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CIS 2010, Week 3 Notes

by: Hagar Notetaker

CIS 2010, Week 3 Notes CIS 2010

Marketplace > Georgia State University > CIS 2010 > CIS 2010 Week 3 Notes
Hagar Notetaker
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Strategy & Info Systems from 9/7/16
Intro Computer Based Information Systems
James Senn
Class Notes
CIS, CIS2010, Computer, information, Systems, information technology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hagar Notetaker on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 2010 at Georgia State University taught by James Senn in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 169 views.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
CIS 9/7/16 Strategy & Information Systems Countering New Competition Threats #1  Switching Costs o Something of value current customers have to give up to change products, services or providers  EX: phone plans  IS & IT switching costs o Recognize valued customers offer differential pricing  Keep scoring data (delta miles)  Eliminate hassle New competitors add more capacity #2  Entry Barriers o Anything preventing entrepreneurs or established firms from creating or offering a new product or service to entire market  A cost established firm do not bear o EX: Microsoft had 90% of market o Economic, Tech, Regulatory  Scale, cost structure & productivity, network effects & installed base, intellectual property (patent), regulatory #3 Innovation  Customer centric innovation Change the basis of  Product/service innovation competition  Process innovation Avoid making exit barriers 2 kinds standards in market 1. Government standards 2. De facto standard (the market decides) Unforced Errors #4  Bad business practices & processes  Reengineer o Don’t work Repeatable o Deliver inconsistent results Remember able o Only certain people can carry it out Cross-functional CIS 9/7/16 o Complex & difficult to follow Efficient o Performed in isolation End-to-end focus Transactions trigger business process What do we expect from an  Transaction is a business activity enterprise processing a transaction o Accepting an order involving us? o Registering for a course o Processing a payment What characteristics of info systems o Creating an account & tech will help the enterprise meet o Accepting a log-in these expectations? Business Process  An ongoing collection of related activities that create a product or service of value to the organization, its business partners, &/or its customers 3 Elements 1. Input 2. Resources 3. Outputs IS & Business Process  IS’s vital role in 3 areas of business process o Executing the process o Capturing & storing process data o Monitoring process performance Executing process  IS’s help execute process by: o Inform employees when it is time to complete a task o Providing required data o Providing means to complete the task  Measure of excellence in executing business process o Productivity o Cost reduction o Customer satisfaction o Cycle & fulfillment time reduction o Quality CIS 9/7/16 o Differentiation Business Pressures  Market Pressures o Globalization  Integration & interdependence of economic, social, cultural, & ecological facets of life, made possible by rapid advances in IT o Changing nature of work force o Powerful Customers  Increasing consumer sophistication & expectations consumer has more knowledge about products/services, price comparison, & electronic auctions.  Customer relationship management  Technology Pressures o Tech innovation & obsolesce  Rapid development of both new & substitute products & services o Info overload  Vast stores of data, info, & knowledge  Difficulties in managing data for decision making  Societal/political/legal pressures o Social responsibility o Compliancy w/ gov’t regulations o Protection against terrorist attacks o Ethical issues Business-information Technology Alignment  Tight integration of the IT function w/ organization’s structure, mission & goals Use digital advantage  Products & markets  innovation  Competitive environment  change basis of environment  Suppliers & partners  create barriers


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