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ASCI 110 Week 1

by: Katarina Fielding

ASCI 110 Week 1 ASCI 110

Katarina Fielding
GPA 3.4
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About this Document

These notes cover the materials from Week 1 of classes including the syllabus.
Animal Nutrition
Dr. Jana Kraft
Class Notes
ASCI110, Animal Science, animalnutrition, UVM




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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katarina Fielding on Monday September 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ASCI 110 at University of Vermont taught by Dr. Jana Kraft in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Animal Nutrition in Animal Science at University of Vermont.

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Date Created: 09/05/16
    Syllabus  for  Animal  Nutrition,  Metabolism  &  Feeding  (ASCI  110)         Course  Information           Credits:     4  Credit  Hours         Duration:     Aug  29  -­‐  Dec  09,  2016     Day:     Monday,  Wednesday,  Friday       Time:     12:00  PM  –  12:50  PM       Location:   108  Terrill  Building  (Lecture)         120  Jeffords  Hall  or  Miller  Farm  depending  on  week  (Laboratory)     Instructor     Laboratory  Coordinator                       Name:   Dr.  Jana  Kraft     Name:     Fran  Kinghorn     Email:   Email:   Phone:     (802)  656-­‐5489   Phone:     (802)  656-­‐0676   Office:       219  Terrill  Building   Office:       107C  Terrill  Building   Office  hours:       By  appointment       Graduate  Teaching  Assistants   •   Allison  Unger   E-­‐mail:   •   Korin  Eckstrom     E-­‐mail:   •   Allie  Lundberg   E-­‐mail:   •   Richard  Scuderi     E-­‐mail:   ASCI  110  Syllabus   1  |  Page   C OURSE   O BJECTIVES   The  goal  of  this  course  is  to  familiarize  students  with  the  chemical  composition  of  food  that   determines  its  nutritive  value,  and  to  gain  an  understanding  of  how  the  total  nutritive  value  of  feeds   and  feeding  influences  animal  metabolism.     Specific  Objectives   1.  Understand  what  is  defined  by  nutrition  and  nutritional  requirements.   2.  Understand  basic  comparative  gastrointestinal  physiology.   3.  Understand  the  chemical  composition  of  feeds.     4.  Identify  the  major  nutritive  components,  and  understand  their  role  in  animal  health,  and   metabolism.   5.  Understand  how  feedstuffs  work  in  concert  with  each  other  to  fulfill  the  requirements  of     various  animal  species.     6.  Understand  how  requirements  can  change  based  on  the  physiologic  state  of  the  animal.       G RADING   S YSTEM     Grade  Allocation     %  of  total  grade      Test  1   10%      Test  2   10%      Nylon  Bag  Assignment   15%      Into  the  Wild  Assignment   15%      Weekly  Laboratory  Assignments  (2%  each  x  8  Assignments)   16%      Laboratory  Practical  Exam   14%      Final  Exam   20%                                                                       100%                                                                                                                                    TOTAL       The  Course  Grade  will  be  determined  by  the  total  earned  out  of  100  %  (cumulative  %)  possible.     The  grade  cut-­‐offs  are  as  follows:     97  -­‐  100   A+   87  -­‐  89   B+   77  -­‐  79   C+   67  -­‐  69   D+   <60      F   94  -­‐  96   A   84  -­‐  86   B   74  -­‐  76   C   64  -­‐  66   D     90  -­‐  93   A-­‐   80  -­‐  83   B-­‐   70  -­‐  73   C-­‐   60  -­‐63   D-­‐           ASCI  110  Syllabus   2  |  Page   I  have  no  intention  of  grading  on  a  curve  based  on  class  performance.  Information  on  University   grading  policy  can  be  found  in  the  catalog  on-­‐line  at:  or  by  the  following  hyperlink  to  grading.     If  you  would  like  to  contest  your  final  course  grade,  please  follow  the  procedures  outlined  in  the   University  grade  appeals  policy:       P OLICIES  AND  OTHER   G ENERAL   INFORMATION       Blackboard  course  site:  The  course  Blackboard  site  will  be  actively  used.  This  syllabus  and  tentative   class  schedule  will  be  posted  on  Blackboard.  Updates  to  the  class  schedule  (if  any)  will  be  posted  on   blackboard.  Reading  materials,  copies  of  the  lecture,  and  assignments  will  be  posted  under  the  Course   Materials  section.  There  will  be  an  opportunity  to  submit  assignments  through  blackboard.  