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Chemistry 1035 Chapter 2

by: Geoff Santore

Chemistry 1035 Chapter 2 81950

Geoff Santore
Virginia Tech

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About this Document

General Chemistry (1035, Dr. Shamindri)
Dr. Shamindri
Class Notes
Chemistry, Molecules and Compounds
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geoff Santore on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 81950 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by Dr. Shamindri in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry (1035, Dr. Shamindri) in Chemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


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Date Created: 09/06/16
CH 2 Monday, August 29, 2016 12:18 PM matter mixtures Pane substances homogenous heterogeneous elements compounds pure sab stances Elements-the simplest type of Saboteur up myth wave Them. and Phy.mopanes. They cannot be broken down. They consist of atoms or molecules Ahom: smallest U my or particle of an cement that has the properties of that element Molecule: N structure that consists of 2 J atoms chemically bonded and behaves as one unit. Molecules of elements contain it ten treat atoms -There are few averments that occur as more are -Atong=IMohecubetseveraratomscanmatheuprmobeeme compound bow. combined in a fixed proportion by mass EX: no, C, 4.20, -the Composition never changes -components cannot be Physically serenaded Mixtures Mixture: A group of 2 h averments and or compounds that are Physically connected -The composition carries -can be separated by Physical means -The properties of the components are mountains heterogeneous: mixtures where the cam positron vanes from one region to mixtures another. There are one or more wisher bean Eames between the components. Fix: Feet Sand, trail mix, Salad Homogeneous's mixtures that are uniform throughout without physical boundaries mixtures Ex: gas, Solid alloys -Also Calles Solutions Law of Definite composition -No matter the Source, a compound is always composed of the Same element in the Same percent or fraction by mass More notes needed EX: 255 of no H: 2.89 (given) 0:25-2.8=22.29 mass action H:its. 0.112 Get sum is at 0:2÷52=0888 mass percent 4:it's no-1 2-n is-unison.0: 252 Xioo= 88.8% EX:259 of H. 0, (Hydrogen peroxide) H:25-23.52=1.489 0:23.52 g Engineers) mass Fraction Y:1.48 25=0.0592 0:23.52=0.941 25 mass percentage h: 0.059241000=5.9 ! o: 0.941610=904.1". Am is too'! Law at multiple proportions If elements At % react he for m different compounds, the different masses of B can be combined within the froes mass A to be expresses as a ratio Ex) 2 5 of no H:2.89 0:22.2.g o = 222.250=79350 if 2.894 by Expr g of H202 Hit-us go 0:23.529 0=23.5250 = 15.9 g ↳1.48 g Dalton's theme theory QAu matter congress of atoms 8thorns at one clement cannot be changes in to atoms of another element traced true) 30mass of the same elements cannot change (Not true, g shores) •law of multiple proportions -Thomson used the cathode ray tube to prove the castanet of evections -the ray bends in a may nature freed can conclude that there are changed portieres -Ray bends towards Positive plate in entire freed, can conclude That there are negativity changed Particles -pay is-Genk-read for a-my cash-determinateness -Determines mass ratio Cincture it) change -the mass of electrons are so Small, they are insignificant. -one electron has a charge at -1 -S Raton B about 1,800 hearer than the evections -Plum putting model r sum B I 15.990 gn 7.93.90 gn S the Concentration of opens hehydrogens B three as Strong in Have compares to Hi son =2 19 H •} thermal Positive cloud


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