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HFT2750 Willming Week 1-2

by: Sarah Rinehart

HFT2750 Willming Week 1-2 HFT 2750

Marketplace > University of Florida > HFT 2750 > HFT2750 Willming Week 1 2
Sarah Rinehart

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About this Document

These notes include class notes from week 1-2 (CH 1 and Detailed Site Instructions) as well as CH 1 book notes (focusing on material not covered in class)
Event Management
Cynthia Willming
Class Notes
Event, Hospitality, Lodging
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Rinehart on Thursday September 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HFT 2750 at University of Florida taught by Cynthia Willming in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.

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Date Created: 09/08/16
HFT2750 CH 1 Book Notes Key Edu = education  Promo = promotional Accepted Practices Exchange  Convention Industry Council (CIC): facilitates the exchange of info and develops  programs to promote professionalism w/in the meeting/convention/exhibition industry o APEX: initiative of the CIC that brings together stakeholders to enhance  efficiencies throughout the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry What is a meeting?  Meeting: an event where the primary activity of the participants is to attend edu sessions, participate in discussions, social functions, or attend other organized events o No exhibit component o Synonym: conference Industry Terminology and Practice  Exhibition: an event at which products, services, or promo materials are displayed to  attendees visiting exhibits on the show floor o Exposition/Trade show: business to business (B2B0)  Event: an organized occasion such as a meeting, convention, exhibition, exhibition,  special event, gala dinner, etc o Often composed of several diff/related Functions  Convention: gathering of delegates, representatives, and members of a membership or  industry organization convened for a common purpose o Include edu sessions, committee meetings, social functions, etc o Typically, recurring events with specific, established timing  Trade Show: exhibition of products/services held for members of a common/related  industry o Not open to general public o Consumer show: open to general public  Seminar: lecture/dialogue allowing participants to share experiences in a particular field  under guidance of an expert discussion leader o Meeting/series of meetings of 10­50 specialists who have diff specific skills but  common interest and come together for training or learning purposes  Workshop: meeting of several persons for intensive discussion. Developed to  compensate for diverging views in a particular discipline/subject o Informal/public session of free discussion o Training session where participants develop knowledge in a given field  Conference: participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact finding, problem  solving, and consultation o An event used to meet/exchange views, convey a message, open a debate, or give  publicity to some area of opinion on an issue o Generally short w/ specific objectives  Clinic: workshop­type edu experience where attendees learn by doing  Breakout session: small group sessions, panels, workshops or presentations offered  within the event to focus on specific subjects  Assembly: general/formal meeting of an organization attended by representatives of its  membership to decide legislative direction, policy matters, the election of internal  committees, approval of balance sheets/budgets, etc  Congress: regular coming together of large groups to discuss a particular subject o Can last several days  Forum: an open discussion w/ an audience, panel, or moderator  Symposium: meeting of a number of experts in a particular field, where papers are  presented and discussed by specialists on particular subjects  Institute: in­depth instructional meeting providing intensive education on a particular  subject  Lecture: informative/instructional speech  Panel discussion: instructional technique using a group of people chosen to discuss a  topic in the presence of an audience Organizational structure of Hospitality Industry  Lodging: lodging segment consists of all types places where travelers may spend the  night HFT2750 CH 1 Class Notes Key  Mgmt. = management   Bw = between  >> = became/ lead to  Gov = government  Edu = education Events Impact  Triple Bottom Line  Economic  Cultural Impacts  Environmental  History of Events Conventions and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) >> Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO)  Olympics – Greeks o Military training. Showing off for gods   Ancient Rome Coliseum  o First cement amphitheater  o Fighting until death. Heads on stakes showcased = means of social control  1949 Convention Industry Organization founded  1960 Hilton had space for convention center Convention Industry Council Definitions (APEX)  Event: planned, temporary, and people  Event Mgmt: application of project mgmt  Meeting: business, edu, or social purposes Top 15 Meeting Destinations  Orlando, FL  Nashville, TN  Las Vegas, NV  Phoenix, AZ  Chicago, IL  Miami, FL  San Diego, CA  New Orleans, LA  ATL, GA  Denver, CO  Washington, D.C  San Francisco, CA  NY, NY  San Antonio, TX  Dallas, TX Event Size  Mega o Ex. Olympics, Superbowl o GLOBAL: Both domestic and international o 100,000 + people  Hallmark/regional o Ex. Mardi Gras, Macy’s Day Parade, Ball Drop in NY, Gasparilla o Occurs in same location every year  Major o Ex. Orlando Fair  Minor o Ex. Alachua County Fair o Mainly locals  Event Types  Gov  SMERF o Social, military, edu, religious, fraternal  Sport  Social Life Cycle o Ex. