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British Lit 2 - Wordsworth

by: Kimberly Burke

British Lit 2 - Wordsworth EH 204

Marketplace > Jacksonville State University > English > EH 204 > British Lit 2 Wordsworth
Kimberly Burke
Jacksonville State University
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These are my class notes on William Wordsworth's Lucy Poems, "I wandered lonely as a cloud," "Solitary Reaper," and "Michael."
Survey of English Literature 2
Dr. Gray
Class Notes
Romantic, Literature
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kimberly Burke on Sunday September 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EH 204 at Jacksonville State University taught by Dr. Gray in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Survey of English Literature 2 in English at Jacksonville State University.

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Date Created: 09/04/16
British Lit 2 - William Wordsworth • Known for giving old concepts new meaning • Exaggerates, known for being about self • Speaker – generally seems guilty, criminal, regrettable about past • Discuss local things, specific places, less story • Famous for retrospect – finding more in memory • Can capture stages of consciousness – are you being honest with yourself? • “I wandered lonely as a cloud” – pg.334-335 o Clouds are detached from the world o De-personifies himself – he’s an observer as a cloud o Personifies daffodil § Connects rooted daffodils to the sky o Memories are like gold – valuable o Celestial – Heavens – deeper meaning behind the ordinary • “The Solitary Reaper” – pg.342 o “Reaper” = reaping time of year o sight in nature = young woman st o 1 ndanza – comes across lone angel singing o 2 stanza - more about poet than woman § compares the woman to a bird § takes reader to faraway places § the poet’s feelings/impressions are more important than the song o He understands the impression not the language/meaning o The woman is the reaper, but he reaped from the experience o Epitaph intro – makes the girl otherworldly o Stanza 1-3 – present tense; tense shifts to past in 4 stanza • Lucy Poems – pg.305-308 – elegiac o Ambiguous, focus on twilight world between life & death o Lucy = light o “She dwelt among the untrodden ways” § rustic settings; ambiguous – is it common or unique? § Violet – more common, less notices § Star – contradicts the violet, connects to Lucy’s name § Capture in words enigmatic experience o “Strange fits of passion have I known” § more of a narrative § courting situation, both adults, love story § hint of criminality/guilt in speaker § he’s riding a horse up a hill – he’s rising & the moon is falling § man falling = light falling = Lucy dying § dreams surprise us § extra stanza – they laugh together but he cries § Lucy is personification of nature o “Three years she grew” § sounds like she died young § foes to the place that reminds him of her o “A slumber did my spirit seal” § she “seals” his spirit from the world • unafraid of future § other poems connect Lucy to the heavens & lights • last stanza – scientific, despair • her as part of the earth – comforting or bleak • doesn’t mention her name – disappears into the normal o accepted her death o “Nutting” – pg.308 § verse form: blank verse, elevated sound § woman in poem = Lucy, symbol for nature § nutting = the act of harvesting nuts § found a place with lots of HAZEL nuts & thinks they’re all his § retrospective story, boyhood memory, beginning of Summer § “disguise” – kind of living a double life § freedom – he can do whatever he wants § essentially stealing nuts from someone § hints at addiction, rape the environment • back when he was young, he thought he could take what he wanted § violets – mentioned in other Lucy poems • makes the place look like it’s unvisited • feels like he owns the place, unlimited possibilities § being critical of his young self but valuing the memory of simplicity § Nature is passive & can’t fight him taking the nuts § Lines 48-53 – feels he remembered it a different way • Maybe he just feels like he should have felt guilty at the time § Shades = ghosts, memories, past items not living § Lines 54-56 – ambiguous – however he interprets the event, nature will be fine § Memory can be false; stages of consciousness § Speaker seemed to plot the ‘crime’ in his ‘disguise’ & felt fine about it at the time – learn from mistakes • Crime – like in Christabel & Mariner (prodigal son, more mistakes, but more open to learning from mistakes) • “Michael” – pg.320-330 o pastoral – shepherd; nuclear family; rural location o speaker is 1 person in beginning, close to where he lives o poet within the poem – baby Luke is a poet o tells the story of a common hero o shepherd – Michael is too generous, tries to help his nephew & loses ½ his land o Biblical names: Michael (80 years old), Luke (20 years old), Isabel (60 years old) o Michael didn’t expect to be a father, so he cherishes it; likes Luke best o Setting – good place to shepherd o Symbols: § Their home is called evening star • The way of life they live is disappearing • Luke goes off to the city & Michael hopes he can come home § The stone Michael & Luke lay • Symbol of promise for Luke’s return § Clipping tree o Isabel doesn’t want Luke to leave but wants him to make money & be famous § Stereotyped by greed, Honest with herself § Tells Luke to stay for Michael § Pg.325-326 – Richard Bateman – greed to want Luke to be like Richard o Characters are archetypes – appreciate the simplicity o Luke is tempted by wealth & greed – too ashamed to come home o Luke’s upbringing – moments of memory § Michael becomes really fond of Luke when he can help shepherd o Luke learns from his mistakes & develops into shepherd vocation o Pg. 329 – foreshadows the worst § We don’t get too attached to Luke b/c we know he leaves


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