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biology week 2 notes

by: Gabby Scheck

biology week 2 notes bio 1305

Marketplace > Baylor University > Biology > bio 1305 > biology week 2 notes
Gabby Scheck
Baylor University

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About this Document

after attending a few SI sessions I decided I will not be posting book outlines because that is not the most efficient way to study for this class so I will be posting notes mostly from lecture a...
mod concepts of bioscience
Walter Holmes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabby Scheck on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to bio 1305 at Baylor University taught by Walter Holmes in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see mod concepts of bioscience in Biology at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 09/06/16
Bio notes week 2 *after attending a few SI sessions I decided I will not be posting book outlines because that is not the most efficient way to study for this class so I will be posting notes mostly form lecture and some from SI and maybe a little form the book that elaborates what Dr. Holmes has talked about in class.  Science-  -falsifiable (basic tenet)  -testable  -predicts outcomes  -tangible (weighed measured…)  *religion and value judgements do not fit this idea of science beaus they cannot be tested or tangible, and they aren’t falsifiable.  Theory- has a lot of evidence, may have once been a hypothesis, widely accepted idea, reliable explanation of an aspect of science.  Hypothesis- based on observations in nature, an attempt to explain/educated guess what is happening, basis for experiments.  A good experiment has a control for every possible variable and it takes place in a controlled area, is repeated several times, and gets the same results.  6 properties of Water  ice floats  specific heat  melting and freezing points  evaporating and cooling  solvent  cohesion and surface tension  Acid- H+  Base OH-  The Ph. scale is logarithmic so every number you move up or down the scale will make the solution 10x more basic or acidic  Bohr model  Proton- charge: +, weight:1  Neutron- charge: 0, weight: 1  Electron- charge: -, weight: 0  Orbitsstnd shells –  1 shell- 2 electrons  2 ndshell- 8 electrons  3 and on – 8 electrons  octet rule-every electron shell except the first is filled when it holds 8 electrons  Universal forces-  Gravity  Electromagnetism  Weak force- keeps electrons and protons from coming together in an atom  Strong force- keeps protons together in the nucleus of an atom  Inert- having the most outer electron shell filled (noble gases)  Chemical bonds-  Covalent- share all electrons  Single, double and triple bonds  7 criteria for life  made of cell  respiration  reproduction  response to stimulation  contains protoplasm  contains metabolic enzymes  growth  Vitalism- the process of life not explainable by biology or chemistry  Louis pastuer disproved spontaneous regeneration by showing that life only comes from life through his flask experiment  Something that is dead was alive once  Something non-living was never alive and will never be alive or dead  In an experiment it is important to know which variables cause which effects that way you know what you need to change in future trials  The 2 criteria most used for classifying organisms  Modes of nutrition  Cellular structure (prokaryote, eukaryote)  Common descent- the idea that everything comes from a common ancestor and that you inherit genes from your biological parents  When two kingdoms are close on a cladogram that means that they are more related and have a common ancestor  Natural selection was first thought of by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace  Natural selection consists of  Variation- no 2 organisms are a like through genetics  Over reproduction  Differential survivors- organisms with the best variation will survive and reproduce


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