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CAS 111, Week 1 Notes

by: Chelsea Dickens

CAS 111, Week 1 Notes CAS 111

Marketplace > Michigan State University > CAS 111 > CAS 111 Week 1 Notes
Chelsea Dickens
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Hey all! These notes cover the first lecture notes. They are basic and to the point of course, but just in case you'd like a quick review without the hassle of reading the slides this is it! St...
Creativity and Design: Form, Content and Meaning
m. zakharia
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chelsea Dickens on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CAS 111 at Michigan State University taught by m. zakharia in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 132 views.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
1.Quiz is about lecture 2.40,000 BC early communication is themed 3.Cave of the Swimmers in Egypt/Libian area on Sahara border a.Climate change causes decay but still used as a teaching tool 4.Hieroglyphics on walls and papyrus (paper) carved for stories and documentation a.Chinese also used 5.Smoke Signal 800 B.C. a.Peaked in Greece by Polybius b.Communicated messages between distances c.Used by College of Cardinals today in Rome i. Especially when electing a new Pope 6.Carrier pigeons TH a.Long history starting at 8 century B.C. b.Also used in World War II 7.Paper 200 B.C. a.Oldest paper dates back to 256 A.D. b.Invented by Chinese in 2nd century in Han Dynasty v c.Spread through the Silk Road to the West 8.Gutenberg’s Printing press 1439 a.German and created “mechanical movable type printing” b.Revolution for the Renaissance era and increased the education of the public-not just aristocrats c.Also helped not just the rebirth of culture but also helped spark religious evolution as everyone had access to the Bible (first printed book) and began to question the Catholic church 9.The Bellman (The T own crier), U.K. 1540 a.Announce news or events to the public b.Order of public policy in the country c.Still used for the birth of the royal children of Kate and William 10. Newspaper in 1600s 11. Camera Obscura a.Leo da Vinci and other artists to make drawings with perspective i. Trace picture upside down 12. First Photograph, 1826 by French Joseph Niepce a.Light sensitive material and left an eight our exposure 13. Morse Code a.1831 Joseph Henry creates the first electric telegraph, similar to morse machine b.later, the code was created in 1835 by Samuel Morse 14. Pony Express a.USPS started this way b.1861 a group of riders would deliver mail on horseback 15. Telephone, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell a.Operator answered without dialing and then connected to other person b.Switch board was used to connect people c.Dial was created 20 some years later 16. Color Printing, 1880 a.Primary colors 17. Movie Camera 1888 18. Radio 1916 a.Created with tuners b.Vast improvement over the newspaper 19. First TV Broadcast in 1927 20. First Electronic Computer a.First of its kind and the last as it took up an entire 14 by 16 ft room 21. Birth of the Internet 1969 a.Researchers connected between only two computers b.Developed to WWW. in the 90s 22. First Microprocessor, 1971 Intel a.Brain power behind laptops and smartphones b.Pulled together by pioneers like Steve Jobs and Wozniak to create a computer 23. First Cell Phone, 1979 a.Started in Japan b.Around 13 lbs 24. WWW a.Email 25. Web 2.0, 2003 a.Changed from read-only to social communication b.2004, Facebook is created c.Youtube in 2005 d.2006 Twitter


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