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Chapter 1 & 2 Notes

by: Kirsten Notetaker

Chapter 1 & 2 Notes

Marketplace > Lewis University > Psychology > > Chapter 1 2 Notes
Kirsten Notetaker
Lewis University
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About this Document

Chapter 1 & 2 Notes
Human Sexuality
Lisa Brown
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kirsten Notetaker on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at Lewis University taught by Lisa Brown in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Psychology at Lewis University.


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Date Created: 09/06/16
Chapter 1 Notes Ancient Greece  Penis = fertility  The male body was admired  Women were not allowed to read or write, held back from participating in society, were second class citizens  Rape was a man's right, a woman was to participate in sex any time that her husband pleased  Women were considered property, their place was in the household, their job was to keep the home, raise the children,  Purpose of women - to bear children  Sexual vales: o People are naturally bisexual o Strong emphasis on family and marriage  Sexual freedom for men, they could have sex and children with multiple women, men could have sex with other men, older men would have sex with younger boys in order to teach them to become a man, the higher classes you were the more prominent in the community would determine what role you took in the sexual act, they could pretty much penetrate anyone they wanted to o Procreation for the sake of the state o Social standing determined sexual behavior Ancient Rome  Women were owned by men  No recognition of homosexuality o Men classified by sexual behavior  Sexual excess o Tiberius o Caligula Judaism  Male role - provider and defender  Son were valued, could carry on the family lineage  Daughters and wives were viewed as property, had more rights than before  Sexual values: o Procreation (survival of the Jewish people) o Sexual activity - celibacy = sinful o Fidelity o Beauty of human body o Mutual sexual pleasure and respect towards one another o Sex is sacred - no condoms or birth control o "Spilling of the seed" o Social consequences  Legitimate children  Jewish lineage - culture is passed down from the mother Christianity  Purity of inner thoughts - bad or impure sexual thoughts considered as sinning  Saint Paul o Blamed Eve for expulsion from Garden of Eden o Women = temptresses o Marriage viewed as a poor coping skill for sexual desire, for weak people who have impure inner thoughts, a cop-out o Women were to assume bottom position, women to be submissive in all sex acts o Sex should not be pleasurable, it is only done to procreate  Saint Augustine o "Give me chastity and continence but do not give it yet." o Sex is a sin, no pleasure in act of sex, all children are born of sin o Solidified church's anti-sexual attitude o Used to be a big sex whore with men and women then had a change of heart o Crazy guidelines for sex Islam  Sex within marriage  Satisfy the wife  Forbids: anal sex, during menstruation, infidelity  Men may have more than one wife, only as many as they can satisfy and provide for Hinduism  Sex is a part of spirituality  Tantra - spiritual discipline  Kama Sutra - provides diagrams for all the different sex positions Victorianism  1800's - 1900's England  Values - purity and prudery  Sex - not pleasurable  Women - asexual o Innocent as children o Wifely duties - suffer through sex with your husband o Would/should not enjoy sex  Men were lustful  Women could not wear pants or dresses that went above the ankle, they had to be covered all the time, always had to be escorted by a man Victorian Era "Science"  Masturbation - could cause blindness, a medical disorder, insanity  Circumcision was conducted regardless of religion, seen as a way to decrease pleasure  Loss of semen - puts your life in jeopardy, like losing a pint of blood  If you touched a menstruating women it was considered very unclean, some were exiled during their period week, if they were in the house they could spoil the meat Sexual Revolution Time and mobility - planes, cars, you could travel to have sex, you had more  time to have sex  Roaring twenties -back alley abortions, went to medical or veterinary students to get a very dangerous procedure done, used anything to try to terminate the pregnancy, very expensive and brutal, people did not know what they were doing  Birth control pill and IUD became available o Allowed sex to be spontaneous and for pregnancy to be put off  Premarital sex became more of a thing  People began to have sex at an earlier age  More sexual partners  Roe v. Wade - decriminalized abortion Chapter 2 Notes Researchers Henry Havelock Ellis  Active during the Victorian Era  Conferred with Freud  Loss of semen lead to gonorrhea, blindness, and deal - he masturbated and was still okay she he began to question things  Dedicated himself to sexual research - 7 volumes of work o Said that women were not asexual o Both men and women orgasm o Masturbation is normal o Homosexuality is normal  Married a lesbian Studies in the Psychology of Sex Sigmund Freud  Victorian Era  Sexual energy - libido  Libido channeled into different parts of the body at different ages  People were so sexually repressed that his theories were very sexualized Alfred Kinsey  Modern study of sex  Masturbated  He and his wife had infertility issues, wife complained sex was painful  Confused about these situations  Worked at IU teaching a class on marriage to help couples - students had to be married o Student questionnaire o Collected date on sexual behaviors o Interviews/case studies Sexual research findings: 1948  o Most people masturbate o Oral-genital sex is common o Premarital sex is common o Women are capable of having multiple orgasms o Many men have homosexual experiences o People cheat on their spouses  People hated him for this Masters & Johnson - BADASSES  Directly observed and recorded people having sex  Research findings: o Sexual response cycle o Clinical problems and treatment o Partners were random o Many measurements were taken o Had a variety of sex acts recorded Conducting Sex Research  Case studies o Havelock Ellis o Freud  Surveys o Kinsey  Interviews o Kinsey o Masters and Johnson  Observational research o Masters and Johnson


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