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Biblical Literature Weeks 1 & 2 Notes

by: Mali<3

Biblical Literature Weeks 1 & 2 Notes BIBL 1033.05

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About this Document

Here are some great QA questions for all of those topics covered in Bib Lit. I know they will help you prepare better for our test coming up soon. Study hard! :D
Biblical Literature Section 05
Dr. Will Williams
Class Notes
Biblical, Literature, bible, Genesis, exodus, adam, eve
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mali<3 on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIBL 1033.05 at LeTourneau University taught by Dr. Will Williams in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Biblical Literature Section 05 in Bible at LeTourneau University.


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Date Created: 09/06/16
Biblibcal Literature Notes Week 2 Genesis 1 to Exodus 1 Q.What was the one way that Abraham tried to protect himself in Egypt? a. HE SAID HIS WIFE WAS HIS SISTER Q.Who was the man who broke bread and wine with Abraham after Lot was rescued? a. MELCHISEDEK Q.Who was told to go sacrifice his son unto God? a. ABRAHAM Q.Who fell in love with Rachel after he observed her watering her sheep? a. JACOB Q.What does El Shaddai means according to BG? a. "GOD IS ABLE TO MAKE THE BARREN FERTILE" Q.Who sent a raven and a dove to judge whether the waters had subsided enough? a. NOAH Q.What was the first reason for human lie taken in the Bible? a. MURDER Q.After they exited the Ark, what was the first thing done by Noah? a. PLANT A VINEYARD AND GET DRUNK Q.What are some ways that man resemble God? a. WE HAVE A SPIRITUAL/SOUL b. WE LIKE A ROYAL MARK OF GOD LINKING BACK TO HIM c. WE HAVE REASONING, CREATIVITY, ALSO THE GIFT OF PARENTHOOD d. WE ARE MORAL, HOLY AND SET APART e. WE'VE BEEN GIFTED WITH STEWARDSHIP AND DOMINION f. WE WERE GIFTED WITH NAMING THE ANIMALS, SIMILAR TO HOW GOD NAMES HIS CREATION Q.Adam means what in Hebrew? a. MAN Q.Who is the serpent who tempted Eve? a. SATAN Q.Where is it revealed in the Bible that the serpent is Satan? a. REVELATION 20:2 Q.Wha is the measuring stick used to decide what constitutes as the Bible? a. CANON Q.What is the way that most people tend to read the Bible? a. CONNICALLY (BITS AND PIECES) Q.What's the name of organized society? a. CULTURE Q.What was the cultural mandate? a. HUMANS TO COMMAND AND EXERCISE ROYAL STEWARDSHIP OVER GOD'S CREATION Q.Who was the ancestor of those who lived in tents and kept livestock? a. JUBAL 2 Q.The first poet of the Bible? a. LAMECH Q.Whose name means "Rest"? a. NOAH Q.What does G.B. considers "perplexing"? a. "SON'S OF GOD" HAVING INTERCOURSE WITH HUMANS THEREBY PRODUCING NEPHELIM Q.What's covenant? a. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOD AND HIS PEOPLE Q.The three part of covenant are: a. BOND, IN BLOOD, AND SOVEREIGNLY ADMINISTERED Q.Who did Noah curse? a. CANAAN THE SON OF HAM Q.Who did he blessed? a. SHEM Q.What does "Babel" means? a. GATE OF GOD Q.Babel is also missed up with what in the Hebrew language? a. CONFUSED Q.What stands for "identity" in Scripture? 3 a. NAME Q.Who did God call to leave his homeland? a. ABRAHAM Q.What were God's Promises to Abraham? a. TO MAKE HIM INTO A GREAT NATION b. TO BLESS HIM c. MAKE HIM GREAT d. TO MAKE HIM A BLESSING e. BLESS/CURSE THOSE WHO BLESSED/CURSED HIM f. BLESS ALL PEOPLE THROUGH HIM Q.What are the 2 names of the first five books of the Bible? a. TORAH b. PENTATEUCH Q.Because God kept reaffirming His covenant with Noah's descendants, He came to be known as? a. GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB Q.What does "El Shaddai" means? a. GOD ALMIGHTY Q.Yahweh means? a. I WLL BE WHO I AM 4


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