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US History Notes

by: Elizabeth Notetaker

US History Notes History 107

Elizabeth Notetaker

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About this Document

Road to Revolution
US History I Honors
David Schroeder
Class Notes
us, history
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Notetaker on Sunday September 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 107 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by David Schroeder in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see US History I Honors in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/04/16
Navigation Acts 09/01/2016 ▯ A. Navigation Acts (1651-1696)  Series of laws that regulated trade between colonies and England  “zero sum” when the earth was created there was a finite amount of wealth in the world and people find it and then it’s done o If England is getting rich then somewhere else is getting poor  Mercantilism was based on zero sum theory  They had to send goods on English ships  Crews had to be ¾ English  Enumerated items- items that the English wanted o These had to be sent to England first o ***Look up taxes for inside and outside the colonies  Cut tax if they want the colonies to produce more  A. Virginia colony was growing and began encroaching on native American lands  Led to fighting- King Phillips War ▯ B. Nathaniel Bacon moved to Virginia and farmed tobacco  Native Americans and colonists began to kill for revenge and in retaliation o Nathaniel Bacon’s overseer was killed in this mess  Nathaniel Bacon asked permission to raise an army and attack tribes o Mayor said no  Consistent trade between colonies and tribes o Did agree to build stockades to colonists to defend themselves in case of attack o Bacon raised an army anyway  People joining were those who had bad land, indentured servants, slaves, etc…  Bacon’s Rebellion o These people turn around and attack the colony o Attack the wealthy- people they see responsible for their lack of success  Bacon catches swamp fever and dies and with him dies the rebellion ▯ C. England purchased land from the tribes leading to Appalachian Mts.  Relieves some of the stresses poor people were facing  Needs to be cheap land available so that poor whites can acquire the land  Became a desire to stop slavery’s expansion o Becomes economically unprofitable ▯ ▯ A. James I  Divine Right: God Given right to rule  Parliament is trumped by divine right o Monarchs- run in family  Translated the bible to English ▯ B. Charles I  James I’s son  By 1830s he begins to assert divine right  Routinely dismisses parliament ▯ C. English Civil War (1642)  Power of Monarch vs. Power of Parliament  1649- Charles is captured and beheaded and parliamentary forces take London  Ends monarchy for a while 11 yrs ▯ D. Charles II  Catholic  Granted Virginia ▯ E. James II  Granted NY and NJ  Decided to rule by divine right  Creates dominion of New England o Merges everything from New Jersey to New Hampshire to create one colony and takes away their colonial assembly  Parliament has to step in o Not with a war o Invite the Dutch King to invade  William/Mary (Mary is James’ sister) ▯ F. Rights and Petition  Before William and Mary are put on the throne  William and Mary have to acknowledge parliament and may not address divine right  Colonies run off the gov of New England and colonies go back to the way they were ▯ G. Social Contract  Led primarily by John Locke- 2 ndTreatise on Govt  Thomas Hobbes- Leviathan  State of Nature of human being is complete and utter freedom  Neutral Judge o Protect your rights  Life, Liberty, and Property o Settle disputes “fairly” o Right to revolt if your rights are taken away o ▯ British + ? vs. French + Spanish ▯ A. War of the Spanish Succession  Spanish Monarch dies without an heir and Europe goes to war to decide  Wanted to establish GA as English territory  English acquire Asiento- slave trade  Spike of slaves in colonies  British side always wins ▯ B. King George’s War (1744-48)  Aka war of Austrian Succession  Colonists begin to start questioning what GB is doing ▯ C. French and Indian War (1754-63)  Aka seven years war  Starts over disputed land claims  Ohio Company  Ft. Duquesne  Ft. Necessity o British surrender o Told to return to VA and say French presence is too strong o Instead write about how beautiful the land is and it must be colonized  On the way to getting land, colonists attacked by Indian tribes  Start of F&I war  Surrounded by enemies  Defeat French o Cut off indian weapon supply ▯ D. Strong British Empire  Turns out theyre in debt  No more wars for colonies  ▯


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