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FRIT-F375 Un Village Francais Episode 3 Notes

by: Kathryn Brinser

FRIT-F375 Un Village Francais Episode 3 Notes FRIT-F375

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > FRIT-F375 > FRIT F375 Un Village Francais Episode 3 Notes
Kathryn Brinser
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Covers the third episode in detail.
Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France)
Oana Panaite
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Brinser on Monday September 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRIT-F375 at Indiana University taught by Oana Panaite in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France) in French at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 09/05/16
F375 Un village français Episode 3 Notes- Passer la Ligne (le 30 septembre 1940)  German commander asks M. Schwartz to manufacture lots of wooden boards for school-turned- barracks; wants quick answer o Having problem with saw o M. Schwartz considering doing it- will get fuel from Germans o Marcel helps gather resources to do job  Daniel and Hortense refer to themselves as “mama” and “papa” of Tequiero o Seem much happier  German commander angry at Daniel that German phone line was sabotaged in front of school o Calls Daniel “Mr. Mayor,” mentions nomination o Demands list of names (for what?) o Jean suggests arresting the vandal themselves instead of Germans; police chief says they would be dead o Daniel says list is to take hostages as revenge, wants to avoid that o Plan to show criminal off to Germans if they catch him and let French law deal with it  Daniel gives Raymond letter of death notification about Marie’s husband  Jean and Henri investigate school; with curfew and security around building, sabotage had to be organized o Jean suggests communists; support Germans, but think of themselves first  Offers to surveil Marcel o Jean going to stay with Daniel and Hortense  Henri asks Jean to find out if anyone noticed something after he moves in  Raymond being stopped from crossing bridge to get to Marie o Asks friend to have her meet him urgently  Daniel shows Hortense list of names- his name is on it, Marcel’s isn’t o Hortense doesn’t know what list means  Henri learns from child in school that there was burglary  Two men come into Lucienne’s classroom; principal (red curly hair) stays with her o Disciplinary hearing o Principal asked if she is Jewish “for context”  Henri comes in and asks principal about burglary- they step out o Thinks burglar left through window on cable that snapped- not sabotage o Child he talked to had stolen marmalade, which was taken in burglary  Investigator asks Marie about plane incident o Can’t give good answer- weren’t supposed to be out that day o Harshly says that if she had decided to stay in school and not be negligent, 2 children would be alive o Marie breaks down, giving in and saying it was her fault o Signs document taking responsibility  Principal (Judith Morhange) comes back in; investigators took cheap shot and continued interrogation after agreeing to pause until she returned  Marie meets Raymond at bridge- can’t cross barrier o Hands her letter o Crosses line to comfort her, gets yelled at  Daniel tells von Ritter (German commander) they think burglary of school pantry led to cable break o von Ritter does not believe them at all o Henri says he may not have known it was important cable o Asks Daniel for list, says people are “volunteers” to guard barracks at night o Did not expect Daniel and Henri to be on list  Max tells Marcel a communist wants to meet with him across border o Would have to sneak out at night o Wife still sick, has child o Marcel will go by Paul, other man by Edmond  Marcel tells Micheline he must meet with comrade  Gustave tells Micheline classmate Louis stole marmalade  Daniel organizes night watchers o No weapons o 7 francs/night  Raymond asks Daniel if he can get passes to cross border for business reasons o Raymond tells him von Ritter offered him work for passes o Daniel agrees only Germans have money  Man trying to cross border gets shot at, apprehended by German troops o Marcel watching from ditch, turns back o Henri yells at guards, collapses from chest pain (heart attack) o Taken away to Larchers’ house by Jean despite one troop threatening to fire  Marcel meets with Edmond o Discuss progression of communist party o Disagree about politics, who is the problem/against Party o Edmond says Marcel questioning Party agenda o Marcel appointed regional political officer- supposed to recruit o Tells Edmond his boss might work for Germans, could be problem  Raymond comes home from night watch o Tells Jeannine about von Ritter’s offer- thinks it’s great idea, good exchange rate, could improve relations o Mentions Marie did not take news well  Daniel tells Hortense at breakfast Germans refused to let Henri go during heart attack o Henri wakes up, asks where ham came from- also stolen from school o Maria (nanny) got it from man who got it from school’s janitor, who Henri talked to


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