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Psychopathology Week 1 Notes

by: Angela Meador

Psychopathology Week 1 Notes PSY 303

Marketplace > Grand Valley State University > Psychology > PSY 303 > Psychopathology Week 1 Notes
Angela Meador
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About this Document

Important terms and explanations over disorders and factors.
Mary Russa
Class Notes
Psychopathology; Adult Development; psychology




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angela Meador on Sunday September 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 303 at Grand Valley State University taught by Mary Russa in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Psychopathology in Psychology at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 09/04/16
Proportion of Population visiting a Therapist One fourth of the population are visiting a therapist  Statistics show these categories have higher percentage of seeing a therapist o Age­ Middle age  Reasoning­ marriage also could play a role is they may be in an alteration  phase o Gender­ Women  Reasoning­ women tend to be more emotional o Region­ West (Less people visit a therapist in the Northeast) o Education­ Post Graduate  Reasoning­ stress upsurge, loans, pursuing a career Psychological Condition  Described as a breakdown in thinking, sensation (such as depression), or performance  (such as OCD) function  Not common or culturally estimated  Connected with misery Genetic influences to a multidimensional case Example: Individual watches a surgery begins to feel light headed almost as if they were  going to pass out because of the sight of the amount of blood.  Genetic influences­ overactive sinoaortic baroreflex o ex: hearing the words as simple as “cut” or “scrape” automatically thinks  blood and begins to feel light headed  Emotional influences­ panics about fainting constantly which makes it more likely to happen  Social influences­ being embarrassed and people staring if the incident of passing  out happens. Worried about becoming laughing stock or attention seeking. Heredities and Neuroscience  Genetics­ limitations to individual’s growth process. o Diet and ethnic influences can affect your limitations on individuals  growth  Example: structure­ diet plays an immense role in your body’s  structured boundaries from genetics. Such as if you eat a healthy  diet (influenced by parents) you may maintain a healthy weight  average (high end of boundary limit). If you do not have good  nutrition you may fall under the low side of your boundary limit  for your body structure. Important Vocabulary DSM­ diagnostic statistical manual Comorbidity­ more than one diagnosis Vasovagal Response­ blood pressure decrease equals passing out


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