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Reading In Narrative 3383

by: Ann McCarty

Reading In Narrative 3383 ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946

Ann McCarty
OK State
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Chapter by chapter recap of Emma. These notes also talk about the novel Emma, by Jane Austen. We talk about the things that Austen is doing in her novel, and the difference of Emma's influence, and...
Reading in Narrative
Edward J. Jones
Class Notes
Reading, narrative, Emma, Jane, Austen, 3383
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann McCarty on Monday September 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 at Oklahoma State University taught by Edward J. Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.

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Date Created: 09/05/16
Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma - Chapter 11: Isabella and her family of 5 kids and a husband finally arrive. Mr. Woodhouse lets Isabella know that he doesn't like it that it has been so long sense they had come for a visit. Mr. Woodhouse talks about how they miss “poor Miss. Taylor”, but Emma corrects her father and lets everyone know that they see Miss. Taylor almost every day. Then they talk about Frank. - Chapter 12: Mr. Knightley comes for a visit He and Emma talk about their age difference and how they must both be right about everything. In short, they make up. Then Mr. Woodhouse and Mrs. John Knightley talk about how he doesn't like that it has been so long sense she came and she responds with: they went to the sea to help one of the children get a sea bath to help better her throat, which it did, according to the mom and is nonsense according to the grandfather. Then they get in a tiff, bringing in Mr. John Knightley, about who has the better physician. - Chapter 13: is about Emma trying to get Mr. Elton to spend time with Harriet. However, he doesn't really seem to want to and Emma hasn't figured out that he likes her instead of Harriet. In the meantime, Harriet is sick and can’t come to Christmas Eve dinner. On the way to dinner, Mr. John Knightley tries to tell Emma that Mr. Elton was in fact interested in her and not Harriet, but she doesn't believe him and goes on with life. - Chapter 14: this chapter is all about Emma considering what John said and even to sort of think that it is true. Then the story turns to tell that Mr. and Mrs. Weston are expecting Frank soon if he can get away from his aunt. Mrs. Weston thinks that he wont be able to get away, Mr. Weston hopes for the opposite and half expects him to be coming before the middle of January. - Chapter 15: this is about during and after the dinner on Christmas eve. During dinner, Emma notices that Mr. Elton is drinking quite a lot and that he will not leave her alone. Then there is a scare that they might not be able to go home. At first, it looks like they will be snowed in, but after a second look, it seems that they will be able to go home in the carriages after all. Emma is placed with Mr. Elton. He declares his love for Emma and she tries to tell him that she was under the impression that he was looking after Harriet. In short, Mr. Elton tells her that he has never thought of Harriet besides being a friend of Harriet and Emma says that she didn't understand that at all and that she didn't ever suspect of him to be looking to her for marriage and that she is at the moment not looking to be married. They both end up angry. - Chapter 16: is all about Emma trying to figure out how to deal with her feelings (anger, shock, snootiness, etc.) about the proposal from Mr. Elton, and how to explain everything to Harriet and due to the weather, putting the later off. - Chapter 17: Emma tells Harriet, and while Harriet does cry, she doesn't blame Emma. The rest of the chapter is about Harriet trying to get over Mr. Elton, and Emma trying to help her out of guilt. - Chapter 18: is about Frank not coming, Mrs. Weston being very upset that he wasn't able to, Mr. Weston thinking that it would be better for him to come in a few months anyway because the weather would be better and it would be easier to travel. After that, Mr. Knightley and Emma have a debate on weather Frank is an upstanding man. Mr. Knightley thinks that he is weak Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma because he cannot, at age 23, tell him aunt and uncle that he is going to see his dad weather they give him leave or not. Emma thinks that he is not so much as weak as he is respectful. That he doesn't want to upset his adoptive parents and that if he were to stand up to them then they may ask him to not return. - END of Book I, Beginning of Book II note: chapter numbers start over. - Chapter 1: As Emma and Harriet are walking, Mr. Elton keeps coming into their conversation topics. So in order to avoid another mention of him, Emma sacrifices a visit to Mrs. And Miss. Bates. They have a granddaughter/niece, Jane, that Emma doesn't like to hear