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Steve Craig Article

by: marina.lopez Notetaker

Steve Craig Article ENG 0802 - 081

marina.lopez Notetaker
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Summary, Notes, Analysis
Analytical Reading and Writing
Thomas Leslie Robinson
Class Notes
english, craig, SteveCraig, Gender, Society, advertisement
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by marina.lopez Notetaker on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 0802 - 081 at Temple University taught by Thomas Leslie Robinson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Analytical Reading and Writing in ENGLISH (ENG) at Temple University.

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Date Created: 09/07/16
Friday, September 2, 2016 When You Come Home Notes and Summary I. Advertisment Visual (When You Come Home) advertising a Pyrene Fire Extinguisher A. Image: 1. Father coming home comforting wife 2. Children reaching for parents calmly and relaxed 3. Strategic Placement of fire extinguisher on wall to the left 4. Blurred seemingly angelic visual of the mother using Fire extinguisher in right a) Below Reads “***and Pyrene Saved Us” B. Patho-Emotional Relation 1. Creates a sense of safety in relation to the product towards families 2. Personification when referencing the fire extinguisher as Pyrene 3. References your dearest possesions as the family and the fire extinguisher as the savior preventing possible disaster Gender and the Economics of Television Advertising II. A. Psuedo-Scientific Method: 1. Demographics, Age, Sex a) Search for higher concentration of the target audience b) Computers have begun matching products based off previous purchases c) Some simply request a large audience however (Quality over quantity) 2. Gendered Television and Commercials a) “Feminine” gentle, comfort, sweet, tender b) “Macho” assertive, strong, determined goal centered III. Four Commercials (Craig mentions he choose typical adds) 1 Friday, September 2, 2016 A. Men’s Men 1. Description: White blonde male cleans car to find picture of himself and two friends posed with a trophy-sized sailfish. Flashback begins to a skyline car ride and a sunset beach walk. Announcer then relates the satisfaction of going places to America’s most satisfying car. The flashback continues of the men, knee deep in the ocean watching women pass. Photos followed by shots in the ocean leading up to the original photograph with the prized fish. The final shot is the car freshly washed and the man in his fisherman gear giving the car a final polish to walk away imposed by the words “Acura” and “Precision Crafted Performance”. a) This commercial reinforces male fantasies for an enviornment of clear masculinity and male domination. The womens apperance in this commercial is nothing more than an anonymous object of desire. B. Men’s Women 1. Description: Cheap road side cafe sits a couple holding hands and a blonde waitress looks up to see a man enter the cafe as “I Put a Spell On You” begins to play in the background. We see the waitress begin to sweat as the female sitting with her man pulls her hand away. The waitress takes his order of “Miller Genuine Draft.” The man pops the bottle open with his thumb and the announcer states. “For those of you who discover this real draft taste… the world is a very cool place.” The product built a connection to a lust by random women which is seemingly a typical male fantasy. Those who hold roles of patriarchy are the final descision makers for the portrayal of women in these adds. Women’s Women C. 1. Description: Weight Watcher commercial where you are seemingly in her thoughts however she is not directly speaking. She shows that it can be effortless as she eats things like pizza and still work towards a better figure. One scene shows the womans hand pushing the balance weight ower on the scale.The advertisement consists of a happy family and a satisfied husband who shows his apporval with a kiss. 2. The article follows with various statistic: 3% of voiceovers during weekend sports were by women and 60% of voiceovers during daytime were heard in commercials for body-related products. 2 Friday, September 2, 2016 D. Women’s Men 1. Description: Shows couple in the morning. The woman has already taken a swim, prepared breakfast and showered then encorages her man to do the same. He is tired and she discredits his work however, he is not to tired to show her his attraction to her as she submits to him with a sigh. The deodarant advertisies secret and states that t is sporty clean. “Strong enought for men, but PH-balanced for an active women.” 2. This womans man is sensitive but strong and takes initiative. This is not only sexual fullfilment of a womans fantasy however, it is also the showing of a secure and reliable relationship. IV. Each form of commercial reflects a genders fantasies or anxieties. Entire industries relflect these these stereotypes such as fashion, makeup, and automobile. These roles in advertisement have become more subtle and insidious and the only escape is awareness and how it is defining of social insecurities as well as mass gender steroetypes. 3 Friday, September 2, 2016 Marina Lopez Steve Craig’s describes gender as social and encouraged through social media and advertisment. It is biological when discussed in physical terms however, from birth our gender is evolved and definined by our name, our room or clothing color, or our toys chosen for us. Patriarchy is factored into Craigs disscusion of Men’s Men and Men’s Women. His Men’s men example was of an Acura Advertisement where the only showing of a woman was reinforces male fantasies for an enviornment of clear masculinity and male domination. The womens apperance in this commercial is nothing more than an anonymous object of desire. The car itself is described as a gateway to freedom. The second example he offers that also exemplifies patriarchy in the industry is the Men’s Women where the man is desired by all women even those who are already taken and he is catered to as well. This commercial is for Miller Genuine Draft beer. “I Put a Spell On You” plays in the background and shows a great example of a males fantasy to be desired. The man pops the beer bottle open with his thumb showing masculinity and causes the male audience to aquire that same feeling. The announcer continues on to say, “For those of you who discover this real draft taste…the world is a very cool place.” The product built a connection to a lust by random women and blatant strength and presence which is a common male expectation. I agree with Craigs conclusion that those who hold roles of patriarchy are the final descision makers for the portrayal of women and men in these adds. These adds I feel hold more of a negative social consequences because they encourage gender expectations and enhance social anxieties such as apperance, ownership and control. I feel adds that are more realistic would be much better for our society as a whole even though it may not be better for industries that relflect these stereotypes such as the fashion, makeup, and automobile industry. A more effective and less degrading add may be a mother who is actually struggling with her weight and the stresses of work and family. Maybe the commercial can show her using the meals with thier limited supply of food and the husband encouraging her journey from beginning to end instead of only when she is appealing to societies standard. 4


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