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by: Alyssa Leathers

COMMWeek11.pdf Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim

Alyssa Leathers
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from week 11 of class.
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Leathers on Friday March 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim at Ohio State University taught by Jonathan Anderegg in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 63 views.

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Date Created: 03/27/15
COMM 3597 Media and Terrorism 32715 1154 AM Week Eleven March 25th and March 27th Terror Management Spying and Surveillance News Items 0 Suicide Bombings 0 Twin bombings ISIS o Targeting worshipers 0 Terrorism act 0 Nightmare attacks 0 Framing of news reports 0 President Candidacy Announcement Ted Cruz 0 Privacy rights phones email etc Common core repeal school choice Equaleducann Israel nation relationship unapologetically Born in US o Upholding claims Posing an Existential Threat Terrorism and Terror Management 0 Terror Management 0 People construct world views partially to avoid death anxiety 0 When that worldview is threatened anxiety increases 0 How can ones world be threatened Alternate worldview n Convert them a Exterminate them a Derogate outgroup Death related events a Deny vulnerability n Derogate violators of cultural norms n Increase reverence for cultural symbols n Increase liking for charismatic leaders I Increase consumption of media biased towards ones viewpoint Ex flying plane crashing right afterat same time change anxiety Distal and Proximal Reactions OOOO o Proximal Reaction to threat Initial reactions conscious rational cognitive distortion 0 Distal Reaction distant Worldview defenseselfesteem enhancing Can be both positive and negative Ex 911 support for familiesfirst responderscharity donations people wanted to give 0 Violent Reaction 0 Priming morality and terrorism in Iran and US Remind someone of own death act more violently towards those who they believe threaten them 0 Reminded of death legacy values etc o Priming the value of compassion to a strongly religious subject pool Desire to fulfill values when primed Writing Prompt 0 Ted talkquot 0 Iran developing nuclear weapons Energy vs threat 0 Seek ways to make peace 0 Appeasement will not work Hitler analogy 0 Why is this analogy so strongly used when talking about Iranquot News Item 0 CornellISIS club proposal 0 Did he understand the conversation Poorjournalism misrepresentation Privacy vs Publicity Surveillance 0 Observation increases prosocial behaviors in society voting charitable donations decrease in crime The Importance of Privacy 0 Surveillance encourages adherence to social norms o How much can we trust current power structure or societal consensus to be in everyone s best interests 0 Exploration of new ideas not currently approved 0 Opposition to current powers Era of Social Media Desire for both connection publicity and protection privacy Almost everything we do is part of a public self Citizen fourquot documentary Discussion Prompt How did this story influence how you feel about the need for privacy in the Internet age Hybrid of democracy and dictatorship o How much power How much trust Good Bad Good aspects at home bombers etc Bad aspects freezing accounts etc Generations of technology changes Vulnerability from sharing Change the mindset Inner circle etc Government decisions we don t know what s going on collecting it allthen what False indicators gone wrong backpack and pressure cooker What can be done to preventchange Should that be donechanges 32715 1154 AM 32715 1154 AM


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