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Health 377: Human Sexuality

by: Victoria Dassing

Health 377: Human Sexuality HLTH 377

Marketplace > University of Maryland > Health Sciences > HLTH 377 > Health 377 Human Sexuality
Victoria Dassing
GPA 3.2
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About this Document

These notes contain the history behind the study of Human Sexuality. Notes for videos shown in class are included.
Human Sexuality
Jenna Beckwith
Class Notes
Human, sexuality, health, history




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Dassing on Saturday September 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HLTH 377 at University of Maryland taught by Jenna Beckwith in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 136 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Health Sciences at University of Maryland.

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Date Created: 09/03/16
Thursday, September 1, 2016 11:12 AM Day 2: Century-ish of Sex I In-Class Video: History of Sex a The 20th century brought upon the socialization of sex throughout media, politics, entertainment b Masturbation i People see it as immoral and unhealthy b Early 20th century i Margaret Sayer 1 Concerned about the impact of women having "serial pregnancies" -- physical impact on women 2 Fought for reproductive rights 3 Opened US's first birth control clinic ii Infections started to spread among young individuals 1 Syphilis and gonorrhea ii Alcohol Outlawed 1 Opposite impact on society b Mid-20th Century i Flapper girl represented a fun, romantic, and scandalous women ii Clubs and bars created for all individuals to let loose and get together with people similar to themselves (ex. Gay bars and drag shows) iii Contraception's- more diverse and desired iv The Haze Code 1 Controlled what could be shown in a film a Ex. Kiss could only last for certain amount of time b Ex. People had to be shown sleeping in separate beds ii Economic Depression 1 Decrease in children and marriages 2 Increase in divorce ii Cars impact on sexuality in teens 1 Gives teens the opportunity to be together without parents around b 1940's - WWII i Soldiers leaving their significant others ii Women are pushed into nontraditional roles to support themselves iii "Victory Girl"- young women sending off her man with a big smile on her face 1 Sexual mythology ii "The Wolf" - young male on the prowl to take advantage of his sexual opportunities 1 Threat to men in uniform ii "The Fighting Man" - young soldier that remains abstinent iii "The Pinup Girl" - symbol of hope, glorified women back home that was being fought for iv Invention of penicillin- to fight syphilis b "Babyboomers" 1950's i Born into nuclear age ii The suburban family, dog, mom at home iii "Career Women" - wanted independence, to choose work 1 Created a new generder dynamic 2 Alfred Kinsey a In 1949, he looked into gay men b Focused on the reality of sexuality within society instead of what was considered morally correct c In 1953, a book on gay women was published 2 Hugh Hefner a Marilyn Monroe b Portrays message that sex and pleasure go together c Playboy was an acceptable form of bringing sex into the home d 1/5 women that have premarital sex, got pregnant ii Sexual Revolution Begins 1 Margaret Sanger a Researches oral contraceptive - Enovid (the pill) b Gives women control over their body 2 Helen Girly Brown a Writes book to women about young independent women that get to explore their freedom 2 Clitoris was found to be primary source of orgasms for women a Before this, women were not thought to have orgasms 2 Police started to cut down on people with same-sex views a Ex. Killing people, artwork ii 1970's - "High water mark of Sexual Revolution" 1 Time of experimenting different sexual interests 2 X Rated Film's become popular 3 Everyone's having sex freely ii 1980's - Ronald Regan becomes President 1 Declare war on pornography 2 Research hit media that posed gay men were likely to obtain AIDS 3 AIDS found within gay, Haiti heterosexual, and drug user cultures 4 Sex carries risk and danger ii 1990's - 1 Dating and chatting online- "cybersex" 2 Can experiment without the dangers 3 1998 -- Viagra a Older males suffering with erectile dysfunction are now able to have sex II Early 1900's a Adolescence started to develop b Immigration --> Eugenics i Negative stigmatism put on immigrants ii Criminalization of interracial relationships b Increased awareness of Venereal Disease c Need to start educating the youth d National Education Association endorses Sex Ed i The concern that children would become aroused through SexEd was stopped by making it strictly scientific and focusing on abstinence b Margaret Sanger - Mother of Birth Control Movement i Physical barriers to prevent sperm from getting to cervix/egg b 1930's - Great Depression i Less babies -- also correlates to the recent recession ii Helped advocate abstinence b Tuskeegee Syphilis Experiment (1932-1972) i There was a cure for syphilis but the people were not informed ii Dealt with untreated syphilis in rural African-American b Mary Calerone i Founder of SIECUS - sec information and education council of the US ii Medical director of Planned Parenthood iii Sexuality advocate that was demonized in society II In-Class Video a Stonewall i A safe place for gays and trans individuals ii They rioted to show their influence in society iii United together to support and fight their personal rights iv Recently designated as a national park v Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera started the riots II 1970's - Sexual Liberation and Free Love a Roe vs. Wade - right to abortion b Illegal abortions increased immensely II 1980's HIV/AIDs a Helped spark abstinence-only Sex Ed b Adult films started using condoms II Dr. Ruth a One of the first people as a radio talk-show discussing sex and how to resolve issues II 1990's : The Internet a Dr. Jocelyn Elders i Strong sexual advocate ii At a UN conference, she was asked about masturbation and said it may be part of natural sexual desire -- fired for this


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