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings  Cause Related o Typically, fundraisers  Cultural  Fairs and Festivals  MICE: Meetings, incentive travel, conferences, exhibitions o Conference: edu based  Incentive Travel: used to increase/reward worker productivity.  Event Associations  International Special Event Society (ISES) o Certified special events professional (CSEP)  International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) o Certified Festival and event exec (CFEE)  Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) o Certified incentive specialists (CIS)  There are a variety of certifications that are specialized for specific industries.   Difference bw gov (public) organization and private organization? o Gov requires specific standards (tax exempt). Stricter budget and more  limitations.  Interconnected Industries  Hospitality  Tourism  Events  Event MGMT as a   profession   Event planner  Destination mgmt.  Meeting planner  Hotels  Wedding planner  Convention centers  Hotel/conference sales  Exposition services contractors  Restaurant sales  Destination marketing organizations  Entertainment/sporting venue sales  University event director  Cruise event director  Health event director  Fitness event director Corporate Event Planners  Meeting and event planner  legal marketing and events planner  Event operations manager  senior event planner  conference planner  association event planner  convention planner  exhibition coordinator Non­Profit Event Planner Tax exempt, little money to pay event managers, smaller  program manager  development specialist  program supervisor  community market manager  program coordinator  fund development coordinator  exec. Assistant  donor relations  community relations manager  volunteer coordinator  development director  volunteer services specialist  sponsorship coordinator  event coordinator  communications assistant  campaign and event coordinator Tourism and Resort Event Planner  international tourism sales manager  Assistant resort manager  tourism promo manager  Resorts operations manager  project coordinator, chamber of   Resort promo and marketing commerce  Resort marketing coordinator  communications specialists, chamber   Resort recreations manager of commerce  Resort activities director  PR specialist, chamber of commerce  Festival coordinator Sport Event Planner  Tournament director   Event project manager  Assistant campus operations manager  Operations supervisor  Director of event marketing  Event manager  Senior special events coordinator  Site development and programming  Sponsorship coordinator  Director of event services HFT 2750 ­ Site Inspection Assignment    Name: _____________________________ Site/Venue Inspection Date:                                            A. EVENT PROFILE  Event Title: ______________________________________________________________ Event Date(s): ____________________________________________________________ Host Company: organization that may not actually plan conference/event but is involved  in establishing the event for community/ company (ex. Host company: March of Dimes,  Event put on by Gainesville Gators) Event Objectives: _________________________________________________________ Event Site/Venue: _________________________________________________________                       Type of Event:  qConference     qTrade Show   qProfessional/Business    qConsumer      qSpecial Event qIncentive    qCity­Wide (takes place at multiple locations across city)   qOther                                                                                                 Event Frequency: qOne Time Only    qBiennial    qAnnual       qQuarterly   qMonthly             qSemi­Annual       qOther                                                                                           Mandatory event for attendees:   Yes      No Spouses & Guests are invited to attend:   Yes      No Children are invited to attend:   Yes      No B.  