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Chapter 3 notes

by: Michelle Goldsborough

Chapter 3 notes STRC 3336

Michelle Goldsborough

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About this Document

Chapter 3 in class discussion notes
Cynthia rogan de Remirez
Class Notes
philosophy, platos, Socrates, myth, love
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michelle Goldsborough on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to STRC 3336 at Temple University taught by Cynthia rogan de Remirez in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Argumentation in Strategic Communication at Temple University.


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Date Created: 09/06/16
Argumenation: Class discussion on Chapter 3 text Chapter 3 Is Plato Fair to Rhetoric and the Sophists Main points: Brian Vicker thinks that Socrates rejects the rhetorical way of argueing based on probabilities, witnesses, beliefs, and ridicule. Plato might be unfairly represing the Sophists, portraying them as worse offenders against justice than they actually were. Plato’s criticism of rhetoric is that it brings about a condition, which seems to be good, but really isn’t. Sophistic rhetoric deceives audiences into thinking they are dealing with truth when they are dealing with opinions. Cicero wrote saying that Plato was ridiculing rhetors when he himself was one. One of the themes from Gorgias is rhetorics relationship to truth- rhetoric creates truth that is useful for the moment out of doxa or the opinions of people One of platos concerns is the rhetor’s relationship to an audience The sophists as said by Plato are willing to tell their audiences whatever they wish to hear to be persuaded so the audience has control of the rhetor Rhetoric comes with power that fights against philosophy and the sophists want the power Rhetoic in Plato’s Phaedrus: A True Art? The complexity of the soul: plato believed the human mind was complex and made of three parts which were distinguished by love, loves wisdom- the true philosophers soul is governed by this, loves nobility and honor, and people. There are also lovers of appetites or lusts and people controlled by this part spend their lives pursuing pleasure. The myth of the charioteer- Platos view of the shoul helps us to understand this myth. The soul is like the composite union of powers in a team ofwinged horses and their charioteer. Plato divided every soul into three parts, two of which has the form of horses, the third a charioteer. The wisdom loving pat of the soul is portrayed as the charioteer trying to control to different kinds of horses. The charioteer must know the different kinds of horses under his command so he can control them. This story is told to illustrate Socrates understanding of erotic love Other Vocab words: Heuristic-enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves Eristic-argument that aims to disupute anothers argument, language and how good you are at grammer Protreptic- a speech intended to persuade or instruct Page 61 Neverthless platos gorgias hints that there exhists a true art of rhetoric. With justice as its goal. That’s why it’s important to know what justice is? Which is the biggest thing, truth or justice…or is there something that’s bigger?


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