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IAFF 1005, Week 1

by: Samantha Notetaker

IAFF 1005, Week 1 IAFF 1005

Samantha Notetaker
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About this Document

Intro to International Affairs
Introduction to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective
Brown, M
Class Notes
Politics, international relations




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Notetaker on Monday September 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IAFF 1005 at George Washington University taught by Brown, M in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective in International Affairs at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/05/16
8.30.2016 Why This Matters:  War and peace  Oppression and justice  Poverty and prosperity  Conflict vs. Cooperation  Problems vs. Progress Global Gender Inequality  Worldwide salary inequality  In gov. women hole 19% of legislative and 18% of ministerial positions  About 1/3 of women worldwide experienced physical and/or sexual violence  160 million women and girls are missing worldwide War and Armed Conflict  19 – 19 million killed th  20 – 110-180 million killed o WWI- 8 million soldiers, 6-7 million civilians o WWII- 15 million soldiers, 26-34 million civilians  The Cold War – “The Long Peace” o 160 armed conflicts, 20 million killed st The threat of global thermonuclear war  21 – 30-40 armed conflicts per year o More than 125,000 killed in 2014, deadliest year since Rwandan Genocide  By the end of 2015, 65.3 million people displaced o 21.3 million refugees o 12.3 million were newly displaced in 2015  Syria o More than 470,000 killed since 2011 Genocide and Politicide  China/Mao – 30-45 million  Germany/Hitler – 11-12 million civilians  USSR/ Stalin - 6-9 million civilians  Cambodia/Pol Pot – 2 million  Rwanda – 800,000 killed in 100 day 9.1.2016 Global Trends Several Key Factors:  Population: growth, distribution, movement  Economic, energy, environment  Governance, strong, good, democratic  Security: inter-state, transitional, intra-state Population Growth:  1900- 1.6 billion people  2000- 6 billion people  2015- 7.3 billion people  2016- 9.7 billion people o Better access to clean water, food and health care  Developing World o Nearly all of the population growth in the 21 century will happen in the developing world, the part of the world that doesn’t have the capacity to support them  Most of population will be young, allowing for a growth in the labor force  Developed World o 60 countries are not growing. Some populations are decreasing o Labor force is not increasing; population is older o Many countries are also aging  The average age of the population is rising o These changes create pressures for immigration, which has stability implications o Countries like China, Russia, Japan, and Germany are predicted to decrease in population. India is growing exponentially. Nigeria, Pakistan, and Mexico will all growing substantially. Population Distribution  Gender Imbalances o 160 million women and girls are missing  Selective abortion, o More than 100 million women and girls are missing in Asia alone o Tremendous human and stability implications  Domestic and international  Prostitution, human trafficking, transnational criminal organizations Population Movement  Urbanization o 1900- 5% of world lived in cities o 2007- 50% o Today- 55% o 2050- 66% o Challenges: food, water, sanitation, shelter, etc.  Migration o Economic/social motivations o 1960- 70 million migrants o Today- 245 million o Implications:  The challenges of sudden, massive population movements  Brain drains Economics, Energy and the Environment  Economic Development o Necessary and probable  Energy & resource consumption o Without replenishing o Fresh water, energy, CO2 emissions and industrial output have all increased exponentially o No more resource buffers that were previously relied on  Economic progress o Since 1990, the global economy has more than tripled o Economic growth has been a key to poverty reduction  The number of people in extreme poverty has declined majorly  Economic prospects o Global economy should double by 2037 o Key issues: China, Brexit, Middle East, oil/commodity prices, prospects for de-globalization o 2050-  Rise of Asia  China will pass the US- from 32-53% of world GDP  India to #3  Indonesia into top ten- #4 Governance  Decolonization o 1939- 1/3 of world lived under colonial rule


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