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August 23 Notes: Gender Theories: Biological Theories

by: Layla Notetaker

August 23 Notes: Gender Theories: Biological Theories COM 316

Marketplace > Arizona State University > School of Communications > COM 316 > August 23 Notes Gender Theories Biological Theories
Layla Notetaker
GPA 4.0
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About this Document

-Lecture Notes on Biological Theories -Corresponds with Textbook Reading (Linde, Jennifer A., & Edson, Belle A (third edition.), The Process of Gender. Pages 3-9
Gender and Communications
Daniel Brouwer
Class Notes
Hormones, DNA, human sexuality




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Layla Notetaker on Thursday September 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to COM 316 at Arizona State University taught by Daniel Brouwer in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Gender and Communications in School of Communications at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 09/08/16
REMINDERS: Online Group Discussion this Friday: opportunities to explore with up to 8­9 of your peers a topic of interest First come first serve ­On thursday, we will take up variation in the category of sex and talk about more chromosomal  combinations ­we’ll move into psychological readings Pages 9 to 17 Theory:  ● An idea that hasn’t been proven. ● Evidence ● “A way of seeing” ● Partial ○ Bias ○ Multiple Viewpoints ○ Positionality(everyone views things from a different position) ○ Arguments ○ incomplete  ● All of us are vernacular theorist  ○ Ex of a vernacular gender theory: women are worse drivers than men ○ Or: women do all the talking in the workplace. Women talk a lot Biological Theories ● Hormones ○ Chemical Messengers that influence appearance and behaviors ○ Every human has both androgens and estrogens ○ Estrogens ■ Etymology: “extreme mental agitation” ■ Levels: 10x higher in typical females than in typical males ■ Functions ● Deposits of fat around chest and hips ● Slowing down the processing of alcohol (lightweight) ● Estrogens are more necessary for survival ○ Androgens (man chemicals) ■ Levels: 10X higher in typical males than in typical females ■ Cycles: Starting at age 30, men’s testosterone drop by about 1% ■ Violence: in society, girls are encouraged to submerge their aggression  ● DNA/Chromosomes ○ 900 to 2000 genes on the X chromosome ○ 70­200 genes on the Y chromosome(sex determining region. Always male human) ○ A biological theorist acknowledges that psychology and culture explain some things, but the  best argument is through biology: sex ○ RIGHT BRAIN­female association ■ Intuitive, english, arts ○ LEFT BRAIN­male association  ■ Logical, mathematical, disorganized ○ Corpus callosum pulls together the lobes of the brain ■ Typically bigger in women ■ Women use both sides more, so the exercise tissue between the two lobes gets bigger ○ Scientists say that even when using one side, we still use the other one too at the same time ○ Some scientists say there are parts of the brain that are bigger in gay men ○ One side of the brain will compensate when the other side of the brain is injured Sex Organs ● Biological distinction: clitoris has twice the amount of nerves ● Culturally: the penis is bigger than the clitoris so it’s better because bigger is better ● Sperm(the great race, millions of sperm, competition) and eggs(chillin, brushing her hair)


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