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WGS 150 - Week 3 Lecture Notes

by: Samantha Fischer

WGS 150 - Week 3 Lecture Notes WGS 150

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > Social Studies > WGS 150 > WGS 150 Week 3 Lecture Notes
Samantha Fischer
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About this Document

9/8/16 - Lecture notes covering colonies, gender, & the Triangle Trade. Reading from Angela Davis, “The Legacy of Slavery: Standards for a New Womanhood in Women, Race and Class"
Women and Gender in U.S. History and Society
Maria Cappelli
Class Notes
wgs 150 notes, Women's Studies, Women's History, WGS150, Feminism, race, slavery




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Fischer on Thursday September 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WGS 150 at San Francisco State University taught by Maria Cappelli in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Women and Gender in U.S. History and Society in Social Studies at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 09/08/16
Week Three – 9/8/16 Lecture Notes  Important Term Important Concept Important Person Separation of Spheres Paradigm  Gendered “spheres” o Kitchen VS Football Field o Found in workplace, children’s toys, etc.  Institution of slavery both supported and went against this Women’s Work  Generally, unpaid work and “reproductive labor” o Labor that maintains life  Childcare, laundry, cooking, etc.  Chattel slavery  Paid labor, often reproductive labor o Seamstress, laundress, babysitter Sexual Division of Labor  Feminization of certain professions o Nurses, secretary, caregiver o Valued as lesser paid skill, less important  Image of higher positions as masculine o CEO  Feminization of poverty o Female households make a lot less than those with male head of household  Women with custody of children  Women with children out of wedlock o Tendency of predictable poverty The Personal is Political  Kinship and marriage o Society dictates what is encouraged and accepted  Hetero relationships, parenting styles  Sexuality and Homosociality o Fraternities, sororities, bathrooms  Reproductive rights and motherhood o Access to birth control and education  Planned Parenthood  Disciplines of the body o Hair, body size, cleanliness, shaving o Subjected to social expectations Plantations Prohibited  Marriage  Funerals and mourning  Reading and computing  Gathering for religious ceremony Week Three – 9/8/16 Lecture Notes  Important Term Important Concept Important Person  Soul of those in bondage criminalized  All gendered acts o Conventional femininity made impossible  Rebelling against (making self conventionally feminine) would be a masculine action Harriet Jacobs and Her Grandmother  Expectation of impossible demands between white men and her grandmother o White men expected her to act as an object o Grandmother expected conventional femininity  Proper, innocent to sexual advances  When has white man’s children (in hopes to buy freedom) grandmother furious o Sex out of wedlock Harriet Tubman  Established Underground Railroad  Gender made her invisible o Used prejudices to her advantage  White supremacists turned traits of courage, leadership, etc. into transgressions against gender Angela Davis  Activist and scholar  Member of Black Panther Party o Seen as terrorists historically o Monitored police  Challenged brutality o Provided community programs (targeted poverty)  Free breakfasts and health clinics o FBI called party “the greatest threat to internal security  Instituted surveillance, infiltration, perjury and harassment  Government sees leadership as threat “Women, Race, and Class” Angela Davis  Page 11 - “Black women must have been profoundly affected by their experiences during slavery. Some, no doubt, were broken and destroyed, yet the majority survived and, in the process, acquired qualities considered taboo by the nineteenth-century ideology of womanhood… It is possible, of course, that this traveler’s observations were tainted by racism of the paternalistic variety, but if not, then perhaps these women had learned to extract from the oppressive circumstances of their life the strength they needed to resist the daily dehumanization” o Strength came out of it  Not a positive; no silver lining of slavery  Sexual equality in labor for one’s own community Week Three – 9/8/16 Lecture Notes  Important Term Important Concept Important Person o Division of slave work and slaves living area (community) o Male and Females did reproductive work o Transforms the “negative equality” from oppression they suffered into a positive equality Moyniham Report, 1965  “Black Matriarchy Thesis”  Govt. sough to find why black families more often in poverty  Believed black women drove away black men with their strength o Intimidation o Men made more money, therefore without man in household fell to poverty  “partus sequitur ventrem” o The child follows the condition of the mother o Poor because raised poor


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