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History of Film

by: Akila Webb

History of Film FLME 2700

Akila Webb

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About this Document

These notes cover what we've discussed in class.
History of Motion Pictures
Class Notes
Film, motion, picture, history
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Akila Webb on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FLME 2700 at Georgia State University taught by Lisby in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
The Development of the Motion Picture Camera  Before photographic elements are created, cinema is influence by pictures, cave painting, art work. humanity has a desire to recreate life, that entails movement  Plato’s Cave is associated with film.  Industrialization brought tools to enable moving images o Zoetrope o The phenakistoscope Eadweard Muybridge  Won a bet by rigging a system of cameras to photograph a horse running  Set up still cameras and took still shots of a horse running, in a bet to see if all four hooves are off the ground when horses run Louis Augustine Le Prince  Developed 16 frames of motion picture  Went missing but his work was saved  Similar to today’s meme or gif Kinetoscope  Edison named as inventor, but only steals from others  Developed shorts centered around stunt and spectacle  His assistant Dickson, connected film and created holes on the side which made it able to pull through a machine, thus creating the Kinetoscope  Collected oddities: like circus attractions, no narrative value.  Customers paid to see what they couldn’t see anywhere else Lumiere Brothers  Developed the Cinematographe  A device that could record and project  Screened shot actualities at the Grand Café  Shot their films in 16 frames per second Georges Melie’s  A former magician Melie’s turned film into a trick  Incorporated gaudy sets 5 costumes  Used properties of the camera to make magic  In America, Edwin S. Porter uses techniques of others.  Films longer narratives  Gains acclaim as his films become popular  Nickelodeons replaced Kinetoscope parlors and other viewing spaces  Cheap enough for working class, entertaining for upper class  America largely imported product  Nickelodeon expansion leads to competition between film companies  Edison and America Mutoscope and biograph hold patients  Eventually merge into Motion Picture Patents Company  Mergers lead to the beginning of Film Comp. “vertical integration”  All aspects of film production & distribution are controlled by one company  Would continue into Hollywood Era MPPC  Produce Films  distributes films to the theatres Owns Theatres Things Change  Pressures lead to self-censorship  Actors being to gain notoriety  Production companies move to the West Coast  Not represented by mainstream films, black film makers and actors form their own productions companies  Noble Johnson founded Lincoln Pictures, a major all- black production company  Oscar Micheaux, a novelist became the prominent black film maker. His first film was ‘The Homesteader’


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