about much less see and yet, that ends up being what is talked about while Emma and Harriet remain there. They also learn that Jane is to come stay with these two ladies in about a week or so to stay for about 3 months. - Chapter 2: is all about Jane getting to Highbury and her history as to her orphanage, her being raised by her aunt and grandmother with what education that they could give her, and then, being taken into the well established care of the Campbell’s. Emma takes all of this into account and decides to have a better attitude towards her, but by the end of the chapter and having to hear all about Jane and her to’s and frow’s, Emma is back to having her own feelings of dislike towards her. The only reasons that she can give is that bc they are close in age, ppl expect them to get along, and secondly, she doesn't like that that is all that Miss. Bates talks about. Mr. Knightley thinks that Emma doesn't like her bc she is more beautiful than Emma and because she is in somewhat of a higher station than Emma. - Chapter 3: is about Emma sending a pork hindquarter to Mis. Bates and family. Then Mr. Knightley is about to reveal some information when Miss. Bates and family themselves burst into Emma’s home. This reveals that Mr. Elton is engaged to be married to a one Miss. Hawkins. After the four guests leave, Harriet comes bursting in and tells Emma that Mr. Martin and one of his sisters came into the store that she was waiting in for the rain to stop. At first, the sister came over, and then Robert. They were both very sweet to Harriet so much that Robert even told her to go a different way to Hartfield, bc the easier way was more flooded. - Chapter 4: is about Mr. Elton coming and telling everyone about his bride to be and that he wedding would be held soon. Then, poor Harriet, could not get Mr. Martin out of her head except when Mr. Elton was mentioned or present, nor could she get Mr. Elton out of her head except when the Martins were mentioned or calling on her. - Chapter 5: is all about Frank coming to see his father and new mother for a fortnight. He arrives early, and makes Emma’s acquaintance. During their conversation, Emma realizes nthat Mr. Weston is hoping for a marriage btwn the two, that her own father is completely unaware of this intention, and that she actually likes Frank as a person but wants to get to know his manerisms better. At the end of the chapter, Frank says that he is going to meet Jane. He seems like he is only going bc it is expected of him, but I personally am thinking that he will fall for Jane and not Emma. Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma - Chapter 6: is about Frank and Mrs. Weston coming to see Emma and walking with her around town. At this point Emma and Frank find that they have much the same opinion on Jane as far as thinking/ not understanding why everyone made such a big deal out of her. - Chapter 7: Emma’s opinion of Frank goes down a little when he goes all the way to London just for a haircut, but then after that, she gets over it. We find that despite how much she likes him, she is still not planning on getting married. The next situation is that she if offended that a newly rich family (second only to Emma and her family) were sending out invites to the ppl in higher rank than them (apparently, this was not done back in the day), and then gets offended when she doesn't get an invite. When she does, and sees how well the invite was written and the reasons for the delay in an invitation, she reconsiders and with the help of the Weston’s, she plans to attend the next occasion. - Chapter 8: Emma goes to the party at the Coles. She meets Mr. Knightley, and Frank. There is talk that Jane got a piano, most ppl believe that it came from the Campbell’s, but when Frank and Emma talk more about it, it seems that it actually came from Mr. and Mrs. Dixon. Mrs. Weston thinks that Mr. Knightley want to marry Jane. Emma is appalled by the notion. Later, Emma sits with Mr. Knightley and it seems to Emma that he did not give Jane the piano. However, Emma remains uncertain if Mr. Knightley feels for Jane. Both Emma and Jane play the piano, and Frank sings along with both players. Then, due to the late night, after dancing with Frank a couple of times, it is time to go home. - Chapter 9: Emma and Harriet go to town to run errands for Harriet. At the Ford’s place, while Harriet is looking at material, Emma stands by the door and Frank and Mrs. Weston see her and come. They tell her they are about to go to Jane’s to hear her play the new piano. When Miss. Bates hears that Emma and Jane are nearby, she comes and asks them to also come and hear Jane play. On their walk to hear Jane, Miss. Bates tells them that upon hearing that Jane likes apples and that the women are almost out of them, he send the rest of his batch, nearly a bushel, of apples so that Jane can have as many as she likes. - Chapter 10: is all about Frank sucking up to everyone, by fixing Mrs. Bates glasses. But then, he was so rude as to