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Race for America US History 8/31/16: HIST 1311

by: Abby Chase

Race for America US History 8/31/16: HIST 1311 HIST 1311

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1311 > Race for America US History 8 31 16 HIST 1311
Abby Chase
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes go over Dr. Ables lecture from 8/31/16 regarding the Race for America. Colonies Spain and France use different tactics in order to begin colonizing in the New World and send explorers t...
U.S. History to 1865
Dr. Able
Class Notes
race, for, America, Chapter, Able, history, us, UTA, University, Of, texas, AT, arlington, hist, 1311, Spain, france, powers, explorers, mwf, 8am, abby, chase
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Chase on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Able in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see U.S. History to 1865 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
The Racefor America 1492-1630 These noteswillcover:  The Race for America o Exploration andColonization  Age of Exploration  European Competition  Empire and Colonies  Mercantilism o Spanish Colonialism o Dutch and French Enter the Game  New France  Louisiana  New Netherlands andNew Sweden o Britain Comes Late  Henry Hudson  British Companies o Continental Politics  Continental Rivalries  Colonies as Game Pieces European countries are trying to take land from other countries to gainpower during this time God, Glory, Gold  God- ideaofreligionveryimportanttopeopleatthetime.Goaltoconvertor forceAmerican IndianstobecomeChristiansbctheyreceivesalvationanyways.Rivalrystartsbetweendifferent typesofChristianity,andeachother(especiallyagainstthecatholicfaith).Peoplespreadtheir ownversionoftheChristianfaith.  Glory-centralto theideaofgovernmentsatthetime.Almosteverycountryisamonarchy.No such thingas anationyet.(Dutchrepublicexcluded)Whenacountrysettlesacolonytheyare addingto thepowerofthemonarch.  Gold-possiblecouldmeananyresource.Conceptofgold,importantresourcesMERCANTILISM Prince Henry “The Navigator”  Portugueseareaftertraderoutes,theywanttotrade withAsiaandAfrica o The countrythat controlsthemeetingpointbetweentradeisthecountrythat controls thetrade o Thecountry at that timewastheOttomanEmpire o Theywereabletotax trade,and theydid. o PortuguesemadetheOttomanmad,sotheycut offtheirabilitytotradewithAfrica.  PrinceHenrytriedto findaway aroundtheOttoman o decidedtosailaroundAfrica o Inspiresotherstofollow. o Wasn’ta viableoptionfornormaltrade  Henrystartedthe ageof explorationforColumbustobeabletotravelwest. Mercantilism  Goal: Enrichthestate,realizedgovernmentsneededmorepoweroverthestate  Stateshouldamasswealth,particularlybullion/specie  Governmentsdidnothavealotofmoney,  Controloftrade allowedstatetogainwealth o Taxes,economicstimulus,makemoneythroughcontrollingtrade(taxing) Navyare responsiblefortaxing  Noblesareinchargeof thesecountries.Youarebornintoit and you do not work.  Createarmiesandmoreships  Colonies o Resources-takeresourcesandleave,orjustsettle.Mercantilistwantedtosettle. Wantedto makecoloniesrenewableresources,notextractioncolonies.Peoplewho moveto colonizewanttolivethesamewaytheydidintheirpastcountry,theybringall theirnecessitiestoliveliketheydidintheircountry. o NewMarkets– everycountrytradinginthenewworldtaxesoneach other. o Stimulatetrade Spain’sPower Mercantilism for largestates that arealready colonized. New world is colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese for about 200 years. Spanish arethe bestcolonizers because they are absolutely brutal and they do not care what happens to the people in their colonies. They knock over everything in their way, convert all natives to be catholic,usuallyenslave the natives,and completely redesignthe area they have colonized. The Spanish are the first to seehow much America has to offer. They useplantations. Navy areresponsible for taxing on the seas.Almost 200 years later, Spain is the most powerful empire in the world. Spain controlled about halfof western Europe in the 1520’s allowing them to build the empire that they wanted for power. By th the mid 16 century the Spanishwere referred to “TheEmpire on which the Sun never Set”. Catholic church is a centralized hierarchy. First and largestof the colonial powers. FrancePower Large,catholic,centralized, very powerful. Largestmost populous, richest colony inEurope. France has a lot of resources; therefore, they are not interested in colonizing. They wait until the 1530’s to travel to America, much after all other countries. Traveler Jacques Cartier was after the “Northwest” path and ended up in Canada.Explores and establishes a settlementon the St. Lawrence river. 1630’s,Samuel de Champlain travels to “new France” (Canada)settles the new French colony. There is only about 10,000 people in new France. France realized they could make friends with the American Indians inorder to get what they want, instead of following Spain and enslaving them. New France will continue to develop throughout the Mississippi riverby 1710. Smaller Countries  ModernBelgium-notacountry,arepublic,notabig population  You can build/buyanavybutyou can’t imposeyourwillliketheSpanish  Dutch Hirean EnglishmannamedHenryHudsontoexploretheNorthernpartoftheUS.  By late1500’s, newDutch colonyiscreatedinNewYork  NewSwedeniscreatedinNewJersey  Thereisno stateto pay forcolonization,ittakesatleast50 yearsto beprofitable  Englandispoorand doesnothaveresources,populationtobeagreat power-can’tcolonize  Englishwillsettle13Coloniesinthespacesthatare left, theydidthisbythe3G’s, but theygot to theparty lastso theygot theleftoversofAmerica-theycamearoundthe1730’s  Thenewcolonieswereverymuchapart of theoriginal (home/mainland)colonies.  Everytimethesecolonieswenttowar,theirnewcolonieswouldalsogotowar. Fightingto achieveultimatepowerandthenewcolonieswouldfightalongsidetheoriginals. o Ex. NewSpainwouldfightalongsideSpain


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