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AGR 109 Week 1 8/25

by: Julissa Navarrete

AGR 109 Week 1 8/25 AGR 109

Julissa Navarrete

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About this Document

These are class notes from 8/25
Intro Ag Industry
Robert Rhykerd
Class Notes
resume, Cover Letter
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julissa Navarrete on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AGR 109 at Illinois State University taught by Robert Rhykerd in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Intro Ag Industry in Agriculture at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
AGR 109 Week 1: 8/25 RESUME AND COVER LETTER PRESENTATION – Megan Kayfish, Career Advisor Student Services Building (Career Center)  Room 110 and 185 (First Floor)  Monday- Friday 8am-4:30pm  Services: Drop-In hours, mock interviews and interview stream (practice interview), One-to-one career counseling (make appointment), Hire-a- Redbird, Career Fairs and Programs, Free Business Cards and Resume Printing  Resume  What is a resume? o Marketing tool, summary of your skills and abilities, targeted, relevant and unique, driven by results, must be compelling!  Customize resume frequently o Create and resume template then customize for each position  Make a skill list (Do I have the skills they desire?) o They need___, I learned this at____(Ex: part-time job, volunteer work, student organization, college education)  Use words in the job description to put in application or resume o Employers use applicant tracking software to scan for keywords to determine interview fit  The Layout 1. Contact information a. Name at the top in CAPITAL and BOLD, mailing address, phone number, email address b. 2. Career objective(optional) a. Concise and specific or state skill sets b. To obtain… a summer internship, a position 3. Summary of qualifications/ Key skills(optional) 4. Education history (related academic projects, related coursework) a. Institution, location (city, state), degree, date of degree, majors, minors, areas of concentration, GPA or academic honors (optional) b. Ex: Illinois State University, Normal, IL Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - Animal Science, May 2020 Major GPA: 3.4/4.0 5. Related experience (internships, part-time jobs, job shadowing, volunteer, classroom experiences) a. Identify skills gained (transferable skills) b. Most recent goes first c. Format: Job title, employer, location, duration… add accomplishments, bullet positions d. Formula: Strong action word or 2 + skill gained e. Ex: Before-Worked on family farm After-Planned and scheduled farming activities and performed duties such as planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting, applying herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer 6. Involvement(Activities/Service) a. Extracurricular participation that points out abilities that relate to the potential employer(professional) i. Ex: Member, Alpha Gamma Rho, Illinois State University Fall 2015-Present (Far right) Organized event that raised over $1,000 for student scholarships b. Activities can also reflect volunteerism that contributes to your transferable skill set i. Ex: Just Read Program Volunteer, Normal Public Library, Normal, IL Fall 2015-Present (Far right) 7. Special skills (technical {computer} skills, languages, special equipment, CPR, first aid, military) 8. Honor and Awards  Reference Page o Include my contact info or resume header o References at top o 3-5 references (faculty, supervisors-get permission) (Name, title, organization, contact info-address, phone number, email-, and relationship to me  Research o What to research: products and services (what they are known for), core functions of business, how do they see themselves, mission, vision goals, culture and values, geographic markets, organizational structures (rough size of company), main completion, recent news (current initiatives, projects, products), industry issues o Don’t look like you memorized everything o Where to look: websites, brochures, blogs, news, online papers, employees, career fairs, LinkedIn  Goals for Resume: Internships, High GPA, Clubs, Leadership, Employment  One page for students and new grads  Distinct headings that are easy to read  Check for set up of resume  Check for grammar and spelling (this is BIG!)  No I’s, no periods, use active voice, no pronouns, and appropriate tenses  Basic font style 10-12 point font  Neat, well organized, short and concise  Printer on quality resume paper Cover Letter  What is it? Supplement to your resume that includes more detailed information about yourself, used in response to specific job postings, expresses your interest in a position, links what they want with what you have, reveals your ability to write well  Customize your letter for each position  Steps 1. Heading: address, city, state, zip and date Inside Address: name of individual (recruiter), title, company, address, city, state and zip Salutation: “Dear Mr.”, “Dear Mrs.”, “Dear Ms.” Ex: 117 North Agriculture Lane Normal, IL 61761 (309) 438-2200 (Right) August 15, 2015(Left) Mr. Kevin O’Connor, Recruiting Coordinator AgReliant Genetics LLC 11 Kruse Ct. Groveland, IL 61535(Left) Dear Mr. O’Connor: (Left) 2. Main Body (1 paragraph) a. Grab reader’s attention, indicate the position you are applying for, list how you heard about the job Ex: I am writing to apply for the Seed Corn Production Internship position with AgReliant Genetics LLC. Dr. Rob Rhykerd, professor of agriculture at Illinois State University, suggested that I contact you. The position seems to fit very well with my education, experience, and career interests. 3. 2nd paragraph a. Indicate why you are interested in the position, emphasize your strongest qualifications or top selling points, provide specific examples of your accomplishments, how it benefited previous companies or in previous class projects, and indicate how these skills will benefit the company you are currently applying for Ex: In my previous internship with Agronomic Insights, I was responsible for crop scouting approximately 4,000 acres. During my internship, I created a scouting report system that increased efficiencies and streamlined data collection. The system was implemented company-wide. I also bring excellent communication skills, attention to detail and customer service experience. I believe my experience in field-crop production and soil management coupled with my agronomy background and specialization in agricultural genetics and plant biotechnology will provide strong qualifications for the position.  Other Options: Bulleted list, spell it out, tell a story 4. 3 paragraph YOUR REQUIREMENTS: MY QUALIFICATIONS: -High level of customer service -Four years’ experience in retail sales providing effective customer service -Assist with daily production operations -Completed 10-week crop scouting internship -Operate machinery as needed -Skilled in operating a variety of machinery used on family farm 5. Closing paragraph a. Request an interview, indicate a possible time and date, repeat contact information, tell them you will contact X number of days (optional), thank them for their time Ex: Passion for the agriculture field, my skills, and my proven work performance make me an excellent choice for the Seed Production Internship with AgReliant Genetics. Thank you for considering my application and qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future about the prospect of an interview. Option: I shall call you next week to see if a meeting can be arranged. 6. Ending the Letter Sincerely, (4 spaces to sign your name) Type your name Enclosure (Signals you have included your resume and/or reference list)


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