taunt Jane about the piano. Mr. Knightley drops by briefly and Miss. Bates thanks him for the apples. Upon hearing that Frank is there, he refuses to stay for even 2 minutes. - Chapter 11: We get some incite to what Frank is thinking. It almost makes him redeemable to an extent. Frank wants to recreate the dance/ get together that the Coles put on but do it at his fathers place. They end up doing it at The Crown Inn. All the while, Frank is trying to be on the best side of anyone and everyone who he talks to. It also appears that Mr. Woodhouse has started to pick up on the feelings that Mr. Knightley was feeling for Frank. In the end, the ball is all planned out and the arrangements are made and the invitations sent, and Emma’s hand in dance is promised for the first two dances to Frank. And we find out that Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Weston are planning something. Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma - Chapter 12: is all about preparing for the ball and then Jane jinxing it by saying that she hoped that nothing would stop it from happening. Then Frank gets a letter from his aunt and uncle saying that he needed to come home at once bc his aunt was sick (most likely she wasn't really sick). So he leaves and then the ball is canceled and right before Frank goes Emma realizes that he is more in love with him that she thought and that he was about to tell her that he loved her. After he left, she realizes that she loves him too, but tells herself to get over it bc the feelings are not worth it. - Chapter 13: After Frank leaves, Mr. Elton comes back up as a subject and that he will be returning home soon with his bride. At this, Emma is changed a little due to Harriet caring for her so much. - Chapter 14: Mrs. Elton is introduced to Emma in this chapter. The first place that ppl saw her was at church, which should have given a good notion fo the woman, but due to our impression of Mr. Elton, the good notion cant really stand all that well. Emma doesn't like her bc she is much too gabby and does not in any way follow etiquette when it comes to addressing others or taking about them even. - Chapter 15: Emma and Mrs. Weston talk to Mr. Knightley about his feelings about Mrs. Elton and about Jane. He admits to thinking fondly of Jane but thinks that he would never have a chance with her so he leaves it at that. Intermingled with that topic, they talk about the reasons for Jane to be in the company of Mrs. Elton so often. The best conclusion that they come up with is that Miss. Bates is “making” her do it in order to have someone to mingle with. - Chapter 16: due to everyone else entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Elton, Emma feels obliged to do so as well. They get a group of 8 together and have a dinner for them. At the dinner, Mr. Knightley asks about Janes walk in the rain, and Mrs. Elton, who commanders Mrs. Weston’s opinion, gets on to Jane for doing such a silly/sad thing. In the end, Mrs. Elton decides that she is going to do something about it, and Jane tries to refuse to almost no avail. Emma brings up Frank, and Mr. Knightley gripes about his hand writing, Emma says that she can produce his hadwriting and that it is not that bad at all. When dinner is ready, Mrs. Elton leads the way and is quite rude about it. Emma and Jane walk with liked arms - Chapter 17: Mrs. Elton tries to tell Jane that she needs to be introduced into the single male society in order to find some one for her by June. It is April. Jane assures her that she will not be in need of that service until after the Campbell’s come for the summer. Back and forth they go. When Mr. Weston arrives, he brings a letter from Frank saying that he will be there with in the week. After he tells Emma and Mrs. Weston, the only other person that is available to talk is Mr. Elton. So it begins. - Chapter 18: Mr. Weston and Mrs. Elton start talking about Frank’s pending visit and the unhealthiness of his aunt. Mrs. Elton is trying to give Mr. Elton advise for the poor woman and it is going somewhat sideways for the both of them. Mr. John Knightley has mentioned that Emma has been busier lately, and if she can not handle the children then to send them home. They discuss her business and Mr. Knightley joins the conversation. In the end, Emma Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma concludes that she is not too busy for them and that Mr. Knightley is actually too busy for them. - END OF BOOK II - Chapter 1: Frank has come. He was only able to come once, and Emma is somewhat satisfied in thinking that his attraction to her has lessoned severely and she is somewhat happy about that. However, the preparations for the ball resume and the Churchill’s relocate to Richmond, which is only 9 miles away. - Chapter 2: Emma arrives at the Crown, and is waiting for some of the others to get there. Frank and the Weston’s are already there. Frank is very animated in that he is emotionally high-strung. He cannot stand still and still appears