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Global Studies

by: Anahit Ghaltaghchyan

Global Studies global

Anahit Ghaltaghchyan

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About this Document

Week 11 Notes
intro to global studies 1
Dr. Philip McCarty
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anahit Ghaltaghchyan on Saturday September 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to global at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Dr. Philip McCarty in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see intro to global studies 1 in Global Studies at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 09/03/16
Terror and Torture ▯ Instability not Peace  Paradoxically the end of the four decade cold war did not lead to peace  The period was marked by considerable instability in the third world, the developing world, the former colonies ▯ Post cold war instability  Dissolution of SSSR  Violence in Sierra Leone, Somalia, ivory coast etc  Iraqi invasion of Kuwait o First Persian gulf war o Kuwait was a Iraqi territory until WWI  Bosnia war  Afgan war  Lebanon war  Kosovo war Vacuum of power thesis  Cold war suppressed local conflict  Fall of the wall removed bilateral war imperative between USA and Russia  Suppressed conflicts flared up  Conflicts fueled by surplus cold war arms  The old mentality that savages cant govern themselves requires us to govern them ▯ Destabilization thesis  Conflict fueled by hyper globalization weakened states and deregulation  The new American century, imperialism  Usa is the one and only super power  World bank and WTO policies aggressively increased third world debt ▯ Privatization of security (Kaldor)  Structural adjustments and austerity of world bank and WTO  Governments weakened and failed  MNCs gain unprecedented access  Inequality exploded  Former security forced went freelance  Corporations hired private armies to protect their “interests” abroad, resource extraction ▯ Blackwater0 killing for dun and profits since 1997  Hired by CIA. Many civilians were killed. 2007. Scandal. Private company ▯ Conflict diamonds  Diamonds that are mined at war zones, and used to continue the conflict going on Used to finance war lords and insurgencies Rely on slave labor Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory coast, Congo ▯ Kony  Uganda  lords resistance army  66,000 children used as soldiers and sex slaves 2 million people displaced US not signed to international criminal court Where is all this going?  Us power unchallenged  Increasing arms sales  Political instability  Deregulation and collapse of education and health care  Increasing poverty and slums  Exploding global inequality ▯ Terror as Nightmare of globalization  Infuse everyday life with fear  New norms rather than total war  Supplies everyday life with unpredictability  Blurs boundary between war and pace  New world order now organized around unpredictable destruction ▯ Terrorism defined  Terrorism the practice of using violence or threat for political ends  Those ends include the creation of fear and panic to coerce and intimidate civilizations  Violence spectacular, a visual spectacle ▯ Terrorism in practice  Terrorism is ancient practice  Genghis khan  Spanish inquisition  French rev  Pre civil war slavery enforced  KKK  Totalitarianism  Anti colonialism- terror used by non state actors to destabilize state and populations through violence ▯ Old terrorism vs new  The old terrorism o Specific agendas o Killings limited- many watched-few died o Examples- red brigades, PLO (Palestinian liberation organization, Irish republican army  New terrorism o Less specific in agenda o Destruction as ends in itself o Maximum amount of indiscriminate pain o Examples= world trade towers, American Embassies, Kenya and Tanzania, Bojangles Plot again LAZ and 11 airliners over pacific, 911 ▯ Hindsight or foresight?  For many, 911 seemed unpredictable  There were plenty of warning signs  Reports commissioned 1998, US more vulnerable to attack on homeland, advances in information and biotechnologies increased vulnerability ▯ Commission II  Energy remains of major strategic importance  All borders more porous even if state sovereignty, threatened, still endures  Failing / fragmenting states radically ▯ Commissions III  Essence of war wont change but what will is o Levels of violence o Kinds of acts o Instruments of distractions  Us intelligence will face more difficult adversaries and wont be able to prevent all surprises  Security environment in 21 century required different military and other capabilities ▯ Holy war without end  President Bush’s response to attacks specified Islamic terrorism, explicit reference to the crusades. War in Kaldor’s sacred time ▯ Global war on terrorism  Incommensurability of response o Nations were targeted o Nuclear safeguards removed o Invasion of pakisan o Unending holy war with nuclear enemies  No obvious enemy ▯ 911 as mega terrorism  seeks significant levels of symbolic and substantive harm on a scale associated with state sponsored military attacks  terror “privatized” by non state ▯ Religion is not the problem, absolution is not the answer  Te


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