Grades  will   be  posted  through  Blackboard.  Additional  blackboard  use  may  be  required.   Policies  on  extensions/lateness:  A  penalty  of  10%  of  the  allotted  grade  will  be  deducted  each  day  the   submission  is  overdue.       Policies  on  cheating/plagiarism:  You  are  expected  to  be  familiar  with  and  adhere  to  the  “Academic   Honesty   Policy   Procedures”   Academic  dishonesty  is  completely  unacceptable.  Any  student  who  commits  any  act  of  academic   dishonesty  including  cheating,  lying,  stealing  and  deceit  in  any  of  their  diverse  forms  will  not  have  their   work  graded  (grade  of  0)  and  will  have  their  name  forwarded  to  the  Center  for  Student  Ethics  &   Standards   for   further   action.   See   the   Code   of   Academic   Integrity   (available   through  for  further  details.     Be  particularly  careful  to  avoid  plagiarism  when  working  on  written  assignments.  You  are  expected   to  properly  cite  the  work  of  others,  complete  authentic  work,  collaborate  on  work  only  when   authorized,  and  adhere  to  instructor  guidelines  for  completing  academic  work.     Cell  phone/laptop/iPad  etc.  usage:  Please  silence  your  cell  phones , put  away  cell  phones,  laptops,   music  players,  iPads,  etc.  before  entering  the  class  as  no  calling  or  texting  is  permitted  in  class.  Cell   phones  are  not  permitted  during  exams.  Use  of  any  cell  phone  during  an  exam  will  result  in  that  exam   being  confiscated  for  no  credit.     Student  learning  accommodations  and  special  needs:  In  keeping  with  University  policy,  any  student   with  a  documented  disability  interested  in  utilizing  accommodations  should  contact  SAS,  the  office  of   Disability  Services  on  campus.    SAS  works  with  students  and  faculty  in  an  interactive  process  to  explore   reasonable   and   appropriate   accommodations,   which   are   communicated   to   faculty   in   an   accommodation  letter.      All  students  are  strongly  encouraged  to  meet  with  their  faculty  to  discuss  the   accommodations  they  plan  to  use  in  each  course.  Please  click  on  this  link,  Accommodation  Guidelines,   to  better  understand  the  process.    A  student's  accommodation  letter  lists  those  accommodations  that     ASCI  110  Syllabus   3  |  Page   will  not  be  implemented  until  the  student  meets  with  their  faculty  to  create  a  plan.  Contact  SAS:  A170   Living/Learning  Center;  802-­‐656-­‐7753;;  or     Other  important  websites:   Writing  Center:   Learning  Co-­‐Op:       Special   Needs   and   Accommodation   Statement:   Students   who   need   special   accommodations   or   services  should  contact  the  Office  of  Specialized  Services  at  802-­‐656-­‐7753  and  submit  a  letter  to  Dr.   Kraft  no  later  than  September  12  2016.  th   Student  Athletes:  Student  athletes  should  submit  their  planned  schedule  of  academic  competitions  to   Dr.  Kraft  by  September  12  2016.  We  are  committed  to  the  resolution  of  schedule  conflicts  such  that   both  course  requirements  and  student  participation  in  athletic  competitions  can  be  accommodated.     Textbooks  and  Support  Materials:  There  is  no  requirement  to  purchase  a  text  book  for  this  class.  All   required  and  ancillary  reading  materials  will  be  posted  to  the  course  Blackboard  site.       Suggested  references  and  resources:   Applied  Animal  Nutrition:  Feeds  and  Feeding.  Peter  R.  Cheeke
   Basic  Animal  Nutrition  and  Feeding.  W.  Pond,  K.  Pond,  P.  Schoknecht  and  D.  Church     Principles  of  Companion  Animal  Nutrition.  John  McNamara
   Livestock  Feeds  and  Feeding.  Richard  O.  Kellems
   Feeds  and  Feeding.  Tilden  Wayne  Perry,  Robert  S.  Lowrey  and  Arthur  Edison  Cullison  –  look  for  free  online  “Nutrient  requirements”     Subject  to  Change  Statement   This  syllabus  attempts  to  be  complete,  but  the  instructor  reserves  the  right  throughout  the  course   to  make  appropriate  changes  in  a  timely  way.     Note:         I  am  available  by  appointment.  Send  me  an  email  from  your  UVM  e-­‐mail  account  with  the  reason   you  want  to  see  me  and  three  available  dates/times.       ASCI  110  Syllabus   4  |  Page       ASCI  110  Syllabus   5  |  Page  


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