to be nervous or agitated. Sometimes he will stand by Emma, and others he can hardly walk past her. The ball begins after Mr. and Mrs. Elton arrive. They start dancing and MR. Elton will not dance with Harriet, and when he goes to talk to Mr. Knightley, Mr. Knightley leaves him and goes and dances with Harriet. After supper, Emma gets a chance to thank Mr. Knightley, and in return for admitting that she was wrong about Mr. Elton and Harriet, he dances with her. They both agree that they are not bother and sister (a topic brought up in class). - Chapter 3: Emma is delighted with the events of the previous nights ball. She is happy that She and Mr. Knightley have the same opinion of the Elton’s and that Harriet was taken care of. Then dispeite that Frank told her that he was not coming by that day, he shows up with Harriet on his arm. We find out that Harriet was attacked by gipsies. And that Frank saved her from them. Everyone calls on them to make sure that they are okay. Harriet ends up being okay after she had collected herself. - Chapter 4: Harriet decides to burn the two objects that she was keeping as tokens of Mr. Elton: a piece of court plaster and the nub end of a pencil. From there the two girls either start talking about Mr. Knightley dancing with her at the ball or Frank who helped her get away form the gipsies. - Chapter 5: In this chapter, Mr. Knightley watch how Jane and Frank interact with each other. At the end of visiting at Emma’s house and a game of letters, Mr. Knightley is convinced that Jane and Frank mean more to each other/ have more of a history than what they are letting on based on the looks that they have been sharing. When Mr. Knightley asks Emma if she has noticed anything, or if she knows of any feelings btwn the two of them, her answer is “no, no, and no” and says that she knows for a fact on Franks part and is pretty sure as far as Jane goes. - Chapter 6: Emma and others go over to Mr. Knightley’s to spend time together. Mr. Knightley invites Mrs. Elton to another get together. She tries to have him let her do all of the inviting, and Mr. Knightley tells her that the only woman that he trusts to do anything like that that is his someday bride. Finally, Mrs. Elton agrees. Later, when everyone goes out to pick strawberries, Mrs. Weston is still looking for Frank, and everyone tells her to calm and that it was probably the aunt that had detained him. Jane decides to go home for some reason or another, and asks Emma to not tell the others until they ask after her. Frank arrives in something of a bad mood due to being detained Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma and due to the hot weather. After he eats, he is mostly better, but still not up to his usual mannerisms. He is sure that he will not stay the night and he is sure that he will not go with them to Box-Hill, but at the end of the chapter, he mentions to Emma that if she wants him to go, then he will. - Chapter 7: They are at Box-Hill and walking around. Mrs. Weston and Emma’s father stay behind. Frank and Emma get to talking and everyone is listening in to their conversation, so they come up with a scheme to get everyone to say something funny for them all to laugh at, be it riddle, or just funny things. In doing this, Miss. Bates will tell three things, and Emma’s response to her is rude, but unknown to Emma that it is rude. It was so bad that Mr. Knightley tells Emma how bad it was right before she gets in her carriage to go home and it upsets her so much that she cries on the way home. Harriet is also with her, and she also seems to be in an unpleasant mood, but Emma is too caught up in her own emotion to notice. - Chapter 8: Emma feels so bad about her comment to Miss. Bates, that she goes to see her the next morning. When she gets there, there is a flurry of activity and she sees Jane and Miss. Bates go into a room right as she inters. Emma finds out that Jane is not feeling well and that she is to be sent off for a child sitting job through Mrs. Elton. She also finds out that Frank was called away the night before due to his aunts health. After Emma stays for a while, she takes her leave in the hopes that she has restored in Miss. Bates the feelings that she damaged. - Chapter 9: Mr. Knightley comes by the next morning (same morning that Emma goes to Miss. Bates) and is happy with Emma bc she did the right thing. After, we hear that Mrs. Churchill has passed away. Also, Jane still refuses to be around or accept anything from Emma. - Chapter 10: Emma finds out that Frank has been engaged to Jane sense last October. At first, she is shocked, and a bit upset with Frank for funning her on, but in the end, she is happy and congratulates them. Mr. and Mrs. Weston are the ones to tell her. - Chapter 11: Emma finds out that Harriet is in love with Mr. Knightley and she can blame no one but herself. M - Chapter 12: Emma further thinks about Harriet and Mr. Knightley. She can hardly stand the thought of some other woman being first with him. It gets so bad