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Bio 129

by: Bennett Notetaker

Bio 129 BIO 129LEC

Bennett Notetaker
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About this Document

This week the first week of notes covered in class. This material will be on the first exam
Perspectives In Human Bio
Almon, R R
Class Notes
antibiotic, resistance, stem




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bennett Notetaker on Monday September 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 129LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Almon, R R in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 197 views.


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Date Created: 09/05/16
Bio 129 Unit 1 08/31/2016 ▯ *Oil and Water DON’T mix* ▯ The Building Blocks of Life Imports- Salts (Atoms), Small molecules Made by the body- Big complex proteins, different fats ▯ Compartments Fighting the drive towards equilibrium o The balance of water body on inside to be different from the one on the outside o Cell is extending energy to maintain the inside based on the outside this leads to POTENTIAL o BUT…you want the inside and outside to be equal aka the POTENTIAL  Think of a battery and the opposite ends  If you stop eating or breathing you can’t maintain the balance Equilibrium is dead Channels= particular molecules ▯ New Life Involves 2 things (that don’t always have to go together) o Sharing around genetic material o Reproduction ▯ Single Cell Forms of Life Lifespan of organism = the lifespan of a single cell Rapid generation times Rapid evolution (antibiotic resistance)-bacteria infections o Usually more than one viruses in the body when your sick o *Infection in the hospital is going to be difficult to treat because the population of the bacteria have been grown up o *MOST abused drugs are antibiotics o *Take the antibiotic until it’s done because if you don’t you’ll set yourself up for antibiotic resistance (you won’t get better) ▯ Multicellular Organisms Specialization of cells Increased complexity (humans) Lifespan is no longer the lifespan of a cell o Skins cells only last a few days (stem cells) they reproduce constantly A Society of Cells o A society is a grouping of individuals characterized by patterns of relationships between these individuals ▯ Specialized Cells Liver- makes sugar and fat (if you eat a lot of sugar your liver will turn it into fat) Heart Lung Muscle Kidney Skin Pancreas only part of body that makes insulin ▯ Communications Cells have to talk to one another in order for all of them to function Talk to chemical signals Pattern of communication starts at the brain Receiving systems are dynamic (think of eyes) o Adjust based on lighting ▯ You Started as One Cell Reproduction Genes are the directions for how an when to make specific proteins Proteins are very large molecules made up of smaller molecules called amino acids No cell can make very single protein Cancer cells (psychotic cells)- they don’t listen to the signals that tell them to stop dividing Stem Cell: these are the cells that become the human being Placenta genes are from the new human NOT the mother Damage causes cancer ▯ Nature/Nurture Genetics = potential (nature) determines what that individual is going to become Environment then acts on that potential (Nurture) Epigenetics during development can influence the potential Shots of steroids turn on specific functions in babies ▯ Variations on a Theme In the individual Different populations (height, skin color, hair color) Response to change Circadian rhythm (not always the same) ▯ Keeping you alive Bring in low energy molecules to generate high energy which is ATP Heat if a very IMPORTANT bi-product (vascular system controls heat) Alcohol effects temperature regulation, moves heat to surface of your body ▯ Central Nervous System MOST important group of specialized cells You can’t control something if you don’t monitor it (think thermostat) This is information the brain uses Nerve cells are NEVER replaced Gravity tries to pull blood away from your brain and that’s why people pass out Stem cells are the origin of cancer because they can divide Brain starts to dysfunction without sugar ▯ Controlling the Body Everything IN = is information for the brain o Amount of sugar in blood (too low the brain won’t function) o Temp. of blood (too hot then warm blood is supposed to be sent to the surface to get rid of it) o Blood pressure Information OUT= patterns of chemical messages (neurotransmitters and hormones ▯ CHAPTER 2: ▯ ▯ Life Water is the environment of life Water doesn’t dominate Atoms are the building blocks of molecules, their structure determines their behavior Bio salts made by liver (has low charge density) put it in your system to allow big molecules get through water bc it breaks up the polarity ▯ ▯ ▯


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