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Chapter 2, Pediatric HIV Research

by: Jenny Gawronski

Chapter 2, Pediatric HIV Research 0404-101-021

Marketplace > Adelphi University > Science > 0404-101-021 > Chapter 2 Pediatric HIV Research
Jenny Gawronski

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About this Document

These are not notes but the journal entry from Chapter 2. Here describes what was read in Pediatric HIV Research.
Introduction To Social Welfare And Human Services
Mrs. Costanza
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jenny Gawronski on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 0404-101-021 at Adelphi University taught by Mrs. Costanza in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Introduction To Social Welfare And Human Services in Science at Adelphi University.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
Jennifer Gawronski 09-13-16 Pediatric HIV Research Collect 5 time periods from the child’s birth to age two years in clinic and on home visits. They administered questionnaire with interactions between the caregiver and the child, do a semi structured taped interview,language screening, and heights and weight. Home visits could also be anywhere from two to four hours. They did an hour of observation between the mother and her son Tyronne. At the end of the hour they put the timer away and they asked the mother several questions about how she felt about the kid, her health, and the use of support. Many social workers favorite parts seem to be the collection of the qualitative data. They listen to the tape and the various questions. Here is where the patients normally reveal their past stressors and their souls. Twana the mother came out to speak about how when she walks on the street she is known with the women with AIDS. Nobody ever wants to feel that walking out on the streets should be a place where they don't feel comfortable. This part of it is very hard for the social worker it seems. They have to manage what they hear and what they must document. They also must struggle with how far they go with the questions, they don't wanna hit a trigger point and make them shut down. After that the social worker's job was to send her off to the clinical social worker and doctors and hope she'll visit them. This girl refuses to go to any AIDS agency until she is very sick. In this chapter the women has to change over from her normal job as a clinician but to a researcher. It is not her time to go and change what they want, but if she sees a problem not being solved to direct them to a worker. Many people walk into her life where they now are struggling to raise a kid or to even have a couch in there home. At the time of dismissal, the women is so sad to see her go and wondering if she'll ever see her again. Twana says that she promises to see a clinic once she leaves and that this was her only support group because there wasn't one back in her city. Another surprising thing that after the patient's left she went to go get food, here she realized she was more worried about her patients poverty than her HIV. Her food stamps were stolen and her mother refused to help as she had mouthed off to her mother's boyfriend. The mother herself had a lot of issues which the writer had now documented. The next patient is Genine, which is a mother of a daughter and is HIV positive. After that she began to focus on her inner social work self. To write down a list of things she has to do and update her progress. Her day is finally coming to and end where she can log off and begin to leave. She has to make sure to take her disks with her to write her field notes. Now all set at home she pictures little Tyronne running around and she starts to get saddened, but then realizes there is happiness that she feels like Twana truly was happy someone was there to listen to her. Being a researcher she had to document the hows and whys of her life, and now they can learn how to help her and others like her in the future.


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