that she asks Harriet to wait to come for visitis until Mr. Knightley returns from visiting his brother and her sister. Mrs. Weston comes by to tell her of her visit with Jane. She is very emotional about how her engagement has gone and is most thankful for Emma’s trying to make her feel better, but in general Jane is still uneasy about everything. We find out that Mrs. Weston is pregnant, and Emma comes to the conclusion that everyone is leaving her and that they are losing everyone to their own families. - Chapter 13: Emma is still going on about Harriet and a storm keeps her in her house for a while. After the storms clear, she goes for a walk. Mr. Knightley comes to find her walking and wants to walk with her. After a misunderstanding on Mr. Knightley’s part of Emma liking Frank and being distraught about his engagement, and after the misunderstanding on Emma’s part about Mr. Knightley being in love with Harriet, they all but declare love to Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma each other, and by the time that they return to Emma’s house, she is his “by hand and word”. - Chapter 14: is all about Emma feeling wonderful, but upset too at what she will tell Harriet about her engagement to Mr. Knightley, and determines to stay away from her at present. Then, she reads the letter from Frank to Mrs. Weston. It talks about how he knows that he treated Jane wrong and that Emma had told him not to treat her so, but he did it out of fear that his aunt would get suspicious of his intentions towards her. By the end of the letter ad chapter, he tells her that they have reconciled, and are no longer broken up. - Chapter 15: Emma has Mr. Knightley read the letter that she got from Mrs. Weston, and though he wants to be talking to Emma about their engagement, he reads it. At the end, he has some what of better feelings toward Frank. Then, they talk about how to be able to get married and still make her father happy. Mr. Knightley says that he will move in with her and her father if it would make him happy. - Chapter 16: Emma sends Harriet to her sisters. She then goes to see Jane. However, she is unable to talk to her about anything due to Mrs. Elton being there. Mrs. Elton is sure of MR. Elton’s meeting with Mr. Knightley and a couple others being on that day. However Emma knows that that particular meeting will happen the next day. When Mr. Elton gets back to htem, Mrs. Elton finds that Emma was right about the meeting and that Mr. Knightley was in fact not at his house, like he said he would be, Emma realized that he is probably at Hartfield. When Emma is leaving, Jane walks her out and they make their amends. - Chapter 17: Mrs. Weston has a baby girl, and both are healthy. Emma and Mr. Knightley talk about the influence that he has had on her. We also find out that he has loved her sense she was 13 (ewwww), remembering that he is 16 years older than her. Isabella sends good reports of Harriet, which makes Emma feel slightly less guilty. Harriet also plans to stay until Isabell and her family can bring her back. At that point, Emma and Mr. Knightley introduce the idea of them getting married and Mr. Knightley moving into Hartfield with them. Mr. Woodhouse, after everyone around him convinces him that it would be the best thing ever, says that it would be a good thing to happen in a couple of years. Mrs. Elton cant imagine why Mr. Knightley would do that sort of thing to himself by marrying such a girl as Emma and frets that they wont be able to be in the company of Mr. Knightley. Though out of my memory, I didn't think that Mr. Knightley nor Emma liked the Eltons’. - Chapter 18: Mr. Knightley tells Emma that Harriet is to marry Robert Miller and that through Isabella she was able to reconnect with Robert. Mr. Knightley thinks that Emma will be upset to hear that news, but in fact she is very happy, but surprised. Frank and Jane have come to Randalls. Frank and Emma talk, and apologize to each other, and congratulate each other on their public engagements. - Chapter 19: Emma continues to think of Harriet and settles with the idea that secondly to herself, she is the luckiest girl to be married. Harriet and Robert were married first, Emma and Mr. Knightley second, and Jane and Frank lastly. Mr. Woodhouse was, at first, against his youngest daughters marriage, but in Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma light of recent thievery, he would feel more comfortable with another man there to protect himself and his daughter. - THE END 8.29.16 1. Questions asked about Emma - How does Austen keep us from disliking Emma? - she gives us insight into her thought, to understand she does feel remorse to a degree. - As the novel goes on, do we pick up more reasons to like Emma? - Yes, when she realizes that Mr. Knightley was right about Mr. Elton’s intentions. It shows that she has an ability to have a kind of gut check and compare reality to what was previously said to her. It shows that she is somewhat human. - What is Austen using her characters