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Slave Resistance Week 2

by: Catalina

Slave Resistance Week 2 346

Marketplace > The College of William & Mary > History > 346 > Slave Resistance Week 2
GPA 3.24
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About this Document

-Description and significance of various slave rebellions (violent & passive)
Antebellum America
Carol Sherrif
Class Notes
slave, rebellion, nat, Turner, Saint, Domingue, history, Antebellum, gabriel, prosser, revolt, denmark, vessey, David, walker, appeal, South, american, slavery




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Catalina on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 346 at The College of William & Mary taught by Carol Sherrif in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Antebellum America in History at The College of William & Mary.


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Date Created: 09/06/16
Slave Resistance WEEK 2 Saint Domingue Rebellion  Toussaint L’Ouverture  In Haiti  Most influential slave rebellion RESPONSE  Intensity of white fear of uprising in America  Stricter/harder on blacks  Laws passed to shut down Caribbean Slave Trade -don’t want those unruly slaves -don’t give “our slaves” any ideas Prossers Rebellion  Gabriel Prosser  Swords out of wood  1000 people  March on Richmond  Plot soiled -violent storm -slave informants told master RESPONSE  Fear -people exaggerated number of slaves involved>>PARANOID SIGNIFICANCE OF OVER EXAGGERATION? --Perception= Reality( they didn’t have accurate consensus method) Repercussions  Executions Why Revolt???  Own personal freedom  Political commitment to ending slavery *Historians believe the latter Vesey Revolt(1822)  Denmark Vessy  Debate as to whether it really happened What's NOT DISPUTED  Purchased lottery ticket as slave & won- purchased his freedom-worked as Carpenter in S.C & did well What IS DISPUTED  Plotted rebellion  Reached out to get participants  Plot failed <<< rebellion leaked out.  Book suggests>>>IF true, had rebellion succeeded, blacks had numbers to wipe out entire pop. Of Charleston. Critic (Historian Michael Johnson)  Authors information based on trial & transcript didn’t match trial  After reading transcript Johnson suggests>> Charleston mayor blew it up for political favor. Mayor=“I put down a big revolt”  Suspect testimony -Johnson says historians WANTED to see slave revolts. That’s why they led the interviews ** CAUTION: be careful of what sources you use. WHY IS VESSEYS REVOLT IMPORTANT TO US?:: People BELIEVED this back then David Walker’s Appeal  Anti-slavery activist/ Abolitionist  1829-publication  Immediate abolition of slavery  Called for black men to take action  Revolt against masters  Document circulated by smuggling Nat Turners Revolt  In South Hampton County  preacher  Escaped slavery but then came back after month  55 people killed-no discrimination  In his confession says his master was a kind man -implies even if you're nice, your slaves could still turn against you. RESPONSE  IMMENSE fear  People who were fearful of slave revolts = non-slave holders in N.VA-END slavery>> Costs outweigh benefits  Thomas Due’s argument = KEEP slavery-Revolts anomalous >> “What will these incapable blacks do if we stop ‘taking care of them??’”  Last of major slave revolts Why Not MORE slave revolts in North America compared to South America?? 1.) much more slaves in single place in S.A. 2.) In N.A more physically separated than S.A 3.) Whites outnumbered blacks tremendously 4.) In S.A not as much militant control as N.A. 5.) S.A slaves cultivated sugar cane>> you need a machete! N.A –cotton 6). USA BIG, hard to find some where to go after revolt without military presence. Resistance Passive Resistance  Breaking tools  Feigning illness  Staging slowdowns Violent Resistance  Poising masters  Suicides  Kill livestock  Arson/sabotage Slaves escaped  Literate slaves-forged pass  Some mixed-pass themselves off as white  Some just runaway-Underground Railroad  Henry Box Brown-packaged himself- Richmond to Philadelphia -Frederick Douglass- abolitionist- pissed at Brown cuz now no one else can mail themselves.  Some escaped to south some north -maroons- Native Americans who harbored runaway slaves in woods  Some people ran away for short amount of time- taste of freedom- some punished severely others given concessions.


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