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Art_Week 1 Notes

by: alley_hilton

Art_Week 1 Notes ART 1309

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > ART 1309 > Art_Week 1 Notes
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About this Document

These notes have nothing to do with our quizzes, but will be used for our first exam.
Art Appreciation
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by alley_hilton on Saturday September 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 1309 at Texas Tech University taught by Peaslee in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 146 views.


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Date Created: 09/03/16
 Introduction  What is art?  No universal definition.  What is the function of art in society?  Give a voice.  Illustrate ideas/narratives.  What is not art?  Art & Censorship.  Subject matter?  What is seen.  Figure 0.0.2 (Niagra).  Using representational painting.  Representational.  Art that depicts figures and objects so that we recognize what is  represented.  Function.  Represents expansion of U.S.  Advertisement for expansion.  Figure 0.0.3 (White Vertical Water).  Style  Abstraction.  The degree to which an image is altered from an easily recognizable  subject.  Goals of Style.  Frame of reference (end result) from audience.  To get a different reaction from audience.  Transient Rainbow_Cai Guo­Quang (2002).  Choices  Rainbow  Arc of rainbow o Rainbow acts as a bridge connecting Queens & Manhattan. o Represents the creation goddess (Nuah), which represents healing.  Name of Painting (Transient = moving).  The fireworks are moving.  Could also mean the moving of employer (the museum had to move  from Manhattan to Queens).  River  The river reflects everything and makes a full circle in the water. o Can represent the act of the museum eventually moving back to  Manhattan, going back to where it started.  Time  After 9/11. o There is a clear absence of the twin towers in the painting. o Calls attention to 9/11.  The rainbow gives hope to New York (and also America) and can give  a sense that it can go back to the way it was before 9/11 occurred.  Figure 0.0.10 (tea bowl)  Raku  Handmade and fined ceramic; made for tea ceremony in this case.  Irregularities  Scale  Shape  Not completely round, or consistent.  Figure 0.0.11 (Mona Lisa)  Renaissance th th  Period of cultural and artistic change in Europe from 14 ­17  centuries.  “Window onto the World”  Painters sought realistic paintings.  i.e. Mona Lisa sitting on a porch of some sort with a huge landscape  behind her.  Figure 0.0.12  Patron  An individual or organization who sponsors the creation of works of art.  In this case, she is the subject as well.  Subject  Wealthy.  From the clothing and jewels she is wearing.  The fact the painting even exists (they cost money).  Good social class.  She gives a sense of arrogance through her gaze.  Figure 0.0.22  Detail  Indicates a sense of power.  Obviously needed money for it.  The eyes are looking down.  The material was ivory, which gives a sense of power/wealth.  Art and Controversy  Art can be powerful.  It can challenge or offend.  Art can be censored for many reasons.  Pornographic.  Religious beliefs.  Political message.  Expresses values others don’t share.  Sensation (Melburn)  Young British Artists from Saatchi Collection.  Showed 2 times  Caused controversy.  Contract got cancelled.  Figure 0.0.15  Caused controversy because it is made out of blood.  He redoes it every 5 years  Artist wants the viewers to understand aging, etc. (given how he changes  every 5 years when he completes this).  Holy Virgin Mary (1996).  Wooden, paint.  Controversy was in the other material.  Elephant dung.  Exposed breasts of Virgin Mary.  Cutouts of women’s privates.  Museum was threatened to lose all funding if painting wasn’t removed.  The museum won after it went to the Supreme Court through Freedom  of Speech.  People threw paint at it to cover it up, and a security guard had to be  placed to protect it.  Justification of painting.  Other paintings (Ruben’s 1626 painting) show privates. o Claims it was a modern representation of a traditional idea.  Artist went to Africa. o He incorporated African art into this painting (Virgin Mary with black skin). o The elephant poop is ritualistic and is “connecting” the Virgin Mary  to Earth.  Myra (Marcus Harvey_1995)  Myra was criminal in London who killed children with her partner.  The way the artist captures a mug shot of her caused controversy.  The painting was pixilated with handprints of children.


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