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by: alley_hilton

tester PFW 1114

GPA 3.884

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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by alley_hilton on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PFW 1114 at Texas Tech University taught by Cruz in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
Information ATM first floor 1 Future Games Room basement level 2 Basement 1. Barnes and Noble at Texas Tech 21. Escondido Theatre 22. Student Judicial Programs 23. Games Room 48. Computer Lab 52. TV Lounges N N 1. Barnes and Noble at Texas Tech 41. Student Union Operations 44. Student Legal 2. Starbucks 42. Food Service Offices 53. Allen Theatre Office 3. Union Bistro 43. Student Government Association 4. Smart Choices 44. Student Legal Services Meeting Rooms 5. High Tech Computer Store (sales) 45. Student Organization Cubicles 14. Ballroom 6. American State Bank 46. Scarlet and Black 15. Red Raider Lounge 7. High Tech Computer Store (service) 47. Reflection Rooms 17. Allen Theatre 8. Cingular Wireless 48. Computer Lab 18. Llano Estacado 9. Information Center/Ticket Booth 49. Pavilion 19. Lubbock 10. Sam’s Place 50. ATM 20. Senate 11. ID Office 51. Organization Resource Center 21. Escondido Theater First Floor 12. PostTech 52. TV Lounges 27. Lone Star 13. Union Plaza 53. Allen Theatre Office 28. Toreador Elevator 14. Ballroom 29. Bell Tower 1. Barnes and Noble at Texas Tech 15. Red Raider Lounge Retail 30. Arroyo 2. Starbucks 16. Courtyard 1. Barnes and Noble at Texas Tech 31. Caprock 3. Union Bistro 17. Allen Theatre 5. High Tech Sales 32. Canyon 4. Smart Choices 18. Llano Estacado 6. American State Bank 33. Double T Restrooms 19. Lubbock 7. High Tech Service 34. Masked Rider 5. High Tech Computer Store (sales) 20. Senate 8. Cingular Wireless 35. Playa 6. American State Bank 21. Escondido Theater 10. Sam’s Place 36. Brazos 7. High Tech Computer Store (service) 22. Student Judicial Programs 11. ID Office 37. Mesa 8. Cingular Wireless 23. Games Room 12. PostTech 38. 38a – Matador; 38b – Faculty Lounge Retail 24. Student Union Administration 50. ATM 39. Traditions 9. Information Center/Ticket Booth 25. Ombudsman 40. Soapsuds 10. Sam’s Place 26. Center For Campus Life Dining 46. Scarlet and Black 11. Tech Express/ID Office 27. Lone Star 2. Starbucks Meeting Rooms 12. Post Tech 28. Toreador 3. Union Bistro Public Areas 13. Union Plaza 29. Bell Tower 4. Smart Choices 16. Courtyard 30. Arroyo 13. Union Plaza 23. Games Room 14. Ballroom 31. Caprock 45. Student Organization Cubicles 15. Red Raider Lounge 32. Canyon Offices 47. Reflection Rooms Offices 16. Courtyard 33. Double T 9. Information Center/Ticket Sales 48. Computer Lab 17. Allen Theatre 34. Masked Rider 22. Student Judicial 49. Gathering Pavilion 18. Llano Estacado 35. Playa 24. Student Union Administration 51. Organization Resource Center 36. Brazos 25. Ombudsman 52. TV Lounges 19. Lubbock 37. Mesa 26. Center for Campus Life Food Service 20. Senate 38. 38a – Matador; 38b – Faculty Lounge 41. Student Union Operations 49. Gathering Pavilion 39. Traditions 42. Food Services 50. ATM 40. Soapsuds 43. Student Government Association Ombudsman third floor second floor Student Union Office N N Second Floor Third Floor Elevator Elevator 24. Student Union Administration 43. Student Government Association 25. Student Union Operations 44. Student Legal Services 27. Lone Starr Campus Life 45. Student Organization Cubicles Restrooms 28. Toreador Restrooms 29. Bell Tower 30. Arroyo 31. Caprock Retail 33. Double T Retail 34. Masked Rider 35. Playa Meeting Rooms 36. Brazos Meeting Rooms 37. Mesa 39. Traditionsr; 38b-Faculty Lounge 40. Soapsuds Offices 41. Ombudsman Offices 42. Food Service Offices 45. Student Organization Cubicles 47. Reflection Roomsck Food Service 49. Gathering Pavilion Food Service 51. Organization Resource Center 53. Allen Theatre Office


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