KEY DATES, TIMES, & LOCATIONS Site (parking/ ramp access outside of event) /Venue (inside/ where event is):   _________________________________________________________ Event Start Date:  ______________________________________________________ Event End Date:  ______________________________________________________ Event Start and End Times: ______________________________________________ Pre­Event Meetings: ____________________________________________________ Pre­Event Move­in & Set­up Required:   Yes      No      Venue Address:              __________________                                                                                                 City:                                                                                          Zip:                                      Phone #:                                                                    FAX #:                                                                                   C.  KEY EVENT CONTACTS Event Director: ___________________________________________________________ Event Director Title: _______________________________________________________ Event Director Company: ___________________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact:    Yes    No Will the event planner be on­site/off site? Will they be the emergency contact for the  event? Location on the Day of the Event:  On­Site    Off­Site Event Planner Responsibilities: ______________________________________________     ______________________________________________ Host Company: ___________________________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact:    Yes    No Location on the Day of the Event:  On­Site    Off­Site Host Company Responsibilities: ______________________________________________    ______________________________________________ Supplier/Vendor: __________________________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________________________________ Location on the Day of the Event:  On­Site    Off­Site Host Company Responsibilities: ______________________________________________    ______________________________________________ D.  ATTENDEE PROFILE Event Attendance Last Year:  _____________________________________________ Actual Event Attendance this Year: ________________________________________ Attendee Demographic Profile:  ___________________________________________ Other Attendee Profile Comments:  ________________________________________ E.  VIPs – VERY IMPORTANT PERSONS   Name Title Company Arrival Relationship to the Event Date & Time VIP1(elite status) VIP2 F.  EVENT DÉCOR  Not Required    Group Provides   Venue Provides   Outside Vendor Provides G.  SITE/VENUE DISABILITY ACCESS _____________________________________________________________________ H.  ENTERTAINMENT/SPEAKER Entertainment/Speaker:   Yes      No Type of Entertainment:  _________________________________________________ Entertainment Company:  ________________________________________________ Speaker:   Yes      No Speaker Name(s):  ______________________________________________________ Speaker Company:  _____________________________________________________ I.  SIGNAGE  Not Required  Group Provides  Venue Provides  Outside Vendor Provides Signage Instructions: (signage for parking/danger/off limits, directions, etc.) ____________________________________________________________________ J.  SAFETY, SECURITY, and FIRST­AID Medical/Emergency Procedures:  __________________________________________ Event or Host Contact in Case of Emergency/Crisis:  __________________________ On­site Communications Protocol:  ________________________________________ General Security/Surveillance:   Not Required  Group To Provide  Venue To Provide  Outside Vendor To Provide  First­Aid Services:  Not Required  Group To Provide  Venue To Provide  Outside Vendor To Provide:  __________ (company name) K.  AUDIO/VISUAL REQUIREMENTS  _____________________________________________________________________ L.  FOOD & BEVERAGE On­Site F&B:   Not Required  Group Provides          Venue Provides  Outside Vendor Provides Service Type:  Boxed  Buffet  Plated  Other:  __________ Type of Food & Cost: ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Type of Beverages & Cost: _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ F&B Comments: _______________________________________________________                (e.g., Dietary or special concerns) M.  SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Recreational Activities:  _________________________________________________ Tours:  _______________________________________________________________       Children’s Programs:  ___________________________________________________ Other Special Activities Comments:  _______________________________________ N.  MEDIA/PRESS (Event Employee Contact) (individual identified to take questions from the media) O.  UTILITIES Electrical Connections:   Not Required   Group Provides  Venue Provides  Outside Vendor Provides Cleaning Services:    Not Required  Group Provides   Venue Provides  Outside Vendor To Provide P.  BILLING INSTRUCTIONS Bills Addressed to:  (usually event planner or host company) Group is tax­exempt:   Yes      No Q.  who is the AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY  (This is the person authorized to sign checks  or invoices.) usually event director Name: _____________________________ Title: ______________________________ At least 4 pictures of site/venue on PowerPoint


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