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Study soup test load

by: Sophia Bullock

Study soup test load Arch 4201

Sophia Bullock

GPA 3.9

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About this Document

test upload practice ok
History of Architecture
Emily Makas
Class Notes
history, Of, architecrure
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sophia Bullock on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Arch 4201 at University of North Carolina at Charlotte taught by Emily Makas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see History of Architecture in History at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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Date Created: 09/06/16
‘15_AH1101 Prospect For Success PFS Assignment Three: Inquiry Sophia Bullock Assigned: Friday 30 October Due: Monday 6 November Inquiry: PFS Assignment Three Instructions: 1 Begin this assignment by downloading the original template file found on the ARCH1101 Moodle page. 2 Respond to the prompts below to carefully compose a concise and coherent answer of 200 – 300 words. 3 Please complete and upload your completed answers to the digital upload folder found on the ARCH1101 Moodle page. 4 ** Format the name of your file as follows: YourLastname_PFS_02 (for example: Jones_PFS_02) Prompts:  ‘Inquiry’ suggests the methods by which thinkers obtain and synthesize knowledge of the world around them. For architects, inquiry is achieved in large part from what we call ‘design process’. Based on the studio assignments you’ve completed so far, how would you define ‘design process’?  Where have you found inspiration in developing your awareness of architecture as a discipline? Describe ways you have used this inspiration in your work and assignments for studio.  What opportunities and resources are available within the School of Architecture to enhance your development as a designer? Describe specific resources you have found and how you have used them to inform your inquiry/design process and studio work. What additional questions have emerged for you as ‘15_AH1101 Prospect For Success you have explored these new sources (what are you curious about)? ‘15_AH1101 Prospect For Success To me, design process is a loaded word that means a series of steps and ideas that further a concept for a project. Design process requires everything being written or sketched down in a journal or on trace paper, this gets all of my ideas out. From this its good to go through my ideas and how I’ll achieve them step by step through sketches. In developing my awareness of architecture, my professor Will Philemon, has introduced us to a handful of architects and architect firms that are making up to date differences in the world of architecture. After each class a new architect is mention, I make it a duty to look up and read about these architects and see their approach on their previous or current projects. Researching these different strategies to architecture as a discipline has really broadened my knowledge on the practice. For example, in class he briefly mentioned that on the architecture firms, BIG, website there is step by step planning to all the projects they have done. I looked throughout the website and noticed that Bjarke Ingles Group document their process step by step, including material we are learning, path and field. This inspired me to document my whole design process while doing my work for studio. To enhance my development as a designer in SoA, I have many resources and opportunities such as upperclassman, my professors, and the library located right in the building. In specific, I have talked to upperclassman to guide me through helpful design process that ensure the best outcome. They have taught me techniques and the do’s-and-don’ts of studio work. In all, I am most curious about my professors’ design processes. I am intrigued to see all four of them have completely different teaching styles, which means they must have different inquiries that go along with that.


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