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Philosophy 100 Class Notes from first 2 weeks of class

by: Matt Notetaker

Philosophy 100 Class Notes from first 2 weeks of class PHI 100

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Philosophical / Religious / Ethical Perspectives > PHI 100 > Philosophy 100 Class Notes from first 2 weeks of class
Matt Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes cover what can/will be on the first exam (mid-term).
Intro to Philosophy
Daniel T. Scheffler
Class Notes
basics, Of, Philosphy
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Matt Notetaker on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHI 100 at University of Kentucky taught by Daniel T. Scheffler in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Intro to Philosophy in Philosophical / Religious / Ethical Perspectives at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 09/07/16
PHI 100 Class Notes  World View: How people view the world, life and interpret reality. o World view is not optional. We all have a world view. o Nihilism (look this up) o Various ways that people form world views:  1. Stories: Way to make sense of the world around you. Any narrative that people give. Sometimes viewed as good or bad.  Ex: Adam & Eve (where did evil come from)  Ex. Aphrodite (origin of love)  Ex. Prometheus – name means thinking ahead of time (stole fire from gods and gave it to humans, so he was tortured for eternity)  Ex: Big Bang Theory (where did we come from)  Is it all true? Or is that just words combined together?  There can be truth is false things  About perception  If it leads or sets up people to fail in life (bad)  Presents reality in a false way (ex. Nazi Germany)  False = Telling it like it isn’t  True = Telling it like it is  Need the way that reality actually is and the way that a person tells a story (For equation to work)  Deal with evidence and arguments  Philosophy is born in the history of human race o Questions on what is true and false about reality Philosophy & Religious Explanation  How can we prove something is true & false in religion? o Ex. Adam & Eve Story  “God said so” – But why should we believe ‘him’  Would God lie to us?  Nobile Lie: Because we can’t handle the truth?  Religion is based on Revelation 2 o Term for any time that God communicates something to humans  Appeals to revelation in order to show something Is real or true  Philosophy tries to answer the same questions as religion but the only difference is that they use arguments and reason, rather than revelation  Two different kinds of revelation o General - God has revealed something that’s accessible to any human at any time at any place (ex. Stars, Conscious from god of a basic sense of right & wrong) You don’t have to belong to a certain culture to see these things o Special - Communication from God that’s only available to special or certain people (Ex. Caron or Bible) Question: What happens when we get competing claims to revelation? o How do we decide which one is true?  Polls (bias), Logic Philosophical and Religion explanations interact, either discrediting or adding support for one another  Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Video 3 o Platonism vs. Nominalism o Naturalism o Organized anti-religion “The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being” -Socrates, Apology, 38a  Difference between stories and everything else, is that stories themselves don’t appeal to anything that is true or false  Once you start saying it is true or false, then you are doing more than just telling the story  The moment you start doing philosophy is when you ask if something is actually true or false (truth question)  Science answers truth questions about the world/universe by appealing to experimental observation/data (scientific explanation)  Religious Explanation – appeals to come type of divine revelation  Philosophers appeal to facts that they observe  Philosophy and science both uses observation  Science sort of limits itself  Science is empirical observation o Science uses math but you can observe math with your five senses  Philosophy appeals to logic  Video Notes o People are very specialized 4 o Need to bring people together in discipline environments o Language is very important to gather diversity in a group of people o Things look different from the outside, then how they truly are on the inside o Not optional to have a philosophy on your world view  You’re still giving reasons as to why you believe the things you do o Choice between Folk or serious philosophy (we should start thinking critically about our reasons)  Boundary Question o Relevant question to science but can’t be answered based on science itself (ex. Why is there something rather than nothing?) o No experiment or observation can’t answer these questions alone o Science relies on conceptual ideas (not physical objects, ex. 2+2=4) 5


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