to say? - What is the author (specifically Austen at this time) doing to me, how am I being manipulated? - She is sucking us in and taking us for a ride, we do miss a lot bc of this, but it is also a good experience. - What is our goodwill towards Emma?: - by expressing her emotion for Harriet, we can then say “she is redeemable”. However, as she goes on, she digs a deeper whole to try and get out of. - If the narrator is the one telling us how it is, with no room for questioning, then it wouldn't be half as interesting. - What is Miss. Bates’ purpose? - she is used as a plot devise: - Provider of gossip and inside information - She will serve as the ultimate encounter/ conflict with Emma - Both women like Gossip, the way in which it is reported is the main focus and will cause friction btwn the two ladies. - There also seems to be some polar oppositeness btwn Miss. Bates and Jane in that Miss. Bates is very loud and always gossips, whereas Jane almost will never says a word of gossip. It seems to be with Emma that if a woman gossips too much and too loud, then she is not liked, and if she goesnt gossip enough or not loud enough, she is also not liked. - And yet, Jane and Emma are also opposite. - What does it mean to like someone in this book? - This is asked w/ the understanding that friendships often did not carry over social classes as an everyday thing, which is why the Coles gathering offended Emma quite a bit. 2. Emma herself - Whenever Emma makes a mistake, she thinks back to what Mr. Knightley has said on the issue, and compares what she has done/ experienced to what he said should happen, or would happen. - EX:Churchill: how does he make us feel? uneasy, suspicious, we don't think we like him Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma - makes us think: what hidden things. 3. Information about Emma - There were no street names which is why all of the houses were named and not necessarily after the family that lived there. - The time btwn Mr. Elton meeting his bride to be and getting engaged to her is 1 week. - Austen would not approve of Emma’s behavior as far as getting into/ making assumptions about Jane and Mr. Dixon 4. We as readers need to… - Have Good: Judgement, sense, and emotion: - You have to have enough common sense to be able to control emotion so that you can take emotion and sense together to make good judgments. - Conduct: it originates from self, but manifests in public: - EX: When Churchill tries to please everyone. - EX: when he fixes Mrs. Bates’ glasses and when he always agrees with Emma. - Remember that it all comes back to the Heart and Head Motif. - The more incite we have from Emma, the more calculation becomes involved. - you start wondering what caused what, which leads to self- preservation, which leads us to want to put a good spin for ourselves to make us look a little better if we can. 8.31.16 1) We as readers: - Are we doing as readers as we should be? - What are we seeing/ getting out of it? - focusing on characters - mystery/ crime novels: intrigue - conduct of characters in novel. - plot, setting, language, character, theme. - need to watch/wait for the novel to reveal its hand. - when there is a great plot, it will be a great story teller. - How aware are we of how you are? - Should we always be on the side of the author? - No, we can disagree, we can even be opposed to them (that is rare though) 2) Emma - This is a “pleasent” read compared to the future reads. - Emma herself can be ridiculous at time, and she has flaws. - But she has the ability to bounce back. - When the novel starts, it is stable in its description of Emma. - Jane, Mrs. Elton and Mr. Knightley Middle characters: how do they relate to understanding of Emma. - Emma never has a problem w. her father, no matter what the situation is. He is high maintenance. - Miss. Bates: open qualities of ppl. - Each character represents a characteristics that we have weather we want them or not. Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about. Reading in Narrative Week 3: Emma - Ms. Elton: Austen doesn't like her. - bigger isn’t always better. - Pg 113: strategy about what Austen thought about balls. General information: - Castle of Otronto: Setting - Werther: Character, Theme (what it means to be in love) - Emma: Character - Decorum: what is proper based on situations - estab. Set of practices 9.2.16 Questions: - What does the novel try to accomplish? - - doesnt always turn out like you thought that it would. - - in Emma’s case that is good, but as far as Harriet is concerned, not so much. - - Let things go their natural way. - - class is something to take very seriously due to what it expected of ppl. - How does the novel define sympathy? - - Emma realizes and sees Miss. Bates. - How does Emma change, does she change completely? Red: dates and names, Blue: definitions, Orange: EX, Purple: pg#, Green: answers to questions, other colors are related to what is being talked about.


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