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Test social psych

by: Kimberly Gosnell

Test social psych 2000

Kimberly Gosnell

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About this Document

Social Psychology
Emma Fredrick
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kimberly Gosnell on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2000 at East Tennessee State University taught by Emma Fredrick in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychology at East Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
Lab Report Writing Assignment Using the guidelines listed below you are to write a report on your finding from the membrane traffic lab. Listed below are the guidelines for each assignment and the corresponding lab. The assignment must be single spaced, 10pt font, and no more than 1 inch margins. Below are the guidelines for each section that should be included in the report. Also you must format and include each heading listed below (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion) in your paper. This paper must also be written in paragraph form. Do not simply bullet point the sections listed below. The point value is given for each aspect of the assignment. You will lose half of the points for each individual part if the information is incorrect. Please adhere to this guideline to receive full credit for each part of the assignment. Membrane Transport Lab Title Page - Title of Lab Report, Lab Partners, and date (0.5pt) I. Introduction (10points) a) In lecture and your textbook, we discussed the different types of transport mechanisms that allow materials across the membrane of a cell. Discuss the structure of the cell membrane and how this allows substances to cross the membrane. Be sure to explain the purpose of the cell membrane and the individual components (see figures from your textbook as a guide). (3pts) b) You will also need to discuss all of the types of transport mechanisms covered in class (bulk, active, passive, and osmosis) and what types of molecules cross the membrane for each of the mechanisms. Your answer must be complete (use a table in your book for a reference). (2pts) c) You must also discuss the properties of these molecules and why that particular transport mechanism is needed. (2pts) d) State the experimental question (hypothesis). How does your question relate to the basic concepts and principles discussed in part I of this assignment. (3pt) II. Methods (5 points) a) Describe the experimental design (methods) that was used to answer your question (3pts) b) Be sure to include the different variables for this experiment, (controls, dependent, and independent variables). (2 pt) III. Results (10 points) a) You must include a written description of your results (you must have a general overview as well as a description for each of the graphs and/or tables. You must also include discussion/analysis of any statistical test that were performed (4pts) Your results must include graphs of the data that are: b) You must have the correct type of graph with appropriate variables (3pts) c) You must have appropriate labeling of the axis (1pt), figure legends (1pt), and a title of the figures (1pt). IV. Discussion/ Real World Connection (11 points)(this section must be single spaced and no less than 500 words) a) You must thoroughly explain how your hypothesis relates to the basic concepts and principles discussed in the introduction of this assignment. You must also explain if your results support or reject your hypothesis. You must uses specific references to support your statements. (2pt) b) You must convincingly describe what has been learned in the lab and offer additional/future areas to explore. You must sufficiently addresses problems or issues pertinent to lab (for example did something not work or inconsistent) (2pts) c) In class we used the University of Utah Mouse Party simulation to examine the effects of various drugs on the brain. We also discussed many of the social factor related to drug abuse in the United States. Furthermore, methamphetamine and prescription drug abuse is an even larger problem in the Appalachian region. Discuss how biological principles of membrane transport relate to the transport of drugs across the membrane. Please be specific in describing the properties of drugs and the mechanisms that would be used to transport the drugs. Be sure to refer to the Mouse Party model on how drugs affect the brain and how bulk, active, and passive transport is involved in the process.(3pts) Describe any possible ways this issue of drug abuse impacts you directly. For example do you know someone with a substance abuse problem? Do you plan to enter a medical or social science field that can have persons dealing with this issue? Describe the larger impact drug abuse has on society and possible strategies for prevention. You must use articles relating to issues of drug abuse in the world to evaluate/describe the following questions. (4pts) V. Bibliography (1 points) a) You must do a search and provide resources for your lab report. You will be asked to discriminate between good and bad sources such as news reports and non-scientific journal articles. You do not want to use Wikipedia or non-reputable sources.


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