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Reconstruction Review

by: Molly Harty

Reconstruction Review HIST 105 6153 T29

Molly Harty
Truman State
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About this Document

These notes cover the Reconstruction Review Lecture
US History II, 1877-Present
S Reschly
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Molly Harty on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 105 6153 T29 at Truman State University taught by S Reschly in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see US History II, 1877-Present in History at Truman State University.

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Date Created: 09/06/16
I. Reconstruction (1865­1877) A. What is it? 1. Following the civil war, but kind of a continuation of  the civil war between different groups who struggled a) Both sides suffered very much  during this war b) Both sides were very committed to  this war (1) Costed a lot of money (2) Costed a lot of lives 2. Marked by struggles between different groups a) How Reconstruction should proceed  (Political Parties) b) Who should direct it (President and  Congress) c) How would the Union be  reconstituted (North and South) d) What roles would freedmen play in  the South (White and Black) 3. “Lincoln and Liberty” Song (1860) a) Political campaign song b) About promises and premises that  were behind the republican party c) Makes a lot of sweeping  commitments about what the election of Lincoln would mean to  the United States (1) Great Reformation (2) Make the Temple of  Freedom 4. “No More Auction Block For Me” a) African American expectations and  aspirations b) Very emotional song  B. Changes were made through the Civil War and Reconstruction 1. The gridlock was released a) The democrats took off, allowing the  North (republicans) to pass all of their ideas b) Homestead Act (1) If you farmed the land in 5 years or less, you got to keep that land c) Chose a route for the continental  railroad d) Economic Development Program (1) Government support  for developmental structure e) 3 AMENDMENTS WERE THE  BIGGEST CHANGE (1) 13th Amendment (a) Slaver y was abandoned here!!! (b) Thoug hts about getting Canada and the Caribbean  colonies to join the US (2) 14th Amendment (a) Rites  of citizenship (b) No  person should be denied life, liberty, or property  without due process of law (c) Create s a new category of citizenship through the United  States (d) Made  it clear that the ENTIRE Constitution applies to  EVERYONE in the US  (e) Voters  are defined explicitly as MALE (3) 15th Amendment (a) Rite of  citizens to vote on account of race, color, etc. (i) S outhern states found ways around this (a) K KK (b) G randfather Clause (c) P oll Taxes (d) L iteracy Laws (b) Intend ed by the republicans in the north to secure their  positions because of the African Americans voting  Republican in the elections C. Cartoon #1 (1868) 1. “5 points” on a hat and a club that says “Vote” a) Irish immigrant b) Not highly respected c) Looks like an ape 2. “CSA” belt buckle (Confederate States of America) a) Supposed to be the founder of the  KKK b) Knee is on a black mean 3. Portfolio that says “capital” a) Carpet Bag or scallawag were  derogatory terms used on people from the south  4. Democratic Political Platform a) Associated with the south b) Left the congress D. Cartoon #2 (1874) 1. View of chaos in South Carolina 2. White guy that’s been outvoted 3. Blaming African Americans for the failures to  change more than was changed in the Southern States


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