the electoral system, interest groups, and political parties. A. Explain the origin and development of Constitution in the United States and Texas. B. Describe separation of powers and checks and balances in both theory and practice. C. Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties. D. Analyze the election process. REQUIRED TEXT: University of Houston - American Democracy Now. (Texas Edition|Fourth Edition), McGraw Hill, 2014. Harrison, Harris, Halter, and Deardorf Other readings will be assigned periodically throughout the semester. IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PURCHASE ACCESS TO THE COURSE E-TEXT. THIS COURSE HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH A STRUCTURED PATH TO COURSE SUCCESS, INCLUDING PRACTICE QUIZZES AND STUDY AIDS IN ADDITION TO ASSIGNED READINGS. The required textbook for POLS 1336 is available as an e-book housed in a product from McGraw-Hill called Connect that seamlessly integrates with Blackboard (Bb). You can access, register for and purchase the e-book via Bb. A print upgrade is also available for an additional fee. Your purchasing options are: Direct purchase from within Bb, OR (Also from within Blackboard) Sign up for a 21 day trial; you must  purchase before this expires to keep your grades active, (THIS IS A GREAT OPTION FOR THOSE  WAITING ON FUNDS AVAILABILITY) OR Purchase a code from the bookstore that you will enter during  this process (This is a more expensive option, but an option.) Visit bookstores for pricing  Both the on campus Barnes & Noble and the off campus Textbook Brokers have codes for sale  IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration for the textbook will be open UNTIL 11:59 P.M., August 30th!. After  this time you will not be allowed to register AND therefore will not be able to complete assignments  required for success in this course. YOU MUST PURCHASE OR SIGN­UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL BY THE ABOVE DATE! YOU CANNOT USE THE “CHROME’ WEB­BROWSER TO ACCESS ANY CONNECT CONTENT! Additional Readings  Other reading selections may be assigned periodically, as noted on the syllabus. I will make these  readings available on the Blackboard website before they are to be read and discussed in class.  As preparation for course lectures and discussions, you should complete assigned readings before class  on the first date listed in this syllabus. Readings from the textbook appear as “ADN” on the schedule.  Keeping Up With the News  In addition to completing required readings, I expect you to keep informed on current events, especially  the upcoming midterm elections. The following websites are for a variety of major newspapers, and you  should consult several of them regularly in order to obtain diverse perspectives. (New York Times) (Wall Street Journal) Additional resources on  Blackboard under “Extras”. IN CLASS CONDUCT: It is assumed that this class can be conducted in a spirit of full academic freedom but also with civility and courtesy directed toward all. Accordingly, any member of the class may express ANY serious idea or point of view, but this must be done with civility. Once class has started, I do not want to see any newspapers or other reading material on your desk; it is distracting to me while trying to teach. Please turn of electronic devices (phones, iPods, etc…). You may have a recorder or a laptop computer if you need one. Please come to class on time. If you know you will be late every day, let me know (i.e. your class before this one is on the other side of campus or you have arrangements of campus that take place right before class). MISSED ASSIGNMENTS: Students will NOT be permitted to take a make-up exam unless there is a verified/documented illness or family emergency. Make-up Exams will cover the same material but may be a different format, including identification, and essay questions. All other assignments CANNOT be turned in late or made-up, and the resulting grade will be a 0. (see Learn-Smart/In-class assignments) STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him or her from fully demonstrating his or her abilities should contact me personally as soon as possible so we can discuss accommodations necessary to ensure full participation and facilitate your educational opportunities. ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT: The university can best function and accomplish its objectives in an atmosphere of high ethical standards. It expects and encourages all students, faculty and staf to contribute to such an atmosphere in every way possible and especially by observing all accepted principles of academic honesty. It is recognized, however, that a large university will include a few students who do not understand, appreciate, and practice these principles. As a consequence, alleged cases of academic dishonesty will inevitably occur, and students will be accused. Procedures are designed to handle these cases in fairness to all concerned: the accused student, the faculty, and the university. A comprehensive explanation of the University’s policy on academic honesty can be found at RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: It is the policy of the University to excuse absences of students that result from religious observances and to provide without penalty for the rescheduling of examinations and additional required class work that may fall on religious holidays. GRADES:  University of Houston Grading scale A    94 – 100 B­   80 – 83 D+  67 – 69        (These grades will be rounded but I will ignore  A­   90 – 93 C+  77 – 79 D    64 – 66 request to ‘bump’ grades because of the ample B+  87 – 89 C    74 – 76 D­   60 – 63 opportunity for extra credit!) DO NOT ASK! B    84 – 86 C­   70 – 73 F     Below 60 EXAMS 4 examinations @ 80 percent (20 percent each) Each will consist of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions based on readings, lectures and  classroom discussions. Questions will be randomly selected and will be worth 2 points each. Exams will  be taken online through the university learning management system, Blackboard. Once you enter the  exam you must finish within the time allotted. You will not be allowed to backtrack to answer questions or  for review. You must answer each question as you receive it.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A GOOD/EXCELLENT  ITERNET CONNECTION! IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE DURING AN EXAM (ie., YOU LOSE YOUR  CONNECTION, YOUR TEST FREEZES ETC…) YOU WILL BE ALLOWED  ONLY  ONE RESET  FOR  THE SEMESTER! THIS NOT AUTOMATIC! (See Below)  YOU WILL ONLY BE RESET IN EXTRAORDINARY CASES AND YOU MUST CONTACT THE TA  AS SOON AS THE PROBLEM OCCURS. DO NOT CONTACT ME TO RESET YOUR EXAM! IT WILL  NOT HAPPEN! IF THE TA CANNOT GET TO YOU IMMEDIATELY BE PATIENT! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO TAKE THE EXAM! CLASS WILL NOT MEET ON THE EXAM DAYS FOR THE  EXPRESS PURPOSE OF GIVING YOU TIME TO TAKE THE EXAM ON CAMPUS! Completion of Learn Smart modules/In­class assignments @ 20 percent 10 of these assignments will be taken to make­up this grade. The chosen 10 will be randomly determined at the end of the semester. MANDATORY SYLLABUS ASSIGNMENT DUE Monday, August 30th by 10:00PM!!! Learn­Smart is a study aid that appears with the material for each week of the course. When you engage  Learn­Smart, it presents you with 100 questions drawn from the chapter in question. Learn­Smart tells you whether you’ve answered each question correctly, and it will direct you to review specific parts of the  chapter if you demonstrate weakness on certain questions or series of questions. It will give you the  opportunity to review areas of weakness in order to improve your performance. Learn­Smart will prompt  you at the end of the first round of questions to see if you want to continue to review. If you place your  cursor over the diagnostic box at the left side of the Learn­Smart screen, it will tell you what proportion of  your responses has been correct, wrong, or “OK”, not completely right or wrong. It will also display a  percentage that indicates your mastery of the material. At the due date this will become your Learn­Smart  grade. Therefore the grade can be improved by continuing to review until mastery is 100%. DO NOT wait  until the last minute to do these assignments because maximum benefit is achieved if you have time for  notes and study. This can be an obvious boost to your grade if you complete all of the Learn­Smart  assignments. In­class Assignments – I will assign questions during class that will be answered DURING CLASS.  These assignments may not be made­up. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are late for class or you leave class  early you may miss some of these assignments. If you do not have a smart phone or computer in class  you will need to come and talk to me immediately when there is an assignment. Again NO MAKE­UPS  ALLOWED. I also give quick extra credit assignments during class. You need to be in class and paying  attention to get the information of these opportunities. No questions will be answered about these  opportunities after class has been dismissed. NO EXCEPTIONS!  It should have become quite obvious that to do well in this course you will need access to an adequate  computer and an excellent internet connection. In addition you will need to make sure you have both an  appropriate password for Blackboard and access to McGraw­Hill E­text.  If you have Learn­Smart/McGraw­Hill difficulties: McGraw­Hill Representative Ana Miller; email If you are having technical trouble with Blackboard Learn UH Help Desk 713­743­1411 BEFORE THE EXAM/ASSIGNMENT CLOSES!


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