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by: Dekotah Notetaker

Genesis OBST 515

Dekotah Notetaker
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About this Document

Overview of Genesis Breakdown of Chapters. Foundation and Structure of Genesis. Look into covenants and relationships with God.
Old Testament Orientation I
John A. McLean, Chet Roden
Class Notes
Old Testament, bible, Genesis, Covenants, creation, OBST515




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dekotah Notetaker on Saturday September 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to OBST 515 at Liberty University taught by John A. McLean, Chet Roden in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Old Testament Orientation I in Religion at Liberty University.


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Date Created: 09/03/16
Genesis Who? -First Book of Law/Torah or Pentateuch -Moses regarded as principal author. -Book edited after prophet to confirm to Hebrew and add explanation When? -1446-1406 BC, in the final 40 years of Moses’ life Where? -In the wilderness, between Mount Sinai and the bank of the Jordan River in Moab Why? -Book of beginnings -Provides background for global purpose of Israel and storyline of the whole Bible Foundation -Introduction functions as prologue -Proem = poetic prose -Demolished ancient myths -World not divine but divine glory -Not dangerous but safe and secure -Author(s) of Genesis -Difference of style and theological outlook -Genesis 1:1-2:3 God is separated and distant -Elohim = God -Genesis 2:4-3:24 God is close to humanity -Yahweh = Lord (personal) Genealogy Purpose 1.   Importance of origins - “Genesis” = Greek translation of Hebrew word for “genealogy” -Genesis > genealogy > birth/beginning 2. Humanity traced back to Adam and Eve -Divine imprint placed upon every human being -Divine imprint = royal dignity 3. Importance of descendants 4. Able to “fast-forward” through storyline to highlight particular family branches Genesis 1-11 = (primeval history) universal concern -Genesis 1 -Structure of the Creation Week (Genesis 1:1-2:3) Domain (formless becomes Domain Inhabitant and Master shaped) (Void Being Filled) Day 1 Day 4 Light Lights (Sun, Moon, Stars) Day 2 Day 5 Sky to Separate “Waters” Birds, Sea Creatures Day 3 Day 6 Dry Land and Vegetation Land Animals and Humanity Day 7 Sabbath – Sovereign Rest - ‘ādām = “man” - ‘ādāmâ = “ground” -Genesis 2 -Focus: relationship between God and humanity -God goes from being a potter (2:7) to master artisan (2:21-23) -God rests -Rest signifies closure of events -He will rest in His creation, not because He is tired -Divine rest is associated with temple building -Garden of Eden -Parallel between Garden of Eden and Israelite sanctuaries -Garden meant to be a place to be a place of rest for humanity -Man not created to be a gardener but a guard of sacred space -Relationship with God -God > dialogue and submission -Creation > dominion and service -Instructed to exercise dominion over all creation -Foundation of Western Justice -Royal status of every human -Made in the “image of God” -Every human has certain inherent rights -Genesis 3 -Role reversed -Adam and Eve obey the wishes of the serpent, betraying God’s instruction -Humanity lose their royal and priestly status -Greatest loss: God’s presence -Sin -Distorted vision of life -Worldly things over percepts of God -Genesis 4 -First murder -Genesis 9 -First time a human pronounces a blessing or curse -Those within the chosen line are divinely empowered -Noah cursed Ham’s son, Caanan -Noah blessed Shem and Japheth -Genesis 11 -Tower of Babel -Humans using divine abilities for themselves -Humans seek to rule over the humans -Nimrod -foreshadow to king -kingdom through aggression Genesis 12-50 = (patriarchal history) national concerns relating to birth of Israel -Genesis 12 -Protoevangelion = “first gospel”, “mother of all promises” -A conqueror of evil will restore conditions of paradise -Noah, Abraham -Universal Restoration through Abraham 1. Instructed to become an exile and give up security 2. Would become a great “nation” 3. International reputation – great “name” 4. Will emerge victorious in conflict 5. Universal blessing -Abram (“my father exalted”) to Abraham (“father of a multitude”) -Sarai (“my princess”) to Sarah (“princess”) -Patriarchs -Chosen line; a “royal” lineage -Prospers under the promises made by God -Has a special relationship with God -Blessing passed on to firstborn son -Abraham and Blessing of Nations -Genesis 12:1-3 Beginning of Abraham’s story -Genesis 22:16-18 Climax and future of story -Similar verses Covenants -Genesis 15 -Unconditional; divine guarantee to Abraham -Genesis 17 -Conditional; eternal covenant -Records covenant -Genesis 22 establishes covenant with an oath -Types of Covenants -Royal Grant -Unconditional promise -Suzerain Vassal -Conditional promise -Noahic/Creational Covenant (Genesis 9) -God promises to never destroy the earth again -Abraham Covenant -Genesis 12-Tower of Babel rebellion -God chooses one man to bless -Great nation, promised land, great name -Begins as conditional promise, ultimately will become a royal grant -God instructs Abraham to leave his land/home -Genesis 17-circumcision -Genesis 22-offer son, Isaac, as burnt offering -God makes unconditional oath


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