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Back to Normal Notes- September 21

by: Aliyah Hawkins

Back to Normal Notes- September 21 HI 1073

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > HI 1073 > Back to Normal Notes September 21
Aliyah Hawkins

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About this Document

The start of the notes for Midterm 2
Modern U.S History
Dr. Jason Morgan Ward
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aliyah Hawkins on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HI 1073 at Mississippi State University taught by Dr. Jason Morgan Ward in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 114 views.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
September 21, 2016 Back to Normal? Objectives - War time Civil liberties and the Red Scare - A Great War fro Civil Rights? - 100% Americanism Important song “I Wonder When Will I Get to Be Called a Man” by: Big Bill Boonzy (WW1 Veteran) Espionage Act (1917) • Anyone found guilty of aiding the enemy, obstructing recruitment, or encouraging insubordination in the military could face a fine of 10K AND up to 20 years in prison. Act also empowered the postmaster general to refuse to mail any newspapers or • magazines considered treasonous or subversive Sedition Act (1918) • Prohibited any abusive, profane, disloyal language towards the U.S Constitution, government, military, flag or uniform and labeled it as a crime to talk bad about any of the listed things Eugene Debs • Important image of him running for President from prison • Thrown in jail for Anti-war actions The Lynching of Robert Prager (April 1918) • He gave an Antiwar speech at a meeting one night and was killed by a mob that same night • “Patriotic Murder” - 11 defendants in the Prager Lynching - They all were acquitted since it was “Patriotic” American Protective League (Secret Service) People working to expose people with the Antiwar movements • 1 September 21, 2016 Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) • Documents 21 in Section Manual • They acted in such hostile ways because they had nothing in common with the employing classes and their wages were horrible. • Important Event: IWW Mineworkers on Strike - Bisbee, Arizona - June 1917 - 1400 striking workers - They were deported to a desert because they wouldn't comply by the Wallabies The Russian Revolution • Monarchy was overthrown • Lenin urges on the Bolsheviks (1917) • Comintern founded (1919) Foreign Ideology causing problems in America - Seattle Strike(February 1919) - Mayor Ole Hanson claimed that the national strike of railroads, steel etc. workers was an international movement to overthrow the Government - The Palmer Raids • This was the rounding up of groups targeted by the U.S as too radical • They were put on a boat (The Soviet Ark) to Russia Roger Nash Baldwin \ • Founder,American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) • This was founded due to wartime prosecutions to protect people’s speech and from prosecutions East St. Louis, Illinois (April 1917) • People migrated here for better jobs 2 September 21, 2016 • Many African Americans were killed because Whites didn't want their jobs taken • Quote: “Mr. President, Why not make America safe for Democracy” Fort Des Moines Training Camp for Colored Officer • Camp training for colored officers to protect colored people African American Labor Brigades in France • Several groups of Blacks to serve for war but given a deal from the French and put on the front deal • The 369th Returns Home PAN African Congress (1919) • discussion about democracy • Japanese were at the table as well U.S Occupation in Haiti (1915-1934) • Document 53 in Section Manual • Political movement of Isolation but still acting in certain countries The Crusade Against Lynching • Lynching shoots back up • Walter White “NAACP’s Secret Weapon”- black but looked white • Lynching of John Hatfield • Elaine Massacre (Arkansas Delta 1919)-race riot • Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association(UNIA) • Movement to increase pride and dignity among blacks regardless of whites thought “Return to Normalcy” • President Warren G. Harding • Movement to get things back to “normal” • Ex: D.W Griffith’s The Birth of A Nation 3 September 21, 2016 Hiram Evans • Imperial wizard of the 2nd KKK • The second KKK Immigration Restriction in the 1920’s • Document 57 Immigration Act Of 1921 • 3% quotas • 1910 Census Immigration Act Of 1924 • 2% quotas Important image : Sign at the US/Mexico border in Tijuana • “Why leave ? You'll come back” Back to Normal? By the end of WW1, many Americans associate “pro-war” with patriotism and “anti- • war” with disloyalty. • Ethic, cultural and political tensions of war years to not disappear after fighting stops- race riots, Red Scare,immigration restriction. 4


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